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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: May 30, 2020

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Spacer, Decoupling And Deflection 427R494H01
Seal, Heat Exchanger 427R687H01
Clamp, Lamp, Pumping Enclosure 422R439H01
Pad, Laser Transmitt 422R499H01
Housing, Zero Pin 47R666H01
Retainer, Adjustment Screw 710-1333
Duct, Intermediate Run 126205-2
Phase Lock Loop 681R318G01
Reference Source Assembly 681R317G01
Base, Electrical Control Unit 77736000-101
Condenser Assembly 77739000-101
Elbow Duct, Power Supply 144481
Heatsink Assembly, Right Side 143122
Cover Assembly, Lower 126795
Cover Assembly, Upper 126751
Duct, Air 126258
Union, Rotary, Pitch 124816
Fairing, Inlet 126477
Handle, Circuit Card 125266-20
Handle, Circuit Card 125266-27
Handle, Circuit Card 125266-34
Cover, Fairing, Acu 126458
Evaporator Assembly 77738103-501
Window-infrared Imaging 127058
Handle, Circuit Card 125266-26
Strap, Cable 710-1352
Terminal Disc, Plate Assembly 532R553H01
Terminal Disc, Plate Assembly 532R554H01
Heatsink Assembly, Rear 143123
Duct, Intermediate Run 126205-3
Spacer, Data Generator 427R681G01
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 13048047
Lens Assembly 13047895
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 13047763
Lens Assembly 13048033
Harness Assembly, Base 77737065-501
Cap, Indicator, In-ra 20550-1106
Handle, Circuit Card 125266-23
Plate Assembly, Grid Heading 163259-01
Installation Kit 2278865
Light Box Assembly 13047883
Plate Assembly, Pitch And Roll 163262-01
Cable Assembly, Low Power Rf 532R950G01
Cover, Lamp Housing 8642-1121
Reticale Assembly 7363-135-1
Cam And Dial Assembly 7363-160-1
Plug, Drive Hub, Tv Camera 526R020H01
Control, Hand 146273
Duct, Branch 126206
Duct, Amplifier 126158
Pad, Pockels Cell 422R390H01
Plate, Access Cover 163276-21
Plate, Access Cover 16327721
Retainer, Converter 163275-01
Panel Assembly, Control, Laser 12Z7200-805
Panel Assembly, Data Link 12Z7240-801
Heatsink Assembly, Left Side 143121
Generator, Symbol, Head-up Display 46500-9
Detector Assembly, Arc C11055-1
Power Supply 34363-9B
Ring, Adapter 77738067-7
Strap, Board Assembly 526R588G01
Switch Assembly, Antenna 128271-2
Computer, Radar, Fire Control 682R900G01
Power Supply 46700-9
Computer, Fire Control 682R904G01
Transmitter, Radar 682R669G01
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 3247625
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 3329360
Hub-elevation 532R276H01
Mount, Resolver 3542948
Plate, Mounting, Components 11018028-1
Control Unit 46770-9
Insert, Cover Plate 128323
Clamp, Receiver 77737189-3
Pin, Roll Index 127662
Screw, Adjusting, Pitch Axis 128852
Trigger, Grip Assembly 636-202-2005
Panel, Radar Control 682R742G01
Generator, Symbol, Head-up Display 51-026-01
Display Unit, Head-up 79-049-12
Adapter, Mounting 164B7235P1
Panel Assembly 12F555-801
Digibus Interface Assembly 682R694G01
Panel Assembly, Switch 682R741G01
Cover Assembly, Bottom 34182-1
Sight, Reflex 209-671-001-1
Multiplier Assembly M02X222B
Harness, Wiring 7938391
Protection And Control Assembly 682R574G01
Detector, Peak Power, Transmitter 682R668G01
Dome Sector-optic Alignment 627223531-009
Chassis, Csg Sub-assembly 46503-9
Converter Assembly 46605-9
Phase Lock Loop 682R732G01
Low Noise Assembly 682R727G01
Control Panel Assemly 12Z7210-803
Cable Assembly, Triaxial 584R619H02
Cable Assembly, Power, Electrical, 583R730H03
Flow Rater 10A1377A23BX

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