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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: May 31, 2020

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Fitting, Coolant 13079123
Pad, Pockels Cell Assembly 13079131
Pad, Pockels Cell Assembly 13079132
Pad, Pockels Cell Assembly 13079133
Arm Crank And Pin 13075276
Aperture Porro Prism Assembly 13079172
Strip, Pockels Cell Assembly 13079137
Plate, Ground 13079475
Heating Element, Pitot Tube 7926-00007
Support Assembly, Center 690R730G01
Mirror Assembly, Sta 13074016
Clamp, Split Assembl 13075585
Aperture, Pockels Cell Assembly 13079130
Retainer 13077523
Magnet Impeller Assembly 13079116
Aperture, Cavity Box Assembly 13079099
Retainer 13075751
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 13079138
Carriage, Holder, Lens 13079287
Housing Assembly 13075801
Clamp, Beam Adjuster 13079148
Coolant, Buffered 13079869
Aperture, Negative Lens 13079253
Aperture, Positive Lens 13079258
Cell, Beam Adjuster 13079147
Support, Resolver 13074472-2
Plate, Reservoir Pump Assembly 13079115-1
Adjuster, Beam Polarizer Assembly 13079149
Holder, Rod Aperture 13079188
Housing Assembly 722-8401-02
Cap, Return Spring Retainer 722-8401-4
Housing Assembly, Right Hand 722-8402-02
Transducer 876-4103
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 13079128
Guard, Trigger Switc 722-216-3
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 13074196
Support, Combining J90A0550-4
Support, Combining Glass J90A0550-3
Control-power Supply Group 8429283-10
Diffuser, Polarizer 13079153-1
Control, Gunners, Laser Ranging 217F739
Tube And Cable Assembly 10090939-101
Combiner Assembly 10082104-102
Track, Visor 10062983-101
Chasis Assembly 10081245-101
Cell, Optical Element 13075598
Wedge, Transformer 10062083-101
Support, Cover 10064742-101
Helmet Unit, Integrated LG1122AB04
Support, Cover 10064743-101
Display Unit, Electric BG1113AB01
Computer, Sight, Electric 7-319430031
Pads, Earcup, Medium A4162-1
Display Unit, Head-up 8429354-10
Plate, Mounting 260-120
Heat Sink Assembly 260-132-1
Heat Sink Assembly 260-133-1
Heat Sink Assembly 260-134-1
Panel Assembly, Control SUM2907-3
Electron Tube Assembly SUM2883-2
Housing, Wiring, Subassembly, Lower SUM3557-3
Housing, Lower SUM3488-2
Window, Housing SUM2952
Plate, Module SUM2982
Plate, Side SUM2983
Plate, Top SUM2985
Plate, Bottom SUM3379
Plate, Side, Left Hand SUM3158
Plate Assembly SUM3279
Bracket, Harness Assembly SUM2937
Bracket, Harness Assembly SUM2938
Plate, Side, Left Hand SUM3168
Plate, Side, Right Hand SUM3167
Bracket, Tube SUM3643
Bracket, Retaining SUM3166
Bracket, Hinge SUM2929
Bracket, Hinge, Right Hand SUM3171
Cap, End SUM3312
Rib, Catch SUM3581-1
Sight Assembly, Standby SUM2884
Standby Sight Drive 40-657-5028E
Housing Assembly, Upper SUM3549
Mirror Subassembly 43273
Housing Assembly, Wedglock SUM3062
Plate, Latch, Left SUM3078
Latch, Housing SUM3079
Plate, Latch, Right Hand SUM3084
Cover, Sight SUM3076
Plate, Jig, Sight SUM3439
Cap, Wiring Harness SUM2891
Cover Assembly SUM2899
Cell Assembly, Solar SUM2908-2
Cover, Top SUM3137
Bracket And Prism Assembly SUM3562
Prism Assembly C1606-001
Stiffener, Power Supply SUE25012-1
Heatsink Assembly SUE26273-2
Heat Sink Assembly SUE26984
Heat Sink Assembly SUE26983
Amplifier Assembly, Deflection SUE25567-7

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