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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: May 28, 2020

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Control, Infrared Set 9434200
Synthesizer, If 12609800
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Rota 260717
Processor, Signal, Programmable 765R610G01
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 13079128-019
Data Transfer Module 3245E10
Computer, Fire Control 134A600-82
Processor, Radar Target Data 13283820
Energy Monitor Assembly 60511625-29
Receiver-generator, Radar 781R130
Receiver-generator, Radar 781R130
Receiver-generator, Radar 781R130
Data Receptacle Unit 8521852-5
Center Section, Targeting Pod 717531018-139
Electronic Unit, Central, Targetin 717535200-349
Generator, Symbol, Head-up Display 51-026-14
Generator, Symbol, Head-up Display 51-026-24
Target Designator Set, Electro-op 717500000-399
Generator, Radio Frequency, Low Po 775R178G01
Detecting Set, Infrared 350023-001
Transmitter, Laser 60511000-49
Nose Section, Targeting Pod 717511000-689
Control, Indicator 502-301-12825
Computer, Fire Control 8917311-505
Camera, Heads Up Display 1390CH1040
Computer, Fire Control 7579884-031
Computer, Fire Control 134A600-65
Computer, Fire Control 134A600-75
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly 66910410-29
Processor, Radar Target Data 783R700G01
Processor, Radar Target Data 785R960G01
Processor, Radar Target Data 785R970G01
Processor, Radar Target Data 785R950G01
Generator, Symbol, Head-up Display 3757538-2
Converter, Signal Data 11241-27
Processor, Radar Target Data 785R980G01
Fire Control Subsystem, Helicopte 40160003
Air Duct, Extension 717531092-009
Display Unit, Head-up 3775157-3
Protector Receiver 583R534H10
Processor, Signal, Fire And Flight 82370-01
Computer, Fire Control 5147419-031
Disc, Seal 16C112C4-1
Processor, Signal Data C-12037(V)1/AAQ-14(V)
Display Unit, Head-up 122000-29
Slip Ring Assembly 364478-012
Converter, Signal Data 82371-01
Fire Control Subsystem, Helicopte 7-319000001-104
Fire Control Subsystem, Helicopte 7-319000001-105
Laserhead 78911008-009
Converter, Signal Data A05A0248-6
Computer, Fire Control 5147453-031
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly 66910410-39
Receiver-transmitter, Laser 66910100-39
Computer, Fire Control 7-319200005-11
Computer, Fire Control 7-319200005-9A
Control, Indicator 122080-19
Encoder-decoder, Command Signal KY-853/AYQ-(9)
Display Unit, Head-up 16VE253001-15
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 249C09080
Computer, Fire Control 134A600-87
Display Unit, Head-up 12978047-3
Receiver-transmitter, Laser 8635-1000-00
Processor, Radar Target Data 792R070G01
Display Unit, Head-up 122000-39
Pulse Forming Network Assembly 60513050-19
Switching Unit, Slave 9281092-10
Detector, Laser Illuminated Targe A3177406
Controller, Local Turrent, Aircraf 54-4413-3B
Converter, Signal Data A05A0247-5
Mount Subassembly 758R487G01
Generator, Symbol, Head-up Display 51-102-01-JO1
Converter, Signal Data A05A0248
Display, Visor 41271302M
Computer, Fire Control 806R658G01
Detector, Wind Direction And Spee 7-519720002
Helmet Unit, Integrated MK788A03M
Helmet Unit, Integrated MK788C03M
Connector, Plate In 7-511B12014-3
Corner 2278349-53
Display Unit, Head-up 131000-49
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 3085501-2
Control Assembly, Simulator Syste RLG0105-01
Control Assembly, Simulator Syste RLG0180-01
Adapter, Mounting 74G970009-1003
Adapter, Mounting 74G970009-1001
Converter, Signal Data A05A0247-6
Processor, Signal Data 15480A-00
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line EVA-26-1B-121-01
Turret, Sensor-sight, Helicopter 3154216-1
Detector Assembly, Cooler 717513277-089
Window, Prc1088 941462
Helmet Unit, Integrated LG1157AB01
Helmet Unit, Integrated LG1156AB01
Helmet Unit, Integrated LG1206AA01
Display Unit, Head-up 179-081-13-02C
Display Unit, Head-up AE005054-01-01K
Display Unit, Head-up AE007387-01-01K
Display Unit, Head-up 70-4800-3
Display Unit, Head-up V517670

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