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Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components - FSC 1270

Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms.
Last Modified: May 30, 2020

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Cover, Computer Side 43786-501-12
Plug 60171
Tube Assembly 25704-281501-00-0
Indicator, Outer Gim 131755-1
Indicator, Head Posi 131756-1
Sight, Reflex 115AS100
Filter, Light, Cathode Ray Tube 3062048
Frequency Converter-transmitter 7700963G1
Sight Assembly, Opti 5212553-517
Cover, Dial, Optical 4212590-5
Gyro, Lead Computer, Sight 292E500G1
Retainer, Optical Element J81Y0012-1
Sight Assembly, Rocket Aiming 1202230-103
Valve Assy 195065-1
Cover Assy, Top 736968-801
Frame And Support Assembly, Gyro 184F771G1
Housing And Coil Assembly 164B6599G1
Clamp, Board Cable 135C3333P1
Sight Assembly, Gun Bomb Rocket A1CM
Sensor Assembly A06A0778-1
Cbc Sensor Assembly A06A0777-2
Cell Assembly J06A0014-2
Tape, Illuminator Display 245TP13
Tape, Illuminator Display 245TP15
Handle Assembly, Gyro 135C3321G1
Lock, Gyro Handle 135C3306P1
Pivot, Handle 135C3304P1
Plate, Mounting, Gyro 185F609P1
Hub, Gyro Disk 135C4192P1
Shaft, Gyro Pivot 135C2713P2
Shaft, Gyro Pivot 135C2713P1
Shaft, Gimbal Pivot 135C2715P2
Damper, Nutation-gyro 113D9930P1
Filter Assembly, Power A06A0775-3
Relay, Camera A06A0807-2
Accelerometer, Normal 113D9430G3
Indicator, Reticle 135C3687G3
Shield, Light 123D5803P3
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 153C5423G1
Strap, Grounding 835184-1
Power Supply 479045-120
Jumper, Bonding Antenna 633551-1
Jumper, Bonding Antenna 633551-401
Jumper, Bonding Antenna 633551-403
Collar, Radar 700551-1
Motor Assembly, Gyro 701C744G4
Disk, Gyroscope 164B8163P1
Sight, Optical Display 292E520G1
Filter, Optical Element 164B7003P1
Isolator Mount, Reticle 164B7016G1
Liner, Desiccator 164B7019P1
Stop, Optical Sight 153C5781P1
Bracket, Stop, Right 153C5783P1
Retainer, Gasket 109084-1
Block, Stiffener 116663-1
Valve Assy 195065-2
Bracket, Support 195273
Probe Element 197038-1
Arm, Coupling 195049-1
Bracket, Modificatio 7009556P1
Gear, Azimuth Data S 93665
Gear, Squaring Servo 93751
Gear, Aided Rate Ser 93780
Gear, Aided Rate Ser 93786
Gear, Range Servo 93799
Gear, Computer Servo 93873
Gear, Computer Servo 93876
Clamp, Data Unit 92658
Spring Subassembly, 94838
Roller Assembly, Ele 96222
Shaft, Elevator Trun 96734
Handle, Push Pull Sy 102651
Key, Sector Elevatio 96342
Screw, Adjusting 303013
Roller Assy GTM100F
Stud, Detent 304015
Seal, Rotary Shaft, F 7011746P2
Shield Assembly, Pow 7013162G1
Shade, Roller, Gun Si 809075
Shade, Roller, Gun Si 809076
Band, Motor 290726
Brake Assembly 5589815
Wire Braid, Radio Fr 435-11-3214
Bracket, Connector M SB70-3002
Panel Assembly, Overlay 633095-303
Panel, Control 3849-1S
Collar, Housing 5589464
Gear, Antenna Drive 733060
Damp, Resonant S29097
Damp, Resonant 95306
Shaft And Pinion, Az 96767
Post, Spacing, Termin 947157-1
Spacer, Hydraulci Tr 101863
Tube Assembly, Hydra 88149
Chain, Elevation, Tur 92391
Eccentric, Gyro Moun 92559
Worm, Elevation Driv 92618
Clamp, Data Units, Tu 92657
Shaft, Azimuth Deten 93461
Door, Elevator Carri 95549-1

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