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Aircraft Bombing Fire Control Components - FSC 1280

Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms; Optical Instruments For Bombing Fire Control.
Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

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Template, Oscillator 7A23B117-1
Template, Oscillator 57A23B117-8
Console Assembly 5815305-1
Oscillator 57A23D108
Plate Assembly, Comp 890054
Motor And Gear Asse 7940139
Mount Assembly, Powe MT2608APS104
Clamping Assembly 136106-04
Gasket, Radio Freque 32P208225
Cover Plate And Bra 15X208370
Cover, Filter, Receiv 15P208224
Retainer Assy, Recei 07X208329
Control Assembly 5821371-1
Frame Assembly, Main 2300138
Control Bo, Xantenna 6217400
Switching Assembly A07A0033
Chassis Assy 62A30E693
Clip Assembly, Cell 58A122C868
Adapter, Aircraft 62A30D470
Gyro Mechanisms, Air 2171P
Gyro Mechanisms, Air 134383-01-11
Component Board Ass 400055
Ring Assembly 9176-5015G1
Coupling Assy, Housi 9176-1054G1
Parts Kit, Pressuriz KC1-352
Tube Assembly, Press 208-691
Module Assembly Net 62A30D131
Chassis Assembly 62A30F600
Phi Servo Assembly 62A30D301
Board Assembly 62A30C49
Cover, Case 62A30B50
Network, Shaping 62A30D132
Network, Shaping 62A30D149
Network, Shaping 62A30D133
Network, Shaping 62A30D134
Network, Shaping 62A30D135
Switch Module 62A30F243
Board Assembly 62A30D239
Cover Assembly 62A30C231
Support, Cable 760116
Block, Housing 842702
Liner, Spring, Finger 1596388-3
Electronic Assembly 917235-101
Warning Module, Netw 62A30F13
Mixer Assembly 1493267
Spacer, Control 6665108
Gear Assembly 9176-5018G1
Cover, Phase Shifter 9176-1058G1
Housing, Anvil 7918624
Amplifier-computer, 321600
Insulation, Plastic 321095
Seal Rubber 310101
Cover Assy, Panel 310100
Cover, Rubber 310003
Bracket, Control Pan 310401
Computer, M2 Bomb Re 320000-7
Support Assy, Oscill 7940531
Plate, Mounting, Serv 1493246
Cable Assembly 58A133C5
Cable Assembly 1242869
Plate And Housing 7940352
Isolation Amplifier 7940684
Servo Assy, Height 321500
Amplifier-computer 322600
Housing, Switch Assy 128ABP10142-11
Computer, Bomb Relea 65A36F1
Contact Holder, Anvi 61B43049
Filter, Light, Indica 58A30D150
Weight, Spring Balan 81041
Accelerometer MX2911AJB3A
Adapter, Computer Bo 62A30D730
Clip, Spring 7861073
Dial, E-w, Drive Asse 7940777
Container Assembly 1485544
Yoke, Elevation 1493076
Presetter Assembly 913500-1
Panel, Control, Bombi 310000-3
Amplifier Board Ass 937769
Handle, Electron Tub 40828-401-5
Drive, Attenuator 51P208271
Retainer Assy, Recei 42X208276
Case, Control Assemb 59A72C13
Support, Weldment, Re 1243391
Cover, Marked 15P208324
Page Assembly, Ct 6860105
Carriage 534616-1
Arm, Counter Balance 6050080
V Groove, Adjustable 6050078
Night Filter Assy 64A9C326
Wiper, Rubber 760168-97
Adapter, Weapon 62A30D820
Switch, Section Assy 142564-01
Connector Assy, Comp 145744-01
Wheel, Single Comput CY2367UNRRWH
Wheel, Non-reset CY2383-1NRRWH
Wheel, Non-reset 142737-01
Block, Brush Mountin 142563-01
Block, Brush Mountin 142674-01
Plate, Lighting, Comp 142628-01
Waveguide Transmiss 35-11167-503

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