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Aircraft Bombing Fire Control Components - FSC 1280

Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms; Optical Instruments For Bombing Fire Control.
Last Modified: Aug 07, 2020

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Reticle, Indicator 64A9D208
Legend, Indicator 64A9B227-6
Legend, Indicator 64A9B227-1
Legend, Indicator 64A9B227-7
Legend, Indicator 64A9B227-4
Legend, Indicator 64A9B227-3
Legend, Indicator 64A9B227-2
Case, Servo Control 51869
Clamp, Left Hand 465197-1
Clamp, Right Hand 465197-2
Clamp, Computer 465236-1
Clamp, Computer 465232-1
Lead Assembly, Screw 133595-01
Amplifier, Servo 471879-1
Relay Module 464142-1
Guide, Printed Circuit 2112
Computer, Bomb Release Angle 471807-1
Housing, Switch Asse 128ABP10142-15
Block, Bearing U524987-1X
Housingxlamp 64A9C232
Network Assembly 64A9B323
Module, Relay 143092-01-01
Programmer, Course 143098-01-01
Spacer 1860101-1
Isolator, Circuit Bo 4008
Conponents Assembly 1860371-1
Conponents Assembly 1860390-1
Station Assembly 1851843-2
Station Assembly 1851844-2
Transfer Assembly 1851845-2
Cover Assembly 31125
Panel, Weapon Control 700-1-17917
Transformer, Special 1219C529
Tray, Panel, Control 700-1-14381
Sleeve Assembly, Control 6147046
Switch Assembly, Monitor And Opti 30266-17
Switch Assembly, Monitor And Opti 30266-18
Retainer Assembly, Lower Control 31239
Switch Assembly, Monitor And Opti 30266-16
Switch Assembly, Monitor And Opti 30266-19
Retainer Assembly, Upper 31238
Switch Assembly, Monitor And Opti 30266-15
Filter, Special 1219C526
Display Assembly, Incandescent 7929647-1
Door Assembly, Plate 428225-1
Core, Ferrite 7930830-1
Cover Assembly, Offset Unit 7930713-1
Retainer, Gear 873014
Plug, Bonding 3191646
Block, Live Pin And 8-420589-6
Plate, Connector 428210-1
Transformer And Harness Assembly 1219C29
Block, Live Pin And 8-420589-9
Mount, Mirror 3332152-99
Bracket, Balance Weight 3299994
Panel 2090-1398P1
Switch Assembly, Spe 1219P28
Cover, Access Bonded 3304361
Vibrator Assembly 709426
Miter Gear, Pin 58185-1
Miter Gear, Hub 58186-1
Cover, Radar Modulator 2090-1399G1
Converter-programmer Assembly 11077-20
Control Assembly, Slew 6866400-3
Pinion, Special 707875-1
Shaft, Special 803341-1
Idler Gear Assembly 707874-1
Panel Assembly, Control Store 3822093-1
Shaft, Axis 58001-1
Insulator, Stator 3851174
Spindle, Panel 700-2-14388
Knee Foul Assembly 700-1-13820
Module, Electronic Assembly 700-1-13930
Indicator, Special WEB106981
Matrix Assembly, Station 5 Stores 16E1339-31
Grip, Upper 804086-3
Fork, Follower 3299991
Plate, Pivot 3299998
Plate Assembly, Vco Probe Mountin 7934521-1
Gear Assembly 58195-1
Counter Shaft Assembly 58192-1
Matrix Assembly, Wing Stores No. 16E1045-807
Control, Terrain Rad 7934590-1
Panel, Front, Terrain Control 6341224-1
Cover Assembly, Scp Card Access 16E1205-1
Clamp Assembly, Wedge-circuit Car 16E1211-1
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E H16DW078-03
Clamp Assembly, Wedge, Printed Wir 225-1005
Cover Assembly, Ciu Circuit Card 16E1257-813
Displacer Assembly 3821064
Unit Assembly, Gimbal Reference R 35-34356-1
Transducer, Airspeed 02108
Case Assembly, Ciu Circuit Card 16E1335-807
Diode Matrix 2782324-1
Block Assembly, Heat Sink DT4051A
Panel, Stores Management, Edge Lig DT4247A
Cap, Housing 83198
Cover Assembly, Remote Interface 16E1659-3
Core Plane Assembly 100008
Module Assembly, Lamp DT4058A

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