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Aircraft Bombing Fire Control Components - FSC 1280

Computers, Specifically Designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms; Optical Instruments For Bombing Fire Control.
Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Armanment Station 218-37628-5
Control Monitor Ass DCK143A24B4V
Relay Panel Assy RYK13AA24B4V
Computer, Weapons CP741VA
Armament Station Co 218-37628-3
Plate, Optical Sight 5413-212
Cover And Gasket Assembly, Side 5413-207
Slip Ring Cartridge 604925
Computer, Bomb-navigational 128SCAV601-5
Interconnecting Box J3100APQ145V
Adapter, Weapon Rele 62A30D910
Module, Night Vision 663687-1
Programmer, Course 32-031985-01
Connector Board 39-24966-1
Case Assy, Radome 2832292
Generator, Symbol Signal 10-30472-1
Converter, Radar Scan 10-30473-1
Servo Control Unit 35-29217-1
Cam, Scan Mirror 255396
Counterweight, Target Designator 3208644-1
Counterweight, Target Designator 3208644-2
Counterweight, Target Designator 3208644-3
Connector Board 39-24967-1
Shield, Wire Reel 39-25113-1
Elevation Drive Ass 625R001G01
Bench Set, Test ANASQ151EVS
Frame, Terrain Rela 6218800
Panel Assy, Resistor 215-27163-11
Chassis, Computer 62A30F850
Adapter 67A10F101
Retainer, Locking 7601826
Electronics Unit, Ca 10-30468-2
Retainer, Window Turret 660-1407-102
Frame, Window Turret 660-1407-101
Sensor, Surface 118AGB
Base, Movement 117958
Block, Mounting 047-13
Block, Mounting, Squa 047-1
Bracket Assembly, In R283475
Clamp Assembly 643019
Coupling Assembly, A 922593
Cover, Computer Fron 675792
Element Assembly, Mo 150842
Glass, Front Assembl 152616
Plate Assembly, Move 142566
Retainer, Dural Bomb 175351
Shaft And Gear 732587-1
Shield, Switch SYA3543
Stop Assembly 301530
Barrel Assembly, Col 1938-939
Collet, Gear Assembl 510025
Weight, Balance, Stab 290451
Dissipator, Heat Ass 58A30C170
Crankshaft, Rotor, Compressor 303724-2
Stator Assembly, Compressor 3851168
Pumping Element Assembly, Compres 3851181
Plate, Mounting 6210933
Intervalometer, Bomb Release 10866-1
Window, Steerable Television 10-30476-1
Mirror Assembly, Ele 3332153
Gimbal Subassembly 3208630-1
Gimbal Subassembly 3208630-2
Gimbal Subassembly 3208650
Gimbal Subassembly 3208678
Radome-case Assembl 0A237715-21-11
Servo Drive Assembl 01A237986-21-11
Support Assembly 01A237989-21-11
Servo Elevation 01A237992-21-11
Support, Reflector 07P237982-21-11
Limiter, Matched 82P237489-21-11
Board1harness Assem 01A237975-21-11
Flag, Plan Assembly 01A237779-21-11
Slide, Indicator 01A237866-21-11
Slide, Indicator 01A237787-21-11
Handle, Houk Assembl 558237858-21-11
Multiplexer, Low Level 3208506-110
Pedestal, Control Un 128SCAV603-11
Relay And Filter As 1219C17
Video Distribution Unit 35-29209-1
Receiver-transmitter, Radar RT1080APQ145V
Mounting Board, Relay 01A237576-21-11
Support Assembly CV21-406215-6
Indicator Assembly, Selector 30372
Support, Camera Assembly 518R241H01
Support, Camera Assembly 518R241H02
Transistor And Heat Sink Assembl 141824-06
Support, Chassis 30337
Bracket, Chassis 30628
Indicator, Missile Status 81817-1
Indicator, Missile Status 81817-2
Indicator, Monitor 81818-5
Indicator, Interval 81820-1
Indicator, Interval 81820-2
Indicator, Interval 81820-3
Indicator, Quantity 81828-1
Calibrator Asy BG29B1
Amplifier Subassembly, Wind Servo GS14792
Accelerometer, Verti GG22B1
Adapter, Resolver Fe 6575148
Card, Load, Duplexer 267-2581

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