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Fire Control Radar Equipment, Except Airborne - FSC 1285

Radar Sets, Assemblies, Subassemblies, And Components Specially Designed For Use On Or With Fire Control Equipment.
Last Modified: May 25, 2020

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Gear Unit, Range Rat 1342214
Amplifier Mk121 Mod 1311825
Geneva Drive Assembly 2928800
Data Converter, Test Set 2869195
Electronic Gate, Generator Assemb 2664443
Relay Assy 7612085
Cabinet And Spares LD288070
Switch And Resistor 3104-1036P2
Heater 2222352G1
Coupler 1855892
Amplifier Assy 3097-5009G1
Monitor 1856392
Monitor 1856394
Amplifier 3097-5002G1
Amplifier 1856508
Receiver Subassembly, Radar 6173964
Amplifier, Pulse Gen 1342299
Indicator, A And R 1 609846PC1
Indicator, Radar Mk2 G517102
Oscillator 8180026-3G3
Oscillator 8180026-3G4
Oscillator 8180026-3G1
Coupler Assy LD490645
Rotary Assy 1874331
Latch Fastener 7607389
Tracker, Radar Mk 6 50AJA1
Mixer Stage, Frequency LD287981
Monitor, Coherence LD490868
Power Supply 1856504
Monitor, Coding LD511582
Monitor, Amplitude LD511583
Control Assy LD511598
Monitor, Coherence LD511542
Gear Assy, Speed Dec 301-1033G3
Cap 7609313
Clamp 7607611
Harness, Wiring LD280961
Harness, Wiring LD274014
Harness, Wiring 878668
Harness, Wiring LD274176
Harness, Wiring 878825
Shield Assembly 2181899
Pointer 7607461
Chain Assy, Single L 7603549
Cap 7609504
Seal, Plain, Encased 7612150
Filter Assy 3086-1355G1
Screen 1666504
Waveguide Assy 1857547
Hub 8605045
Ring 8605461
Ring 8605462
Ring 8605463
Hub 8605308
Inverter, Pulse LD281611
Indicator, Radiate LD281619
Modulator, Time LD281620
Amplifier LD275095
Generator LD275097
Amplifier LD281616
Amplifier, Different 884537
Amplifier, I F LD459556
Generator, Modulator 884410
Itegrator, Range LD281617
Coupler Assy 3077-5002G1
Monitor 3084-1002G1
Spring 1844153PC1
Switch, Flow 271-1416P3
Switch, Flow 271-1416P1REV10
Network, Waveguide 3076-1052G1
Heater Assy 3320-1037G1
Heater Assy 3320-1038G1
Meter Assembly 3345-1007G1
Heating Element 3127-1264P4
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly 2B0017
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly 301151-2
Radome 3076-1084P1
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT6700
Bracket 2222158PC1
Stator 129X101G2
Attenuator 3086-5013G1
Ball 1844558PC1
Bracket Special 7612257
Cover, Slip Ring 7620499
Stop, Range Limit 7606346
Wave Guide Section E7622801
Tester, Balancing T100960
Drive Mechanism, Sig LD281627
Antenna, Radar 1303829
Ordalt Set LD489275
Indicator Azimuth E LD288015
Waveguide Set D15086
Coupler 1023984
Coupler 1024367
Motor 1024789
Diode Switch S02X21A
Ordnance Alteration 0RDALT6518
Delay Timer GS16041
Amplifier 1 F LD539229
Gyroscope 1033397

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