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Cartridge And Propellant Actuated Devices And Components - FSC 1377

Impulse Cartridges; Delay Cartridges; Engine Starter Cartridges (explosive Filled); Fire Extinguisher Cartridges (used To Activate By Remote Control); Aircraft Ejection Seat Catapults; Rocket Motors (solid Propellant Units) For Aircraft Ejection Seats; Aircraft Canopy Removers; Thrusters, Propellant And Cartridge Actuated; Initiators; Explosive Bolts And Explosive Bolt Cartridges; Cutters, Cartridge Or Propellant Actuated, Reefing Line; Powder Actuated Tool Cartridges; Explosive Loaded Devices And Components Which Are Not Specifically Classified Elsewhere.
Last Modified: Apr 18, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cord, Detonating A51K9029-646
Cord, Detonating A51K9029-597
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-598
Cord, Detonating 818926-599
Cord, Detonating A51K9029-600
Cord, Detonating A51K9029-601
Cord, Detonating A51K9029-603
Cord, Detonating A51K9029-604
Cord, Detonating A51K9029-605
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-665
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-664
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-666
Cord, Detonating 818926-659
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-660
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-661
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-662
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-663
Rocket Motor 4904095
Rocket Motor 4904096
Cartridge, Impulse 75AS100
Catapult, Aircraft Ejection Seat 503AS103
Cutter, Cartridge Actuated 682AS100
Catapult, Aircraft Ejection Seat 707AS100
Remover, Aircraft Canopy, Training 8595441
Catapult, Cartridge Actuated, Trai 8593670
Catapult, Aircraft Ejection Seat M3A1
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 8594862
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated, Tra 8595822
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated, Tra 8593315
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated, Tra 94-3-12
Thruster, Cartridge Actuated, Trai 10522631
Cartridge, Impulse 67D7263
Catapult, Aircraft Ejection Seat, 8593687
Actuator Assembly, E 1000-51
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated, Tra 10520551
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated, Tra 10520556
Initiator, Cartridge 10520225
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated, Tra 8594862
Thruster, Cartridge Actuated, Trai 10527454
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-109
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-111
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-115
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-117
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-119
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-121
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-123
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-135
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-137
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-141
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-155
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-165
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-187
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-189
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-195
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-197
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-199
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-201
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-221
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-223
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-225
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-239
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-241
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-243
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-245
Cutter, Cartridge Actuated X69C132
Cartridge, Impulse 876564
Cartridge, Impulse 2208100
Parts Kit, Escape System K303102-9
Cartridge, Impulse 2184-7
Catapult, Aircraft Ejection Seat CKU5A
Remover, Aircraft Canopy RAU1A
Shape Charge, Explosive 726AS200-3
Shape Charge, Explosive 726AS200-4
Cord Assembly, Detonating 726AS225-1
Cord Assembly, Detonating 726AS225-2
Cord Assembly, Detonating 726AS225-3
Cord Assembly, Detonating 726AS225-4
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 726AS275
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 726AS110
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 2248100
Delay Element, Cartridge MB200-602
Explosive Kit, Crew Module 7027301-30
Cartridge, Impulse 726AS100
Cartridge, Impulse 726AS250
Delay Element, Cartridge 1128SCES403-49
Shape Charge, Explosive 741354-101
Shape Charge, Explosive 741354-102
Catapult, Aircraft Ejection Seat 709AS100
Cartridge, Arming 841AS300-1
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-247
Cartridge, Aircraft Fire Extingui 201250
Delay Element, Cartridge 128CES403-53
Cord Assembly, Detonating 68B710072-321
Cord Assembly, Detonating 812503-119
Cord Assembly, Detonating 812503-167
Cord Assembly, Detonating 812503-161
Cord Assembly, Detonating 50593-327
Cord Assembly, Detonating 812503-143
Cord Assembly, Detonating 812503-153
Cord Assembly, Detonating 68B710072-215

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