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Cartridge And Propellant Actuated Devices And Components - FSC 1377

Impulse Cartridges; Delay Cartridges; Engine Starter Cartridges (explosive Filled); Fire Extinguisher Cartridges (used To Activate By Remote Control); Aircraft Ejection Seat Catapults; Rocket Motors (solid Propellant Units) For Aircraft Ejection Seats; Aircraft Canopy Removers; Thrusters, Propellant And Cartridge Actuated; Initiators; Explosive Bolts And Explosive Bolt Cartridges; Cutters, Cartridge Or Propellant Actuated, Reefing Line; Powder Actuated Tool Cartridges; Explosive Loaded Devices And Components Which Are Not Specifically Classified Elsewhere.
Last Modified: Apr 19, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Pin, Firing 163-100103-3
Switch, Squib Actuated 2280481-1
Cartridge, Impulse 559-1689-000
Detonator Charge 2495393-1
Cartridge, Powder Actuated Tool 150
Initiator, Recovery 6055200
Cutter, Cartridge Actuated 166L082-1
Body, Breech Unit MBEU1758H5
Cartridge, Delay 8886478
Actuator Assembly, Explosive, Rota 1000-31
Remover, Aircraft Canopy 2297100-3
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-249
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-251
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-253
Cartridge, Impulse DL652AS100
Cartridge, Impulse 2518426-J
Cartridge, Impulse 726AS325
Housing Assembly, Initiator 0113226-17
Cartridge, Impulse S8101-964963PC87
Catapult, Aircraft Ejection Seat 2400-15-1
Catapult, Aircraft Ejection Seat 2400-13-1
Release, Cartridge Actuated 807345-422
Cord Assembly, Detonating YSFSFM600
Dog, Latch, Inertial 0103681-5
Initiator, Propellant Actuated 11731737
Cartridge, Impulse 11731602
Drogue Gun Assembly MBEU34202
Cartridge, Impulse 6901003
Charge Assembly 558-4021-001
Release Assembly 12K4368-3
Actuator, Explosive, Rotary 1000-52
Explosive Kit F, Shi 7027301-10
Explosive Kit G 7027302-10
Cartridge Kit, Ship 7027299-10
Explosive Kit A, Shipping Set 7027296-10
Explosive Kit 7027297-10
Explosive Kit 7027298-10
Explosive Kit 7027300-10
Cord, Detonating 814280-9
Cord, Detonating 814280-15
Cord, Detonating 814280-13
Cord, Detonating 857AS400-2
Cord, Detonating 857AS500-1
Cord, Detonating 813475-25
Cross Connector 857AS102-1
Cord Assembly, Detonating 811915-1674
Cartridge, Delay DL234AS100
Cord, Detonating 813475-21
Manifold, Junction 813487-2
Firing Mechanism 813633-4
Cord, Detonating 813475-15
Cord, Detonating 857AS500-2
Cord, Detonating 813475-17
Cord, Detonating 813475-19
Cord Assembly, Detonating 20804-1681
Cord Assembly, Detonating 811915-1680
Reel, Inertia Lock 0103157-54
Cartridge, Impulse 626AS100
Cutter, Cartridge Actuated 14195-1
Connector, Cord Assembly 12K4217-7
Valve, Explosive 831AS115
Cartridge Unit, Fire Extinguisher A716-3
Igniter, Frangible Pillar Assembl N-PAF205-002
Rocket Motor 4904175
Initiator, Electrical 831AS120
Initiator, Electrical 831AS125
Shape Charge, Explosive 831AS110-1
Shape Charge, Explosive 831AS110-2
Junction Fitting Assy 2154104-9
Junction Fitting Assy 2154104-10
Lever, Inertia Lock HR30147-05
Cartridge Set, Impulse 705791
Pendant And Disconn 365332-23
Catapult, Aircraft Ejection Seat 2400-11-1
Catapult, Aircraft Ejection Seat MBEU21J5
Cover, Explosive, Sel CK04324-23
Cap, Protective, Parachute Project 7027393
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated DL275AS100
Catapult, Aircraft Ejection Seat 10100-23-1
Cover, Protector 10543077
Control, Inertia Lock 0103665-3
Thruster, Cartridge Actuated 10551371
Generator, Gas Pressure, Propellan 6020380
Generator, Gas Pressure, Propellan 12S1080-3
Cable Cutter Assy 65D32565-30
Switch, Squib Actuated A51K9038-1
Dispenser Assy, Rock MB300-847
Parts Kit, Generator 2412
Cartridge, Impulse 10520589
Cartridge, Aircraft Fire Extingui 872194PC01
Cord, Detonating E1-1459GF55
Detonator Assembly E1-850GF32
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 21301900
Bolt, Explosive 831AS100
Plate, Face, Hose Cutter 3672448
Block, Hose Cutter 2669036
Support, Hose Cutter 4669727-501
Support, Hose Cutter 4669727-503
Cartridge, Impulse, Training MK2(D-5)MOD1
Cartridge, Impulse, Training ARD400-1

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