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Cartridge And Propellant Actuated Devices And Components - FSC 1377

Impulse Cartridges; Delay Cartridges; Engine Starter Cartridges (explosive Filled); Fire Extinguisher Cartridges (used To Activate By Remote Control); Aircraft Ejection Seat Catapults; Rocket Motors (solid Propellant Units) For Aircraft Ejection Seats; Aircraft Canopy Removers; Thrusters, Propellant And Cartridge Actuated; Initiators; Explosive Bolts And Explosive Bolt Cartridges; Cutters, Cartridge Or Propellant Actuated, Reefing Line; Powder Actuated Tool Cartridges; Explosive Loaded Devices And Components Which Are Not Specifically Classified Elsewhere.
Last Modified: Apr 18, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Spacer, Catapult 8593651
Plug 8593656
Cap 8593699
Trunnion, Catapult 8593700
Tube, Inside 8593788
Tube, Outside 8593790
Firing Pin, Remover 8593794
Fitting Assembly, Ca MBEU2237RU
Plug 809769-3
Generator, Gas Pressure, Propellan 2100-29
Strap Assembly, Rota 1000-100
Catapult, Aircraft M9
Catapult, Aircraft 2174-518-7-1
Catapult, Aircraft Ejection Seat 2124-19
Ejector Assembly 707579
Key, Thruster, Cartridge Actuated 10534180
Ignition Element, Electrical M55
Spreading Gun Assembly SK86-0051-8
Clip And Cable Asse 511-00010
Housing Assembly, Ca 129-310
Pin, Firing 1000-95
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 10551587
Cylinder, Explosive 5669436-511
Cylinder, Explosive 5669436-513
Cutter, Cartridge Actuated LD419690
Cutter, Cartridge Actuated 2518207
Cartridge, Delay LD419691
Initiator, Parachute CK04345
Initiator, Time Delay 183-4-3
Cover Assembly 20971000
Severance Assembly 807321-211
Catapult Assembly 12K4469-1
Plug, Relief 1148-80-1
Actuator Assembly, Explosive, Rota 1000-1
Catapult, Aircraft Ejection Seat 1192-6B
Sleeve, Top Attach MBEU15H5
Collar, Retaining MBEU16711
Body, Union MBEU14967
Wheel, Escapement MBEU9241
Guillotine Assy, Sea MBEU17031
Pin, Guillotine MBEU16797
Ring, Rail Assy MBEU17645
Connector, Tee 12K4210-11
End Cap, Cross Tube 2153
Explosive Kit, Parachute 58A45989
Cartridge, Delay LD419707
Cartridge, Impulse MILC22653
Cartridge, Impulse LD419701
Capsule, Powder, Boos 54A6171
Retainer, Thruster 10521570
Actuator, Explosive, Rotary 1000-27
Housing, Firing Pin 10520880
Nut, Ring, Thruster 10520881
Rod, Piston, Thruster 8594494
Cartridge, Impulse 8593889
Reservoir Assy, Thru 10520890
Body, Thruster 10520889
Pellet Strip 8594155
Pellet, Nylock 8594156
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 183-9-3
Fitting Assembly, Ju 2097600
Connector, Cord Assembly 12K4287-7
Spreading Gun Assembly SK86-0051-1
Retainer, Cartridge 8594483
Seal Retainer 0103835-1
Spacer, Control Bloc 0103841-1
Spacer, Reel 0103825-1
Squib, Electric 2519524
Thruster Head 8594749
Thruster Piston 8594750
Body, Thruster 8594480
Trunnion, Thruster 8594482
Sleeve, End, Thruster 8594488
Generator, Gas Pressure, Propellan 101424-503
Initiator Assembly 800850-9
Release, Propellant Actuated 21341950
Latch Assembly, Fuse 795070-1
Plug, Blowout 1015
Cartridge, Aircraft Fire Extingui 2-100040
Cartridge, Aircraft Fire Extingui 2519707
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 2130300
Cartridge, Delay 32-72316-17
Cutter, Cartridge Actuated 52-3
Cutter, Cartridge Actuated 52-1
Reel Assembly 1293-15
Cutter, Cartridge Actuated 10520566
Squib, Electric B22-48-5
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 8596101
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated M49
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated M26
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated M27
Cartridge Set, Impulse MBEU26434
Thruster, Cartridge Actuated 10521321
Cartridge, Impulse 6006700
Cover Assembly 2097500
Actuator Assembly 12K4256-807
Cartridge, Guillo CK04156-3
Cartridge, Guillo CK04156-4
Cartridge, Impulse CK04156-6
Squib, Electric 2406376

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