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Cartridge And Propellant Actuated Devices And Components - FSC 1377

Impulse Cartridges; Delay Cartridges; Engine Starter Cartridges (explosive Filled); Fire Extinguisher Cartridges (used To Activate By Remote Control); Aircraft Ejection Seat Catapults; Rocket Motors (solid Propellant Units) For Aircraft Ejection Seats; Aircraft Canopy Removers; Thrusters, Propellant And Cartridge Actuated; Initiators; Explosive Bolts And Explosive Bolt Cartridges; Cutters, Cartridge Or Propellant Actuated, Reefing Line; Powder Actuated Tool Cartridges; Explosive Loaded Devices And Components Which Are Not Specifically Classified Elsewhere.
Last Modified: Jul 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cord, Detonating 822242-259
Cord, Detonating 822242-261
Cord, Detonating 51443-1265
Cord, Detonating 51443-1271
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-1275
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-1289
Cord, Detonating 74B808225-291
Rocket Motor MBEU-69028-1
Rocket Motor MBEU-69025-1
Breech, Primary Cartridge MBEU-65260
Piston Assembly, Intermediate MBEU-65296
Piston Assembly, Inner MBEU-65297
Piston, Connector MBEU 65315
Body Subassembly, Release, Propell MBEU-65337
Body, Piston And Cartridge Subass MBEU-65351
Body, Firing Time Release MBEU-65365
Rocker, Escapement MBEU-65388
Piston, Ejector, Parachute Drogue MBEU-65409
Plunger Assembly, Release MBEU-65442
Plunger Assembly, Release MBEU-65468
Insert, Guide Rail, Top Catapult MBEU-65477
Cover, Plate, Ejector Para Drogue MBEU-65537
Block, Guide, Connecting Rod, Time MBEU-65600
Static Line Assembly, Initiator C MBEU-66095
Pin, Firing MBEU 69478
Union, Smdc And Electro-explosive 819196-1
Union, Detonating Cord 361-26106-515
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 361-26106-508
Connector, Detonating Cord 361-26106-502
Cord Assembly, Detonating 361-26106-522
Cord Assembly, Detonating 361-26106-521
Cord Assembly, Detonating 361-26106-520
Cord Assembly, Detonating 361-26106-519
Cord Assembly, Detonating 361-26106-509
Cord Assembly, Detonating 361-26106-504
Cord Assembly, Detonating 361-26106-503
Generator, Gas Pressure, Propellan 818696-2
Cord, Detonating 813475-83
Transfer, One Way, Explosive 6035100
Sequencer, Explosive 850AS141
Initiator, Propellant Actuated 74B808227-101
Initiator, Propellant Actuated 2921100-1
Detonator, Electric 818699-1
Barrel, Ejector, Parachute Drogue MBEU-65408
Capsule, Stack Assembly MBEU 65912
Explosive Separator 10436-1
Standoff, Cartridge 22403
Rocker, Escapement MBEU-65569
Pin, Firing MBEU-65553
Initiator, Propellant Actuated 850AS139
Cord Set, Detonating 857AS601
Starter, Cartridge, Engine, Explosi 718804-1
Starter, Cartridge, Engine, Explosi 718804-2
Cartridge, Igniter, Turbo-jet Engi 718803-1
Cartridge, Igniter, Turbo-jet Engi 718803-2
Lanyard, Static Line Assembly MBEU-66080
Actuator, Explosive, Linear 837AS120
Starter And Igniter Cartridge As 718802
Initiator, Propellant Actuated 837AS116
Initiator, Propellant Actuated 837AS117
Pin Pusher, Cartridge Actuated 855AS102
Cord Assembly, Detonating 837AS119
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-827
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-825
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-823
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-817
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-815
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-813
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-805
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-801
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-5
Cord Assembly, Detonating 837AS118
Cord, Detonating 841AS425-809
Cord, Detonating 51443-1183
Cord, Detonating 74B808225-235
Rocket Motor 50656-5
Block, Initiation 16K0040-53
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 1010-5
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 1129-1
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 1010-4
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 1139-5
Catapult, Aircraft Ejection Seat 10535-1
Rocket Motor 50579-7
Ejector, Parachute, Cartridge Actu 1018-502
Ejector, Parachute, Cartridge Actu 1018-503
Cartridge, Catapult 772AS400
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-721
Cutter, Cartridge Actuated A109-1
Cutter, Reefing Line A110-1
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-722
Ship Set 8241148
Reel Assy, Inertial Lock-powered 0103157-77
Ring, Scraper MBEU-66344
Ignition Element, Electrical 11501663-009
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 5185125
Pin, Firing 791155-1
Tee, Flanged 16K0039-15
Tee, Flanged 16K0039-16
Cord, Detonating 850AS140-103
Cord, Detonating 850AS140-105

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