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Cartridge And Propellant Actuated Devices And Components - FSC 1377

Impulse Cartridges; Delay Cartridges; Engine Starter Cartridges (explosive Filled); Fire Extinguisher Cartridges (used To Activate By Remote Control); Aircraft Ejection Seat Catapults; Rocket Motors (solid Propellant Units) For Aircraft Ejection Seats; Aircraft Canopy Removers; Thrusters, Propellant And Cartridge Actuated; Initiators; Explosive Bolts And Explosive Bolt Cartridges; Cutters, Cartridge Or Propellant Actuated, Reefing Line; Powder Actuated Tool Cartridges; Explosive Loaded Devices And Components Which Are Not Specifically Classified Elsewhere.
Last Modified: Jan 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Actuator, Cartridge Actuated 1512AS110
Cartridge, Impulse 1512AS100
Pin, Firing, Sub-assembly 472P215D014-1
Ignition Device 851AS400
Actuator, Kit Deploy 779V521D025-1
Cartridge, Delay 5185107
Sequencer, Ejection Seat, Aircraft 822601-507
Cord Assembly, Detonating 812503-417A
Firing Lanyard Assembly SK86-0173-51
Cartridge, Impulse 2127-1
Cutter, Propellant Actuated 2800-1
Cap Assembly, Contac 275AS109
Cutter, Propellant Actuated 2711679-2
Booster 1350220
Cartridge, Delay 851AS137
Cartridge, Delay 851AS136
Cover, Assembly DL2495563
Cartridge, Pressure 2502581
Cartridge, Delay 851AS135
Cord, Detonating 6260965-1
Cord, Detonating 6260965-3
Cartridge, Aircraft Fire Extingui 30903824-1
Cable Cutter 65D32565-10
Cord, Detonating 6260965-4
Cord, Detonating 7-311112017-29
Cord, Detonating 51135-1
Cord, Detonating 51135-2
Cord, Detonating 6260906-7
Cord, Detonating 51135-4
Cord, Detonating 6260965-2
Cartridge, Seat MBEU55293
Motor Rocket MBEU2315RU
Cartridge, Seat MBEU53405
Cutter, Propellant Actuated 13095-2
Booster-fitting, Propellant Actua 16K0038-4
Squib, Electric 3232618
Booster-fitting, Propellant Actua 16K2039-45
Booster-fitting, Propellant Actua 16K2039-46
Booster-fitting, Propellant Actua 16K2039-43
Cord Assembly, Detonating 16VK023-729
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-727
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-728
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-733
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-734
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-735
Rocket Motor 503AS200
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-732
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-737
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-738
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-739
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-740
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-741
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-726
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-742
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-743
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-744
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-746
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-745
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-736
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-730
Cartridge, Impulse PS68-710079-205
Initiator, Propellant Actuated 821019-1
Initiator, Propellant Actuated 821019-3
Initiator, Propellant Actuated 2293200-1
Panel, Explosive, Aircraft 12K2085
Panel, Explosive, Aircraft 12K3007-16
Panel, Explosive, Aircraft 12K3008
Panel, Explosive, Aircraft 12K2888
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 821020-1
Panel, Explosive, Aircraft 12K4326-5
Cord Assembly, Detonating 51281-731
Ignition Element, Electrical 1614AS100
Panel, Explosive, Aircraft 12K3007-15
Cabin Decompression Sensor Assy L431C2027
Rocket Motor L321C2003
Base And Cover Asse 15624
Customer Engineerin TD276(7)
Initiator, Cartridge Actuated 844AS275
Booster-fitting, Propellant Actua 16K0038-3
Initiator, Propellant Actuated L320C2004
Initiator, Propellant Actuated L320C2004
Initiator, Propellant Actuated L320C2004
Charge Assembly, Shaped L325C2013
Actuator, Explosive, Linear 2685100-101-04
Thruster, Cartridge Actuated 2684100-101-01
Charge Assembly, Shaped 51082-2
Cord Assembly, Detonating L320C2005
Cord Assembly, Detonating L320C2005
Charge Assembly, Shaped 51083-1
Cord Assembly, Detonating 816751-95067
Initiator, Propellant Actuated 850AS131
Initiator, Propellant Actuated L320C2004
Initiator, Expl 6033300
Cartridge, Impulse 2-100420
Initiator, Expl 2912200-1
Cartridge, Impulse 300078-1
Cartridge, Impulse 1512AS121
Thruster, Cartridge Actuated FE7590-98
Spreading Gun Assembly SK86-0051-12
Spreading Gun Assembly SK86-0051-13

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