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Fuzes And Primers - FSC 1390

Last Modified: May 22, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Primer, Electric LD299358
Delay, Plunger Assembly 8797864-3
Plunger Assembly, Delay 8797864-2
Booster, Fuze 8595541
Fuze, Base Detonating LD293698
Fuze, Point Detonating 8800254
Primer, Stab 74-2-84A
Ogive, Fuze 73-2-238C
Ogive, Fuze 8798220
Disk, Safety 73-2-252B
Screw, Bottom Closing 8798241
Cup, Booster 73-1-164F
Head Assembly, Fuze 8800199
Primer, Percussion 8838153
Fuze, Point Detonating LD109112
Primer, Percussion 8880637
Fuze, Proximity 3192371
Fuze, Proximity 3192372
Cushion 73-7-198C1
Relay Loading Assembly 8840608
Cap, Desensitizing Fuze 10980265REVA
Fuze, Point Detonating 9205729
Fuze, Proximity 2499716
Fuze, Auxiliary Detonating 2502116
Primer, Percussion 8838129
Fuze Energizer, Reserve 1310122
Safety Device, Rear Fitting Assem LD542840
Safety And Arming Device, Fuze LD542840
Fuze Energizer, Reserve LD549923
Fuze, Mechanical Time And Superqu 73-7-136
Fuze, Mechanical Time And Superqu 9236701
Primer, Electric 8847424
Fuze, Base Detonating 2499735
Fuze, Point Detonating 9246242
Fuze, Proximity 11718400
Fuze, Auxiliary Detonating DL2499787
Booster, Fuze 10520747
Fuze, Point Detonating 8863535
Primer Screw Assembly 73-7-201
Fuze, Mechanical Time 561715
Fuze, Mechanical Time LD165359
Fuze, Mechanical Time 1370527
Fuze, Proximity LD267081
Fuze, Proximity LD267265
Fuze, Proximity 004707247
Fuze, Proximity LD267315
Fuze, Proximity 004707243
Fuze, Proximity 004707246
Fuze, Proximity LD267314
Fuze, Proximity LD267081
Fuze, Point Detonating 422326
Fuze, Proximity LD267097
Fuze, Proximity 004707242
Fuze, Proximity LD267270
Fuze, Proximity 004707202
Fuze, Proximity LD267103
Fuze, Proximity 794926
Fuze, Proximity LD267105
Fuze, Proximity 779591
Fuze, Proximity LD267105
Fuze, Proximity LD292297
Fuze, Mechanical Time LD293347
Fuze, Mechanical Time 1378979
Fuze, Mechanical Time 561819
Primer, Percussion DL3028613
Relay Loading Assembly 8840608
Fuze, Base Detonating 8860724
Fuze, Point Initiating, Base Deton 8799735
Primer, Electric 8839499
Primer, Percussion 8866664
Fuze, Proximity DL2511989
Retainer, Fuze 73-7-198B1
Gasket, Plastic 73-7-196C2
Screw, Lockwire 73-7-196B
Fuze, Proximity 2429154
Fuze, Proximity DL2512995
Fuze, Mechanical Time DL2513219
Cap, Desensitizing Fuze 10980265
Fuze, Proximity 1310367
Fuze, Point Detonating 73-2-137
Primer, Percussion MILP20338
Primer, Percussion 74-2-50
Fuze, Point Detonating, Practice 73-2-146
Fuze, Proximity 1310371
Fuze, Proximity 795245
Fuze, Mechanical Time And Superqu 73-7-136
Fuze, Proximity 1310367
Fuze, Proximity 795245
Fuze, Proximity 1310367
Fuze, Proximity 1310371
Fuze, Proximity 795245
Fuze, Proximity 795245
Fuze, Point Detonating 73-2-214-3
Fuze, Proximity 7542838
Fuze, Proximity 795245
Fuze, Mechanical Time And Superqu 73-7-136
Primer, Electric And Percussion P7KGD
Fuze, Mechanical Time DL2500176
Fuze, Proximity 2512221
Wire, Pull 73-7-232B

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