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Fuzes And Primers - FSC 1390

Last Modified: Mar 31, 2020

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Booster, Fuze 73-2-213
Fuze, Mechanical Time 10542850
Seal, Body 9234573
Screw, Bottom Closing 9234456
Fuze, Time 9207568-1
Lucky Assembly 8861654
Gasket, Plastic 73-7-196C
Cushion, Plastic 73-7-198C
Seal, Bottom Closing 9234574
Booster, Fuze 73-2-154A
Fuze, Adapter 8800256
Fuze, Point Detonating 7549112
Fuze, Point Detonating PL2502059
Fuze, Point Detonating DL2501615
Seal, Body 9234573
Fuze, Auxiliary Detonating DL2500118
Fuze, Mechanical Time 2511237
Fuze, Time 9232784
Fuze, Point Detonating 1227709
Fuze, Point Detonating 2506330
Fuze, Time 9207568
Fuze, Auxiliary Detonating 2512188
Fuze, Point Detonating 2513944
Fuze, Proximity 2513306
Dummy Fuze, Point Detonating 41183
Primer, Percussion 3028626
Primer, Percussion 8863394
Fuze, Proximity 2499716
Fuze, Proximity LD267263
Primer, Electric 985484
Primer, Electric And Percussion 1274882
Fuze, Proximity LD292298
Fuze, Point Detonating 7549157
Fuze, Mechanical Time 1475145
Fuze, Proximity LD292246
Fuze, Mechanical Time And Superqu 73-7-136
Fuze, Mechanical Time DL2512434
Fuze, Point Detonating 9258605
Primer, Percussion 217530
Primer, Electric And Percussion 225774
Fuze, Proximity LD292247
Fuze, Proximity LD292246
Fuze, Proximity LD267279
Fuze, Mechanical Time 561990
Fuze, Mechanical Time 561716
Fuze, Mechanical Time 581879
Fuze, Mechanical Time 561740
Fuze, Point Detonating 422326
Fuze, Mechanical Time 04005104
Fuze, Mechanical Time 561992
Fuze, Auxiliary Detonating 1200862
Body, Auxiliary Detonator 453057
Booster And Lead Block Assembly LD298954
Fuze, Base Detonating 1378215
Fuze, Proximity 1254757
Fuze, Proximity LD292247
Fuze, Point Detonating 73-2-214A5REV5
Fuze, Point Detonating 73-2-214C5
Fuze, Mechanical Time And Superqu 73-7-136
Plug, Representing, Fuze 2158787
Fuze, Point Detonating 8800197
Fuze, Point Detonating 73-1-161
Fuze, Point Detonating 73-1-195
Fuze, Proximity 563222G3
Primer, Percussion 7645336
Primer, Electric And Percussion 1275329
Fuze, Base Detonating LD291870
Fuze, Auxiliary Detonating LD486257
Fuze, Proximity LD292387
Fuze, Proximity LD292386
Fuze, Proximity 2429154
Fuze, Proximity LD292387
Fuze, Proximity LD292387
Fuze, Proximity 1254757
Fuze, Proximity 1254762
Fuze, Proximity LD292299
Fuze, Proximity LD292396
Fuze, Proximity LD292397
Primer, Electric 1250628
Primer, Electric 1442368
Booster, Fuze 1665620
Primer, Electric And Percussion LD41232
Primer, Electric And Percussion 439155A005
Primer, Percussion 959213
Fuze, Base Detonating LD284899
Fuze, Mechanical Time And Superqu 73-7-277
Booster, Fuze 2505045
Fuze, Proximity 10976900
Primer, Electric LD613230
Primer, Electric And Percussion 1274882
Fuze, Mechanical Time And Superqu 9236500
Fuze, Point Detonating 73-2-341
Fuze, Mechanical Time And Superqu 10520638
Fuze, Point Detonating 73-2-214
Fuze, Point Detonating 73-2-214
Primer, Percussion 8838130
Primer, Percussion 8838009
Primer, Percussion 8839474
Wire, Lock 73-7-196A
Fuze, Base Detonating 73-2-178A

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