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Aircraft, Rotary Wing - FSC 1520

Last Modified: Sep 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Helicopter, Utility UH1H
Helicopter, Cargo-transport CH54B
Helicopter, Utility UH1N
Helicopter, Observation OH-58A
Helicopter, Staff VH1N
Helicopter, Attack AH1S
Helicopter, Observation 0H13H
Helicopter, Utility UH1B
Helicopter, Utility UH1D
Helicopter, Cargo-transport CH47C
Helicopter, Observation 0H6A
Helicopter, Attack AH1G
Helicopter, Observation OH-58C
Helicopter, Utility UH-60A
Helicopter, Medevac UH1V
Helicopter, Electron EH-60A
Helicopter, Cargo-transport CH47D
Helicopter, Attack AH64A
Helicopter, Observation OH-58D
Helicopter, Attack AH1P
Helicopter, Attack AH1F
Helicopter, Attack AH1SE
Helicopter, Flight Trainer TAH-1S
Helicopter, Cargo-transport MH-47E
Helicopter, Utility MH-60K
Helicopter, Utility UH-60L
Helicopter, Attack 7-310000002-1
Helicopter, Flight Trainer 206-031-001-115
Helicopter, Attack SH60B
Helicopter, Attack AH-1W
Helicopter, Attack HH60H
Helicopter, Utility HH-1N
Helicopter, Cargo-transport CH-47F
Helicopter, Utility EH-60L
Helicopter, Search And Rescue UH-60Q
Helicopter, Search And Rescue HH-60L
Helicopter, Flight Trainer TAH-1P
Helicopter, Utility 70000-00100-041
Helicopter, Utility EUH-60L
Helicopter, Cargo-transport MH-47G
Helicopter, Attack S-70B-2
Helicopter, Search And Rescue 70000-00110-041