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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 26, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Strip, Faying, Service 65207-08008-143
Strip, Faying, Service 65207-08008-144
Intercostal, Fuselage Bottom 205-030-007-33
Fairing Assembly, Fu 114S2914-101
Fairing, Aircraft 114S2914-115
Fairing Assembly, Fuselage To Pod 114S2914-117
Fairing Assembly, Fu 114S2914-87
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 369A2500-12
Brace, Diagonal, Fuse 209-030-180-17
Stop Assembly, Main Landing Gear 4F72170-101A
Slide, Instrument Panel 4E11022-102A
Fairing, Aircraft 4F77300-104A
Skin, Aircraft 4J22068-101A
Plate, Bearing, Hinge Support 4J32042-103A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4N12158-101A
Cradle Assembly, Air Bottle 4N12393-102B
Panel, Shroud, Horizontal Stabiliz 4T31338-102A
Door, Access, Aircraft 215-40040-714
Support, Tubing HT1040-7
Support, Tubing HT1040-5
Cover, Actuator Fitting 32-18529-20
Block, Ramp Ditching 65205-06022-103
Insulation, Air Duct 58B82104
Fairing, Aircraft 65205-07001-047
Panel, Soundproofing 65504-00012-98
Platform, Service, Sponson 65207-08007-045
Platform, Service, Sponson 65207-08007-046
Seal, Fairing, Suppor 65205-08024-111
Seal, Fairing, Suppor 65205-08024-112
Fairing, Fuel Tank Support 65205-08026-041
Skin Assy, Fuel Tank 65205-08030-041
Skin Assy, Fuel Tank 65205-08030-043
Cover Assembly, Fuel Tank 65205-08030-045
Cover, Fairing 65205-08035-103
Gutter, Fuselage 65202-03068-107
Fairing, Fuel Tank Support 65205-08026-042
Cover, Fairing 65205-08035-104
Gutter, Fuselage 65202-03068-108
Drain, Lower Fuselage 65202-04042-041
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 65201-04061-041
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 65201-04061-042
Bracket, Sponson Support 65201-04062-102
Bracket, Sponson Support 65201-04062-104
Fitting, Sponson 65201-08051-101
Fairing, Aircraft 65205-08037-102
Fairing, Aircraft 65205-08037-101
Panel, Soundproofing 65504-00012-099
Blanket Assembly, Panel 65504-00013-096
Blanket Assembly, Pa 65504-00013-086
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 65504-00011-050
Fairing, Sponson Lug Cover 65205-08034-041
Fairing, Aircraft 65205-08034-043
Fairing, Sponson Lug Cover 65205-08034-042
Fairing, Sponson Lug Cover 65205-08034-044
Bracket, Tank Support 65308-12019-041
Fairing, Aircraft 65302-12173-044
Bracket, Tank Support 65308-12019-042
Hinge, Door, Aircraft 369A2406-11
Deck Assembly, Service 204-030-279-35
Deck Assembly, Service 204-030-280-27
Window Panel, Aircraft 33-35005-4009
Fitting, Fin Restraint Stop 32-32157-5
Support, Structural Component, Air 53-39202-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 53-73203-86
Support, Structural Component, Air 53-39202-4
Corner, Torque Box 53-11061-5
Pad, Support 53-79055-3
Rib, Landing Gear 32-11416-313
Rib, Stiffener, Aircraft 32-11416-314
Fitting, Framing Camera 53-88020-3
Fitting, Framing Camera 53-88020-4
Skin, Aircraft 216-20151-4
Fairing, Auxiliary Fuel Tank 65205-08040-041
Fairing, Auxiliary Fuel Tank 65205-08040-042
Floor, Aircraft 65207-10042-049
Floor, Aircraft 65207-10042-050
Tube Assembly, Fuel System 65307-08076-101
Tube Assembly, Fuel System 65307-08076-042
Tube Assembly, Fuel System 65307-08076-043
Tube Assembly, Vent, Fuel 65307-03068-042
Scupper Assembly, Fuel Cell 65307-08024-042
Fairing, Aircraft 65302-12173-043
Support Assy, Contro 65301-12050-041
Cover, Engine Speed Control 65301-12051-101
Bracket, Speed Control 65301-12051-102
Support, Structural Component, Air 65600-03310-045
Retainer, Cargo Bumper 3E52341-123
Yoke Assembly, Aft 3E52367-111
Fitting, Upper, Bifurcation Duct 3P21855-101
Fitting, Lower, Bifurcation Duct 3P21858-103
Fitting, Upper, Bifurcation Duct 3P21855-103
Fitting, Lower, Bifurcation Duct 3P21858-101
Baffle Set, Fuel Ta FCC53177-85-116
Latch Bar, Windshield 4F11891-101A
Support, Troop Compa 4N12236-101A
Door, Access, Aircraft 4N12101-101A
Cover, Access, Aircraft 53-73203-85
Stop, Flap 32-19767-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 32-321557-39
Cover, Access, Aircraft 32-32043-10

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