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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 16, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Plate, Splitter Fuselage Boundry 12P11331-33
Cover, Access, Aircraft 12W8692-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 12W8692-6
Line, Fuel Feed 66F41858
Fitting, Fuel Tank, Transfer Tube 100040-5
Cover, Access, Aircraft S6122-87776-3
Fairing, Fuselage, Aircraft 218-40067-3
Bracket Assy, Wiring Harness 65551-01020-042
Tank And Ejector 26-370-4845-4
Cap Assy, Tank Fille 38363-1
Fin, Horizontal, Fuel Tank 27-300-3468-1
Lug, Suspension, Fuel Tank 27-300-01023
Fairing, Aircraft 39-23747-1
Fairing, Aircraft 39-23747-3
Pan, Seal 39-23783-2
Cover, Access, Aircraft 39-23924-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 39-23925-1
Tube, Exhaust 39-23932-1
Fairing, Aircraft 39-23944-1
Receptacle, Latch, Engine Door 12B10783-19
Plate, Seal, Slat 12W6030-12
Link Assembly, Arresting 12B13211-1
Latch Assembly, Arresting 12B13212-1
Latch Assembly, Arresting 12B13212-2
Door, Access, Aircraft 12B13219-1
Vane, Vortex Generator 12B4954-809
Door, Access, Aircraft 12B13127-703
Guide, Translating Track 12W8895-41
Blanket Assy, Acoust 114ES023-145
Duct Assy, Ram Air 32-05301-61
Fitting, Fuselage S6102-65121-33
Cap Assembly, Fuel 106D077-1
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 12W6029-10
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 12W6029-9
Pin Assembly, Pivot Latch 3G11742-101
Pin Assembly, Pivot Latch 3G11742-102
Panel Assembly, Upper, Flight Engi 3B10257-117
Bracket Assy, Flap 50-120116-33
Support, Structural Component, Air 114H2200-25
Step, Pylon, Fairing 209-060-811-73
Web, Airframe 204-031-474-5
Rub Strip Assy, Door 209-030-377-3
Support, Plumb Bob 205-030-147-7
Support Fitting, Landing Gear 205-030-104-2
Support Fitting, Landing Gear 205-030-104-1
Support, Intercommunication Set 205-030-108-16
Angle, Intercostal 204-030-749-005
Fitting, Fuselage S6120-66117-2
Dooor Assy, Engine 128B10010-41
Fairing, Aircraft 4J12077-105B
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 4J12229-101A
Fairing, Aircraft 12W6106-16
Bushing Assembly, Clamp 12B9722-9
Door, Access, Aircraft 12B13127-701
Pan, Drain, Radome 12B7020-6
Fairing, Aircraft 12W6106-15
Support, Structural Component, Air 12P4561-1
Panel Assy, Main Bea 209-030-137-33
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 209-030-137-34
Plate, Reinforcing 209-070-539-1
Panel Assy, Beam 209-030-118-65
Panel Assembly, Pylo 209-030-213-77
Duct Assy, Distribut 209-070-547-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 114P8058-13
Cover, Access, Aircraft 209-030-849-51
Stiffener, Intercost 205-030-734-50
Stiffener, Bulkhead 204-031-716-13
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 204-031-749-8
Stiffener, Pylon Support 205-030-361-5
Stiffener, Lower Fuselage 204-031-876-3
Stiffener, Lower Fuselage 205-030-427-2
Stiffener, Lower Fuselage 205-030-427-1
Stiffener, Fuselage 204-031-936-11
Stiffener, Bulkhead 204-031-943-15
Bulkhead, Airframe 204-030-700-45
Intercostal, Canopy 204-031-782-3
Intercostal, Canopy 204-031-783-3
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 204-030-898-006
Angle, Cover 204-030-733-26
Angle, Cover 204-030-733-009
Angle, Cover 204-030-733-025
Angle, Cover 204-030-733-028
Stiffener, Lower Fuselage 204-031-104-64
Stiffener, Lower Fuselage 204-031-104-63
Stiffener, Lower Fuselage 204-031-104-61
Stiffener, Lower Fuselage 204-031-104-59
Stiffener, Lower Fuselage 204-031-104-057
Support, Lower Fuselage 204-031-104-49
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 204-030-898-005
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 204-030-898-004
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 204-030-898-003
Angle, Canopy Post Support 204-031-782-5
Cover, Access, Aircraft 4N12387-101A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4C54976-101A
Muffler, Exhaust 1128EC40179-1
Mast, Fuel Bladder Cell Drain EEP693-101
Foil Assembly, Upper EEP692-103
Foil Assembly, Center EEP692-113
Foil Assembly, Lower EEP692-121
Foil Assembly, Center EEP692-114

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