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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Feb 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Guard, Connector 2820314-1
Retainer, Barlightning, Arrester, R 921029-13
Filler, Centroid Ris 901958-2
Filler, Centroid Ris 901958-3
Filler, Centroid Ris 901958-5
Filler, Centroid Ris 901958-6
Retainer Assembly S6112-33522-4
Pocket Assembly S6115-20107-011
Pocket Assembly S6115-20107-012
Pocket Assembly S6115-20107-008
Pocket Assembly S6115-20107-009
Spacer, Cuff S6115-20506-1
Lock, Speed Control S6130-62030-001
Cap Assembly, Speed Control S6130-62052-001
Spacer, Input Bevel S6135-20623-1
Skid Strip S6122-83152-116
Clamp, Multiple Tube 4343957-8
Support Assembly, Fr 32-32198-27
Support, Structural Component, Air 32-32198-28
Cover, Access, Aircraft 32-32050-265
Cover, Access, Aircraft 32-32050-269
Cover Assembly, Stores 32-32050-263
Rotor Assembly, Uppe Y63-315700-60-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 53-32017-41
Cup, Drain CSP39
Pad, Rubber 50-939140-179
Shaft, Mixing Linkag 114C3314-1
Fairing Assembly, Aft Keel 32SB13343-8
Mount Assembly, Dome CV21-300035-8
Beam Assembly 388504-8
Fairing, Aircraft 389753-1
Fairing, Aircraft 389753-2
Flag, Wing Fold, Warning 128CVP10300-14
Door, Access, Aircraft 389719-1
Pipe, Exhaust 114E4075-21
Guard, Ammunition Chute 209-030-328-1
Guard, Ammunition Chute 209-030-328-2
Guard, Ammunition Chute 209-030-328-3
Guard, Ammunition Chute 209-030-328-4
Brace, Canopy Pump Rod 2822586-1
Brace Assembly, Fuselage 123AM42007-13
Duct Assembly 397580-1
Fitting 397587-3
Fitting, Beam Cap 397587-4
Beam, Speed Brake 32-13007-5
Transmitter Assembl 348883-1
Ramp Assembly, Aft Fuselage 107S8306-283
Rail Flipper, Ramp 107S8306-285
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 215-33301-5
Fitting, Fuselage To Engine Mount 288-310553-3
Mid-section Assembly, Duct 65303-03029-041
Duct Assembly 65303-03030-041
Inboard Section, Duct 65303-03028-041
Fairing Assembly S6115-20422-17
End Plate Assembly S6115-20505-4
Ferrule Assembly S6130-62028-001
Cam Assembly, Free Wheel Unit S6135-20611-4
Bracket Assembly, Shield S6135-20736-1
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 69-26709-7
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-5345-14
Plate, Bearing 1098
Piston, Clutch 1078
Disc, Stop 1119
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 389694-1
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 389692-4
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 389692-3
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 389693-3
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 389693-4
Support, Structural Component, Air 3A30299-102
Cover Assembly, Hoist Access 4P32230-101A
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 3A99008-103
Fairlead, Half, Wiring 3B70117-103
Track, Frame Install 3F10062-199
Block, Bumper 3F21116-101
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 3P33513-101
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 3P33513-102
Retainer Assembly, F 3P33522-101
Ejector Assembly, Cooling 3P34002-111
Flap Hinge, Stabilizer 3T33041-101
Support, Structural Component, Air 3T33066-101
Tip, Aircraft 3T51001-101
Cap, Nose, Elevator Tip 3T51007-101
Louver Assembly, Heat 3A30007-115
Louver Assembly, Heat 3A30007-116
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 3A30121-109
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 3A30121-110
Venturi Assembly, T 3A20031-101
Collar, Cable, Pressure Seal 3C00083-101
Adapter Assembly, Compressor 4A10095-101A
Cover, Access, Aircraft 3C13065-109
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 3C13075-105
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 3C24498-101
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 3C24620-101
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3E41072-123
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3E42189-101
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3E42190-101
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3E42191-101
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3E42202-101
Hinge, Petal Door 3F41536-101
Hinge, Petal Door 3F41536-102

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