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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Duct Assy, Air 206-070-368-3
Duct Assy, Air 206-070-368-11
Support, Boom, Rotary Rudder 206-031-417-5
Boom, Rotary, Rudder 206-032-004-3
Rib, Machine 32-11416-41
Rib, Machine 32-11416-36
Adapter, Fuel Engine 310-480514-11
Adapter, Fuel Eng 310-480514-21
Cover, Access, Aircraft 32SB52702-5
Dapter, Engine Moun 310-319009
Duct, Telescoping 12P11436-809
Elbow, Fuel Inlet 12P40407-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 65204-03001-043
Housing Assembly, Indicator 3C00323-101
Elevator, Aircraft 3T50000-128
Bolt Assembly, Hinge C4T1016-1
Panel, Trim 3E41096-107
Support Assy, Door 206-032-520-2
Support, Structural Component, Air 206-022-100-010
Support, Stabilizer 206-022-100-8
Support, Structural Component, Air 206-022-100-9
Door, Aircraft 206-032-501-4
Corner, Door Assy 206-032-501-005
Insulation Blanket 206-070-891-001
Former 206-032-404-3
Former 206-032-400-3
Beam, Cabin Roof 206-032-205-2
Rod Assy, Upper Supp 206-071-207-1
Rod Assy, Sight Control 206-071-211-1
Blanket Assy, Acoust 114ES023-25
Blanket Assy, Acoust 114ES023-29
Blanket Assy, Acoust 114ES023-31
Blanket Assy, Acoust 114ES023-30
Angle, Floor Support 204-030-134-016
Bumper, Glare Shield 110-072
Seal Assy, Door 206-071-213-1
Support, Cover, Landing Gear 205-030-733-25
Support, Cover, Landing Gear 205-030-733-29
Support, Cover, Landing Gear 205-030-733-36
Support, Cover, Landing Gear 205-030-733-26
Support, Cover, Landing Gear 205-030-733-24
Support, Cover, Landing Gear 205-030-733-21
Support, Cover, Landing Gear 205-030-733-23
Stiffener, Cover, Lan 205-030-733-19
Angle, Cover Assy 114P8058-15
Support, Lift Beam 205-030-845-127
Beam Assembly, Lift 205-030-845-38
Beam Assembly, Lift 205-030-845-37
Support, Lift Beam 205-030-845-129
Panel, Fairing, Wing To Fuselage 4W13516-107A
Panel, Fairing, Wing To Fuselage 4W13516-108A
Panel Assembly, Fairing, Wing To F 4W12573-125A
Panel Assembly, Fairing, Wing To F 4W12573-126A
Panel, Fairing, Wing To Fuselage 4W12529-124A
Panel Assembly, Fairing, Wing To F 4W12024-304A
Panel Assembly, Fairing, Wing To F 4W12024-303A
Panel Assembly, Fairing, Wing To F 4W12024-110A
Panel Assembly, Fairing, Wing To F 4W12024-109A
Panel Assembly, Fairing, Wing To F 4W12024-104B
Panel Assembly, Fairing, Wing To F 4W12024-103B
Brace, Cowl Door 4P23244-102A
Ring Assembly, Fuel Boost Pump 4P11059-117A
Bracket Assembly, Ramp Lock, Cargo 4F53753-101C
Bracket Assembly, Ramp Lock, Cargo 4F53753-102C
Cap, Frame Wing 4W12104-105A
Cap, Frame Wing 4W12104-104A
Cap, Frame Wing 4W12104-106A
Cap, Frame Wing 4W12104-103A
Scoop, Aircraft 4W12039-201A
Scoop, Aircraft 4W12039-202A
Panel, Wing Fuselage 4W13523-109A
Panel, Wing Fuselage 4W13523-110A
Frame, Cowl Door 4P23273-102A
Spar, Horizontal Stabilizer 9545154-7
Support, Alternator 1550047-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F51412-101C
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F51412-102A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F51411-101A
Door, Access, Aircraft 305-635310-109
Door, Access, Aircraft 305-635310-113
Door, Access, Aircraft 305-635310-114
Door, Access, Aircraft 305-635310-115
Door, Access, Aircraft 305-635310-116
Door, Access, Aircraft 305-635310-148
Door, Access, Aircraft 305-635310-147
Door, Access, Aircraft 305-540239-31
Door, Access, Aircraft 305-540239-21
Slide Assembly, Heat And Vent 305-537222
Adapter, Horizon Ind 305-540175
Barrel, Support, Tail 305-420120
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F55325-101A
Stop, Visor Door Track 4F73433-101A
Stop, Visor Door Track 4F3433-102A
Duct Assembly, Generator Cooling 4P31012-131A
Linex Enter Wing Fu 5204211-12
Cover, Access, Aircraft 65-2278-9
Support, Structural Component, Air 65-11665-1
Skin, Aircraft 69-10872-5
Duct Assembly, Air, C 88-42100
Cylinder, Outer, Strut Assembly, Ra 39-25589-1

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