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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 16, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Longeron 14-10611-2
Rib, Airfoil 350878-4L
Skin, Aircraft 16T7465-3
Skin, Aircraft 16W102-39
Skin, Aircraft 68A321080-2091
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 65-57053-2
Serving Gear Assy, N 152-6034
Splice 16B1867-11
Splice 16B1867-14
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 16W281-15
Filler, Panel 1128CE40300-75
Support, Structural Component, Air 1128B43096-3
Support, Structural Component, Air 128BM60030-1
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 215-21191-124
Door Assy, Ground 16B5523-817
Liner Assembly, Acoustic A51K13102-1
Liner Assembly, Acoustic A51K13102-3
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 209-064-815-102
Support, Structural Component, Air 209-064-225-104
Latch Housing 107S8357-25
Support Assy, Preloa 74A731164-1005
Flap, Suppressor 5942872
Piston Assy 74A733044-2003
Installation Kit, Aircraft Engine 537L318G01
Bracket, Support, Fuel, Quantity Pr 390626-3
Cover, Former Assembly 75A320812-2369
Cover, Former Assembly 75A320812-2371
Rudder, Aircraft 74A240611-1001
Fuselage Section 74A311001-1013
Support, Door 7-311150122-17
Clip Upper Lh 441-83034-1
Doubler 206-031-112-54
Post, Door 206-031-112-126
Support 406-020-103-103
Channel 206-032-311-15
Channel 206-032-311-16
Web 206-032-311-17
Fairing, Aircraft 16F0181-835
Former, Aircraft 16B6533-31
Bracket Assembly A51F13247-3
Support, Structural Component, Air 3283189-3
Door, Access, Aircraft 209-064-853-103
Door, Access, Aircraft 209-064-853-104
Door, Access, Aircraft 209-032-124-103
Door, Access, Aircraft 209-034-137-211
Door, Access, Aircraft 209-034-223-109
Panel Assembly, Floor Installatio 65204-00003-088
Panel Assembly, Floor Installatio 65204-00003-087
Panel Assembly, Floor Installatio 65004-00001-085
Scoop Assembly, Inline 123P50329-1
Structure Assembly 75A304002-1013
Screen Assembly 75A31438-1001
Support, Aft Hinge 75A353051-1003
Retainer, Forward Latch 75A353068-2001
Retainer, Center Latch 75A353069-2003
Retainer, Latch 75A353070-2001
Support, Forward Hinge 75A353350-2003
Retainer, Forward Latch 75A353368-2003
Retainer, Center Latch 75A353369-2003
Retainer, Aft Latch 75A353370-2003
Cover Assembly, Floor Installatio 65204-00001-091
Fairing Set, Gearbox To Engine 209-040-020-103
Retainer, Seal, Exhaust Duct 209-064-216-133
Hinge Fitting Assembly 209-064-825-101
Hinge Fitting Assembly 209-064-826-105
Step, Maintenance 214-031-859-101
Support, Step, Lower 214-031-860-101
Screen Assembly 209-064-859-107
Support, Step, Lower 214-031-860-102
Mount, Splitter Assembly 209-064-808-239
Firewall Assembly 209-064-902-365
Fitting, Deck 209-064-921-101
Firewall Assembly 209-064-902-261
Firewall Assembly 209-064-902-263
Fitting Assembly, Aft, Service Dec 209-064-912-101
Fitting Assembly, Aft, Service Dec 209-064-912-102
Web Assembly, Firewall 209-064-928-153
Cap Assembly, Firewall 209-064-928-105
Cap Assembly, Firewall 209-064-928-106
Firewall Assembly, Upper 209-064-930-335
Fitting, Upper, Firewall, Left 209-064-918-101
Fitting, Tension, Right Hand 209-064-920-102
Fitting, Upper, Firewall, Right 209-064-918-102
Fitting, Tension, Left Hand 209-064-920-101
Firewall Assembly, Lower 209-064-930-327
Fitting, Service Deck 209-064-910-103
Fitting, Lower, Firewall 209-064-919-101
Firewall Assembly, Lower 209-064-930-359
Fitting, Service Deck 209-064-910-104
Fitting, Lower, Firewall 209-064-919-102
Fairing Assembly, Tailboom 209-032-837-103
Support Assembly, Tail Rotor 209-032-841-113
Support Assembly, Tail Rotor 209-032-841-117
Shelf Assembly 209-032-857-105
Shelf Assembly 209-032-857-107
Vent Assembly 214-020-210-83
Vent Assembly 214-020-210-85
Panel Assembly, Vertical Fin 214-020-210-109
Fitting Assembly 209-031-224-101
Fitting Assembly 209-034-224-101

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