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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 24, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Actuator, Landing Gear 32-65106-37
Cover Assy 71422-1
Panel Assy, Floor 71401-3
Panel Assy, Floor 71410-3
Panel Assy, Floor 71409-3
Panel Assy, Floor 71409-5
Panel Assy, Floor 71409-7
Floor Assy 71408-3
Window Panel, Aircraft 87644
Panel Assy 71407-3
Panel Assy, Floor 71406-5
Panel Assy, Floor 71406-3
Panel Assy 71406-7
Cover Assy 71417-1
Panel Assy, Floor 71411-3
Cover Assy, Floor 71421-3
Cover Assy, Floor 71421-1
Support, Bearing 206-032-414-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 5671724-39
Door, Access, Aircraft 5671724-41
Shroud, Engine Firew 32G32081-98
Door, Access, Aircraft 4F73556-109D
Insulation Blanket 32-62208-3
Pylon, Aircraft 218-99103-24
Shelf Assy 123AB11763-1
Blanket, Door 209-030-363-79
Adapter, Tank Interconnector 32-58439-5
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 37945
Retainer, Sump, Fuel Cell 206-062-653-1
Sump, Fuel Cell 206-062-662-1
Retainer, Filler Cap 206-062-648-1
Panel Assy, Bulkhead 206-032-103-7
Panel Assy, Passenge 206-032-101-7
Panel, Back Seat 206-032-118-11
Door Assembly, Aircraft Seat 206-032-118-13
Standpipe, Fuel Tank 15600H58-086-1
Cap And Adapter Assy 206-062-660-1
Retainer, Transmitte 206-062-649-1
Retainer, Transmitter 206-062-649-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 206-062-643-1
Fitting, Fuel Cell 206-062-642-1
Cover, Dome Nut, Fuel 206-032-151-1
Flap, Wing Landing 215-70300-15
Flange, Nut 237D6NN48LT32
Support, Fuel Cell 206-032-120-9
Support, Fuel Cell 206-032-120-8
Support, Fuel Cell 5001847-2
Support, Fuel Cell 5001848-1
Floor, Aircraft 206-031-313-73
Fairing, Fuselage, Aircraft 206-032-310-9
Panel, Fuel Cell 206-032-117-7
Pipe, Exhaust 218-55361-1
Frame Assy, Cabin Ro 205-030-603-38
Parts Kit 216710-15
Flange Fuel Tank 206-062-654-001
Fairing, Aircraft 209-031-867-3
Nose Assembly 209-030-584-19
Skin, Aircraft 114S2505-33
Rib, Airfoil 215-40305-9
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 215-32367-4
Web Assembly 209-062-902-80
Web Assembly 209-062-902-79
Web Assembly 209-062-902-82
Web Assembly 209-062-902-81
Rib, Airfoil 215-40305-10
Door, Aircraft 209-030-583-61
Fitting Assembly, Fuselage 134BM10220-6
Closeout Assy, Rack 11-006-228
Liner, Heat Shield, Engine 12P10200M1-24
Support, Controls, Fairleads 12M4975-13
Fitting Assembly, Support 8461-73182-1
Fitting Assembly, Support 8461-73182-7
Angle, Reinforcing, Fuselage 6720-78504-1
Drip Pan Assembly, Hydraulic Pump 370834-1
Parts Kit, Gearbox K607001-201
Case, Spring Counter 3-13520-9
Case, Spring Counter 3-13520-10
Container Assembly, Downlock 63E34488-3
Panel Assembly, Module 4N12466-101B
Cover, Access, Aircraft 35-28242-501
Fitting, Fuel Tank Attaching L37777-5
Fitting, Fuel Tank Attaching L37781
Fitting, Fuel Tank Attaching L37784
Fitting, Airframe L37795-1
Fitting, Airframe L37795-2
Cover G311-040
Door Assy G368-051
Handle Assembly, Selector G373
Cover, Access, Aircraft G377-032
Door, Special 215-40035-227
Hood Assy 1128AB40367-1
Hood Assy 1128AB40369-1
Door, Access, Aircraft A51B54006-1
Door, Access, Aircraft A51B54006-2
Door, Access, Aircraft A51B54007-1
Door, Access, Aircraft A51B54007-2
Door, Access, Aircraft A51B54008-1
Door, Access, Aircraft A51B54008-2
Cover, Indexer, Angle Of Attack 3-64501-1
Torque Nut, Retainer, Rudder 2-34052-1

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