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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 26, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Brace, Fairing, Wing To Fuselage 4W13061-104A
Brace, Fairing, Wing To Fuselage 4W13061-105A
Brace, Fairing, Wing To Fuselage 4W13061-106A
Brace, Cowl Door 4P23019-102A
Longeron, Cowl Door 4P22122-101B
Longeron, Cowel Door 4P22121-101A
Brace, Cowl Door 4P23033-102A
Brace, Cowl Door 4P23033-101A
Brace, Cowl Door 4P23034-102A
Brace, Cowl Door 4P23034-101A
Brace, Cowl Door 4P22034-101A
Nozzle, Cooling, Cowl Door 4P22132-101A
Bracket, Door, Nose Landing Gear 4F24552-101A
Bracket, Door, Nose Landing Gear 4F24552-102A
Crank Assembly 128L10033-3
Bell Crank 128L10033-4
Door, Fuselage 89B1067-9
Support, Structural Component, Air 3E52233-111
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 397034-1
Rail, Fuselage 0511000-14
Silencer, Cabin Ventilation 0710013-5
Baffle Assembly, Left Hand 0750128-97
Muffler, Exhaust 0750161-61
Fitting, Tension Tie 351767R
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning 3A97219-101
Door, Access, Aircraft 4052020-17
Door, Access, Aircraft 14-12391-5
Fitting, Upper Truss 4P53365-102A
Skin Assembly, Ejector 14-12391-5
Door, Aircraft 14-24301-501
Door, Aircraft 14-24301-502
Door, Aircraft 4F24524-108E
Mount Assembly, Engine 14-50271-2
Tip, Aircraft 14-31602-1
Mount Assembly, Engine 14-50271-1
Floor Assembly, Ramp 65207-10042-051
Bumper Pad, Ramp 65208-04031-101
Fitting, Bumper Sway Bar 65850-03010-001
Track, Roller-gust Lock 65362-05018-101
Link, Engine Mount 65300-12154-101
Brace, Latch, Cowl Door 4P22036-101A
Support, Beam, Inboard Pylon 4P53266-701A
Support, Beam, Inboard Pylon 4P53266-702A
Support, Beam, Inboard Pylon 4P53266-102A
Support, Beam, Inboard Pylon 4P53266-101A
Brace, Latch, Cowl Door 4P22035-101A
Brace, Latch, Cowl Door 4P22049-101A
Brace, Latch, Cowl Door 4P22050-101A
Brace, Latch, Cowl Door 4P22051-101A
Bellmouth, Pressure Relief, Cowl D 4P22071-115A
Striker, Roller Conveyor, Ramp 4F55159-101A
Rib, Airfoil 32-17019-9
Channel, Bulkhead Assembly 32-32028-52
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 12W8871-43
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 12W8871-50
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 12W9931-23
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 12W9931-48
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 12W9931-25
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 12W9931-32
Cover, Access, Aircraft 6764-73201-5
Plate, Sliding Window 3B10499-103
Support Assembly, Tube 114H2200-30
Fairing Assembly, Pod 114S5910-124
Fairing Assembly, Pod 114S5910-123
Skin, Aircraft 215-40033-226
Support, Pitot Tube 65490-03002-102
Cover Assembly, Upper 65209-09045-045
Cover Assembly, Lower 65209-09045-047
Cover Assembly, Upper 65209-09045-046
Cover Assembly, Lower 65209-09045-048
Installation Kit, Rack 14-28101-5
Hook, Pylon 14-17014-1
Fairing, Wing, Pylon 14-28210-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 14-10785-7
Fairing, Aircraft 6-23507-503
Fairing, Aircraft 6-23507-504
Fairing, Windshield 8-13027-10
Fairing, Windshield 8-13027-7
Fairing, Windshield 8-13027-9
Fairing, Windshield 8-13029-1
Skin, Aircraft 3-12314-5
Panel, Shear, Torque 4F42201-602C
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4F52300-101A
Hook, Pylon 14-28217-1
Fairing, Pylon 14-28218-1
Fairing, Pylon 14-28218-2
Mount Assembly, Engine 14-50251-1
Mount Assyembly, Engine 14-50251-2
Duct, Starting Air, Turbine 14-50318-501
Manifold Assembly, Cross Bleed St 14-50328-501
Duct Assembly, Inlet 14-54215-1
Frame, Air Conditioning 927143-1
Lock, Ladder Mount 12F4088-5
Lock, Ladder Mount 12F4088-6
Plate, Outlet 473-6126-35
Fairing, Wing Tip Lh 8450-01851-1
Fairing, Wing Tip Rh 8450-01851-2
Plate, Leveling 8461-26161-3
Door, Access, Aircraft 8519-11205-1
Support Assembly, Indicator 8483-76400-3

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