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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Extension Assy, Glar 5829464-501
Skin Assembly, Fuel Tank 369A2551-901
Cowling 114P8001-19
Firewall Assembly 209-062-904-11
Firewall Assembly 209-062-904-12
Door, Aircraft 5445207-529
Cap, Filler Opening 5123-2
Fin Tip Assy 5545790-255
Radome 952878-101
Coaming, Cargo Door 114S3908-49
Coaming, Cargo Door 114S3908-46
Bell Crank 114C2513-4
Bell Crank 114C2512-4
Fitting, Cylinder 128BM11159-13
Fitting, Cylinder 128BM11159-14
Shield Assy 212-070-112-1
Shield Assy 212-070-112-2
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 127J000
Door, Access, Aircraft 32G31130-175
Door, Access, Aircraft 32G31130-183
Installation Kit, Fu 65070-30401-011
Parts Kit, Aircraft Engine Build- 665073-30000-016
Frame, Window 50-420051-119
Boom, Aircraft 369A3500-617
Leading Edge, Pylon 218-70065-3
Guide, Spring, Spoiler CV15-908653-1
Guide, Spring, Spoiler CV15-908653-2
Rod, Tension 215-78413-1
Cap, Connecting, Link 215-78411-2
Skin, Aircraft 218-40033-38
Retainer, Pin 216-48472-1
Pan, Drip, Aircraft 128ELP10047-601
Fuel Tank, Insert, Interconnecter 205-030-216-1
Radome 215-27177-5
Arm-hinge, Door Lock 4F54180-106G
Door, Access, Aircraft 14-11353-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 14-11354-3
Door, Aircraft 14-11801-1
Door, Aircraft 14-11801-2
Cover, Access, Aircraft 14-12335-9
Cover, Access, Aircraft 14-17003-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 14-17006-3
Door, Access, Aircraft 14-17007-9
Cover, Access, Aircraft 14-17008-3
Guide, Pylon 14-17022-1
Duct Assembly, Defog 14-54511-1
Angle, Seal Pressure 4F51006-107A
Strap, Ramp Seal 4F51006-113A
Retainer, Ramp Seal 4F51006-112A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F54283-101B
Support, Structural Component, Air 4P52151-101A
Shaft, Torque 4F24515-103A
Insulation, Blanket 3814583-501
Door, Access, Aircraft 53-39295-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 5829820-29
Firewall Assy 212-060-900-181
Support, Landing Gear 205-030-971-002
Brace, Landing Gear 205-030-971-1
Former 205-030-807-127
Fitting Assembly, Fuselage 1128BM42198-1
Tip, Horizontal Stabilizer 7382041-31
Support, Sector 249-52208-7
Panel Assembly 209-030-125-117
Fitting Assy 209-030-142-15
Former, Aircraft 205-030-807-97
Window Panel, Aircraft S6120-67257-9
Retainer, Actuator 1128AMM40714-11
Support, Structural Component, Air 204-031-318-3
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 114S2638-5
Support, Structural Component, Air 114S2638-6
Support, Structural Component, Air 114S2638-7
Louver, Vent 32-831619-35
Fitting, Support 32-11562-9
Handgrip Assembly, Service, Fusela 114S2610-61
Skin, Aircraft 32-11205-11
Cap And Receiver Assembly, Refuel CCR101-05
Parts Kit, Aircraft Engine Build- 215-55021-14
Cowl Assy 123P10309-501
Duct Assy 123EC10023-3
Duct Assy 123EC10024-1
Slat Assy, Wing 420332-2
Slat Assy, Wing 420332-4
Wire Bundle Assy 71471-1
Wire Bundle Assy 71471-5
Wire Bundle Assy 71471-7
Wire Bundle Assy 71471-9
Wire Bundle Assy 71471-11
Door, Access, Aircraft 215-40043-98
Cap, Former 114S2301-13
Wing Section, Outer 215-80020-49
Wing Section, Outer 215-80020-50
Wing Section, Center 218-70020-7
Wing Section, Center 218-70020-8
Door, Access, Aircraft A02S8131-3
Closeout Assembly 15-001-124
Flap, Wing Landing 215-80200-228
Radome Assy, Wing 1128WP40006-4
Support, Structural Component, Air 1128WM44093-1
Fitting, Wing Panel 1128WM44100-11
Block, Mounting A283394-2

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