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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 18, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Platform, Airborne Equipment 123ABM10178-511
Fitting, Fuselage, Escape Hatch 123BM50556-11
Fitting, Fuselage Uplock 123BM11646-11
Fitting, Fairing Left Hand 123BM10419-511
Fitting, Fairing Right Hand 123BM10420-511
Repair Kit, Tank FCD56983-1
Parts Kit, Fuel Tank 984-01
Regulator, Fuel Tank, Aircraft FCD56985-1
Mount, Valve Drain, Fuel Tank 14-52547-1
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3-11233-16B
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 4126400-3
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 4126400-14
Fairing, Aircraft 4J33865-102B
Bracket, Slot Door, Fairing 4F72721-102A
Bracket, Slot Door, Fairing 4F72622-101A
Bracket, Slot Door Hinge 4F72723-106A
Bracket, Slot Door Hinge 4F72723-105A
Bracket, Slot Door Hinge 4F72723-104A
Bracket, Slot Door Hinge 4F72723-101A
Bracket, Slot Door Hinge 4F72723-102A
Bracket, Slot Door Hinge 4F72723-103A
Plate, Aerodyn Seal, Leading Edge 4J12114-115A
Plate, Aerodyn Seal, Leading Edge 4J12114-119A
Plate, Aerodyn Seal, Leading Edge 4J12114-120A
Plate, Aerodyn Seal, Leading Edge 4J12114-116A
Support, Structural Component, Air 5-96275-2000
Duct, Exhaust Auxiliary Power Uni 7125131-10
Longeron 4P50006-121C
Latch, Valve And Manifold Assembl 115042-01
Latch, Valve And Manifold Assembl 4E94004-113A
Floor, Aircraft 4F10003-419D
Panel, Lower, Wing To Fuselage Fai 4W13521-108A
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4W13521-107A
Casing Assembly, Ladder Control S 7-24544-2
Brace, Upper, Cowl Door 4P22125-101C
Brace, Upper, Cowl Door 4P22125-102C
Support, Trim, Troop Compartment 4N12455-103A
Duct Assembly, Cargo Compartment 4A12185-101A
Block, Track, Cargo Door 4F41293-101A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F41291-101A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F41291-102A
Strut, Door, Nose Landing Gear 4F14231-101A
Lever Assembly, Flap Control 4C27083-103G
Cylinder Assembly, Door Lock, Nose 4F14232-101A
Support, Tube, Lavatory Drain 4E32136-103A
Support, Tube, Lavatory Drain 4E32135-101A
Support, Tube, Lavatory Drain 4E32132-101A
Manifold Tube Assembly, Drain Sys 4F12809-101A
Manifold Tube Assembly, Drain Sys 4F12809-102A
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4W13501-120B
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4E51022-129A
Fairing Assembly, Cockpit 32-31810-155
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 108J500-1
Bell Crank 53-650032-3
Bell Crank 53-650032-4
Wing Section, Center 53-111001-25
Cover, Access, Aircraft 216-40032-3
Cover, Spare Lamp Box Assembly 25-6531-1
Clamp Block F306517
Plate, Mounting F306518
Rudder, Aircraft D307715
Shield Assy, Half C310175-5
Shield Assy, Half C310175-6
Cover, Access, Aircraft A308988
Panel, Access C311072
Door, Access, Aircraft B310522
Pylon, Aircraft E308950
Pylon, Aircraft E308951
Panel Assy C311073
Fitting, Outboard Ru 123CSM50282-2
Muffler, Exhaust 1128EC40178-1
Retainer Ring, Cylinder Assembly 61650-62272-101
Receptical, Hold Open Rod Attachm A51B92895-15
Coupling Assembly, Fuel Motive Fl A51P20621-1
Coupling Assembly, Fuel A51P30507-7
Torque Scissor Assembly 123AM11005-501
Panel, Airborne Equipment 123ABP10121-501
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 123HM10057-511
Fitting, Mooring 65202-08077-101
Fitting Assembly, Aft Sponson 65202-08021-043
Fitting, Mooring Beam 65202-08076-101
Fitting Assembly, Aft Sponson 65202-08201-044
Fitting, Morring Beam 65202-08076-102
Fitting, Morring 65202-08077-102
Parts Kit, Aircraft Engine Build- 123GSR5-501
Fitting, Rudder Support 123CSM50797-1
Tank, Lubricating Oil, Aircraft S6130-80203-5
Tank, Lubricating Oil, Aircraft S6130-80203-4
Splice Assembly, Fai 215-20711-132
Spar, Horizontal Stabilizer 9545155-7
Hinge, Stabilizer 5546899
Pylon, Aircraft 128WS10046-609
Panel, Radio Compart 212-030-065-93
Baffle Assy, Engine 212-061-207-275
Baffle Assy, Engine 212-061-207-277
Skin, Aircraft 215-30047-266
Cover Assembly, Tank 5442563-91
Radome Assembly, Win 128WP10042-1
Radome Assembly, Win 128WP10042-10
Rib Cap, Radome 128WP10042-17

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