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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 24, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Stabilizer, Horizontal 30-160002-24
Canopy, Movable 32G35202-11
Fitting, Cockpit, Radar 134FM80054-11
Fitting, Cockpit 134FM80053-12
Knife Assembly 4817256-1
Lanyard, Cable Assy LS9981-2-6
Canopy, Fixed 32G35203-5
Elbow, Air Duct 204-070-196-1
Pylon, Aircraft 215-99021-56
Nose Cap Assembly 5828939-3
Radome 5828939-5
Housing Assy, Latera 318-523011-11
Cover, Access, Aircraft 4J11047-101A
Door, Access, Aircraft 206-032-335-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 206-062-901-85
Door, Access, Aircraft 209-030-583-59
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 114S4914-11
Door, Access, Aircraft 114S4901-224
Cover, Access, Aircraft 209-030-849-49
Door, Access, Aircraft 205-030-031-7
Cover, Access, Aircraft 205-031-282-63
Cover, Access, Aircraft 205-031-282-65
Door, Access, Aircraft 209-030-366-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 205-062-639-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 205-062-687-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 205-062-636-001
Cover, Access, Aircraft 205-062-688-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 215-30045-335
Door, Access, Aircraft 215-30045-336
Fitting, Wing Panel 128WM10255-11
Fitting, Wing Panel 128WM10255-12
Support, Tube And Sleeve Assembly 65375-04101-044
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 65307-08187-041
Guide, Door 209-030-557-1
Deck Assembly, Relay Unit S6192-61225-1
Door Assy, Fairing, I 206-062-815-9
Doubler Assy, Landin 0722100-1
Shelf, Fuselage 205-031-199-071
Base, Female, Safety Fence, Troop C 4N11026-103A
Base, Safety Fence, Troop Compartm 4N11032-103A
Panel Assy, Wing 29-920094-65
Cover, Plate 7127180-01
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 352830
Adapter Assembly, Oil Tank 204-062-505-33
Bracket, Aircraft Armor 529-301-054-3
Cushion, Aircraft Armor 529-301-064-3
Plate Assembly 32-311619-301
Support Assembly 288-470002-11
Cam Assy, Conapy Lat 3822850-505
Tip, Poppet Valve 12K3292-7
Bracket Assembly 31523
Bracket, Support Str 114S2352-41
Bracket, Support Str 114S2352-39
Seal, Fuselage Modification 209-961-020-21
Cover, Rudder Pedals 209-030-343-1
Seal, Fuselage Modification 209-961-020-15
Seal, Fuselage Modification 209-961-020-19
Seal, Fuselage Modification 209-961-020-17
Seal, Fuselage Modification 209-961-020-23
Insulation, Duct, Air 209-070-555-1
Insulation, Duct, Air 209-070-554-1
Insulation, Duct, Air 209-070-554-3
Insulation, Duct, Air 209-070-556-3
Duct Assy, Air, Distr 209-072-439-1
Support Assy, Bleed 209-070-577-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 4J32012-105A
Bracket, Support, Idler Arm 4F23684-102C
Angle, Cap 114S4101-91
Plunger, Drain 106C043
Fitting Assembly, External 205-031-202-002
Fitting Assembly, External 205-031-202-1
Structure Assy, Nose 5660826-503
Tail Cone Assy 5442597-49
Bracket Assy 209-060-612-7
Fitting, Support 206-031-105-1
Retainer, Window Pan 206-031-108-18
Support, Jettison Me 206-031-574-45
Support, Jettison Mechanism 206-031-574-46
Fitting, Support Har 206-032-108-003
Fairing 215-70093-63
Rib, Airfoil 291-140115-12
Stabilizer Assy, Aft 50-600001-30
Fitting, Pressure Door 4F34264-101A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4J63107-112A
Duct, Air, Inlet 926979-1
Duct, Air, Inlet 926982-1
Duct Assy, Cooling A 927063-1
Duct Assy, Temperatu 927243-1
Fairing 215-70093-8
Rack, External Store 11-005-001-1
Rack, External Store 209-071-080-1
Rack, External Store 209-071-080-2
Rack, External Store 11-001-2
Gusset Assembly, Cabin 205-030-264-001
Former, Aircraft 209-030-101-11
Frame, Nacelle, Wing 134W10412-311
Frame, Nacelle, Wing 134W10412-312
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 134W30219-2
Frame Assembly, Nacelle 134W30219-3
Stabilizer, Vertical 206-022-113-1

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