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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 14, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Ejector Assembly, Air 65-38463-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 69-12799-3
Former, Aircraft 65-16032-27
Cover, Access, Aircraft 176-48287-3
Panel Assembly, Aft Cockpit 795336-1
Striker Plate Assem 3F41811
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3W10027-103
Panel, Under Wing F 3W10027-104
Fairing, Aircraft 3W10034-101
Fairing, Aircraft 3W10034-102
Fairing, Aircraft 3W10035-101
Fairing, Aircraft 3W10035-102
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3W3016-101
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3W13017-131
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3W13019-101
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3W13031-111
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3W13031-112
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 3W13031-137
Panel, Emergency Ex 3W13054-125
Chain And Cable Assembly MAG5692-11
Chain And Cable Assembly 3C90004-129
Chain And Cable Assembly MAG5692-9
Adjuster, Spoiler Drive 3C24683-101
Crank, Actuator, Outboard Flap Car 3W34914-103
Crank, Actuator, Outboard Flap Car 3W34914-104
Tube Assembly, Fusel 762303-43
Tube Assembly, Fusel 762303-45
Tube Assembly, Fusel 762303-47
Tube Assembly, Fusel 762303-55
Shim, Canopy Latch 765569-1
Tube Assembly, Nose 766649-13
Clevis 47-140-245-3
Repair Kit, Fiber Gl 204-1665-1
Housing Assembly, St 132102-2
Pad Set, Matched, Quadrant, Artific 3C11213-101
Cover, Coupling 3A30234-103
Arm, Output Servo 3C11063-107
Bracket, Support, Controls 3C13078-101
Ring, Stabilizing, Ru 3C13150-101
Bracket, Pulley, Secondary Control 3C20000-109
Bracket, Pulley, Secondary Control 3C20000-111
Bracket, Pulley, Life Raft Release 3C20061-111
Bracket, Support, Controls 3C23001-101
Support, Actuator 3C24706-101
Support, Structural Component, Air 3C24811-101
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3E21011-107
Panel Installation 3E21014-219
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3E21014-229
Retainer, Seal 3F20106-113
Retainer, Seal 3F20120-135
Cover, Access, Aircraft 3F20221-127
Cover, Access, Aircraft 3F20222-119
Cover, Access, Aircraft 3F20222-120
Cover Assembly 3F20321-107
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3W13017-132
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23319-102
Adapter Assembly, Fl 3C90003-187
Flap Hinge, Spoiler 3W23140-113
Flap Hinge, Spoiler 3W23140-115
Flap Hinge, Spoiler 3W23149-101
Flap Hinge, Spoiler 3W23225-101
Panel Assembly, Flap, Trailing Edg 3W23300-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23301-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23301-102
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23311-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23312-102
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23313-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23313-102
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23314-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23314-102
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23316-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23316-102
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23317-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23317-102
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23318-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23318-102
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23319-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23320-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23320-102
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23321-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23321-102
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23322-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23323-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23323-102
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23324-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23324-102
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23325-101
Panel, Inboard Flap 3W23325-102
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23326-101
Panel Assembly, Flap 3W23326-102
Arm, Counterbalance, Inboard Flap 3W24940-101
Arm, Counterbalance, Inboard Flap 3W24940-102
Link, Counterbalance 3W24941-102
Cartridge, Counterbalance 3W24942-101
Sleeve 107R3558-15
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 5-71785-33
Leading Edge, Aircraft 5-73114-129
Ring, Nose Cowl Attaching 64-8328-873
Ring, Nose Cowl Attaching 64-8328-874
Support, Structural Component, Air 65-11870-2

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