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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 16, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Former, Aircraft 5-71769-6
Cover, Access, Aircraft 12B3935-3
Cover, Electrical Terminal Block 394-10
Door, Access, Aircraft 540B039-3
Support, Cable Drum 272B6061041
Floor, Aircraft 373151-1
Rib, Stiffener, Aircraft 341735-4
Pin Assembly 1209219-103
Handle Assembly 1209219-105
Mount, Radome Ground Servicing 1202829-101
Mount, Radome Ground Servicing 1202829-102
Support, Hinge 1201761-101
Support, Hinge 1201766-105
Support, Hinge 1201766-106
Support, Antenna Post 1204866-101
Brace, Support 1205032-101
Brace, Support 1205032-102
Support, Saddle, Water Separator 1200327-102
Support, Saddle, Water Separator 1200327-101
Retainer, Window 1210068-103
Retainer, Window 1210068-104
Bracket, Actuator, Nose Landing Ge 1200348-101
Mount, Bumper 1200352-101
Support, Arresting Hook 1200302-105
Support, Arresting Hook 1200302-106
Leading Edge, Aircraft 1200416-101
Duct, Air Distribution, Cargo Comp 4A11548-103B
Duct, Flight Station 4A11378-103B
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft A51P9126-7
Brace Assembly, Stru 1202348-103
Support, Door Linkage 1205339-101
Support, Hinge 1201764-105
Support, Hinge 1201764-106
Retainer, Window 1210067-103
Retainer, Window 1210067-104
Support, Side Load Nose Landing G 1200262-101
Bracket, Uplock Emergency 1200351-101
Bracket, Uplock Emergency 1200351-102
Cover, Wheel Well 1201174-101
Brace, Support 1205033-101
Connector, Duct 1201038-101
Connector, Duct 1201039-101
Retainer, Window 1210069-103
Retainer, Window 1210069-104
Retainer, Window 1210070-103
Retainer, Window 1210070-104
Retainer, Window 1212573-101
Retainer, Window 1212573-102
Retainer, Window 1212577-101
Retainer, Window 1212577-102
Bracket, Uplock And Door Mechanis 1200349-101
Bracket Assembly, Support 1208210-101
Retainer, Window 1212575-101
Retainer, Window 1212575-102
Striker, Door Seal 1206123-101
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 4A11540-103B
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 4A11377-103B
Duct, Air Distribution, Crew Compa 4A11030-131A
Duct, Air Distribution, Crew Compa 4A11376-103B
Duct, Air Distribution, Flight Sta 4A11249-109A
Duct, Air Distribution, Flight Sta 4A11401-121A
Cap, Cabin Pressure 8-87860
Duct, Air Distribution, Flight Sta 4A11220-109A
Fairing, Air Intake, Leading Edge 4J13041-101A
Box Assembly, Drain, Pylon 4P52126-125B
Duct, Air Distribution, Cargo Comp 4A11547-103B
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 1142978
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 1142979
Snap Assembly, Automatic 1143104
Door, Ventilating, Cargo Compartme 4E52107-115B
Stop, Door Latch Bearing 1202800
Pad Assembly, Ramp, Inboard Rail 4F59102-119A
Housing, Rail Lock, Ramp 4F59101-101A
Handle, Rail Lock, Ramp 4F59100-101A
Ring, Bow Ring Assembly 5394347-11
Ring, Bow Ring Assembly 5394347-43
Counterbalance Assembly, Personne 4F61098-103A
Floor, Aircraft 4F53450-119B
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 4328359
Gland, Landing Gear 4394166-503
Housing Assembly, Valve, Nacelle 2335271
Link Assembly, Door 2337536
Support, Structural Component, Air 4334941
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 3-64320
Housing, Check Valve 5-45722
Support, Uplock, Landing Gear 1200350-101
Bolt Assembly, Inboard Flap Carri 3-71136
Handle Assembly, Hinge Latch 6-39613-1
Handle Assembly, Hinge Latch 6-39613-2
Handle Assembly, Hinge Latch 6-39613-3
Handle Assembly, Hinge Latch 6-39613-4
Handle Assembly, Hinge Latch 6-39613-5
Support, Structural Component, Air 6-51841-6
Strut Assembly, Rear 10096-3
Strut Assembly, Fron 10098-3
Fairing Assembly, Wi 11523
Spar, Wing False 11670-2
Spar, Wing False 11670-3
Angle, Spar Reinforc 11675-2
Angle, Spar Reinforc 11675-3

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