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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Frame Assembly, Fuselage 5116362-4
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 5406378-2
Door, Access, Aircraft E315290
Cover, Access, Aircraft 4-3446-4
Stiffener, Door B309097
Stiffener, Door B309096
Bracket Assembly 5-36389-3
Bracket Assembly, Lock 5-36389-5
Stiffener, Door A309452
Cup Assembly, Battery Jar 6-53002
Brace, Actuator Hinge 6-59048-2
Beam, Spoiler Control 9-41903-1
Lever, Pawl Support 50-810105-2
Pawl, Landing Gear, E 50-810152
Stud Assembly, Cowl 50-910030
Guard Assembly, Fuel 50-920039
Duct, Cooling, Cowl A 272-5051123-29
Cowling 272-5052004-229
Cowling 272-5052004-230
Latch Assembly, Cowl 272-5052050
Lever Assembly, Latc 272-5052050-19
Bracket, Brush Retai 272-7000807
Duct, Starter, Exhaust 272A5051100
Rod, Flap Mechanism 175013-7
Door Assembly, Bolt 176742-3
Hood Installation, Blind Flying 452276-8
Pedal Assembly, Rudd 205334-3L
Pylon, Aircraft 452785-3L
Pylon, Aircraft 452785-3R
Fairing, Aircraft 452797L
Fairing, Aircraft 452797R
Fairing, Aircraft 452798L
Fairing, Aircraft 452798R
Tube Assembly, Main 455865
Hook Assembly, Arm H 459658L
Cover, Access, Aircraft 191-54126
Door Assy 37E50001-1
Cap And Adapter Assembly 416-692
Cover, Access, Aircraft 206-063-625-3
Cover Plate, Auxiliary Fuel Cell 206-063-621-001
Cover, Access, Aircraft 8B121003-3
Support Assembly, Seat Rail 8B771035-1
Elbow Assembly, Air Intake 8B783023-3
Tube Assembly, Exhaust 223-01
Tube, E, Haust Manifo 223-03
Pipe, Exhaust 225-03
Rudder Assembly, Ver 37E54500-2
Cap Assy, Wing Spar 288-140251-2
Cap Assy, Wing Spar 288-140250-2
Cap Assy, Spar 288-140251-31
Cap Assy, Wing Spar 288-140250-1
Skin, Aircraft A51B22012-25
Skin, Aircraft A51B22012-26
Arm Assembly, Actuating Mechanism 215-24088-3
Guard, Avionic 128ELP10024-15
Cross, Carburetor Alcohol System 2333710
Boot Asy 4381078
Plug, Control Handle 179089
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 5333277-616
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 5333277-618
Retainer, Bearing, Self 3-48138-1
Cover, Step, Lower Bunk, Crew Area 4E21078-101A
Support, Fwd Ramp 4F51131-104C
Support, Fwd Ramp 4F51131-102C
Seal Assembly, Window, Pilots 9-38948-1
Seal Assembly, Window, Pilots 9-38948-2
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 20-91267-3
Nozzle Assembly, Windshield 272B6072112
Rib, Main Landing Gear Door 53-42002-29
Fairing, Aircraft 205419-2R
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 207033
Cover, Access, Aircraft 53-73303-5
Filler, Door Assembly 53-42001-49
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 3097-1
Body, Throttle Detent 458308
Stabilizer Assembly 165-21501-201
Fitting Assembly, Wing 110-133075-10
Fairing, Aircraft 3W34551-109
Guard, Trim Support 3E42262-101
Longeron, Wheel Well 371611-3R
Cover, Access, Aircraft 205-032-179-61
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A321038-2014
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A321038-2013
Ball End, Dynamic Stop GA7108
Window Panel, Aircraft 47-380-153-34
Hinge Assembly 47-382-116-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 47-644-148-15
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A321036-2002
Plate, Mounting B17954
Door, Access, Aircraft 68A321040-1003
Door, Access, Aircraft 68A321040-1001
Bulkhead Assembly, Fuselage 359091-1R
Skin, Aircraft 68A115113-2014
Skin, Aircraft 68A115113-2011
Tray Assembly, Support, Antenna 53-010713-117
Metalite Assembly 215-30066-87
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4E20048-107A
Repair Kit, Wing Spar RK0136
Repair Kit, Wing Spar RK0135
Fairing Assembly, Elevator 4T51137-105A

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