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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Stop, Rudder Input 4C52021-103A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4C52029-101A
Housing, Handle, Raft 4E33028-101B
Door, Access, Aircraft 4E51043-101A
Connector, Fuel Tank 4P11273-103A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4P32180-115A
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4E13124-101D
Cover, Access, Aircraft 32-31904-77
Rib, Airfoil 32-19416-35
Radome 53-33525-2
Arm, Shank Arresting 215-44311-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 12W8476-97
Cover, Access, Aircraft 12W8476-98
Support, Wing Adapter 12S1417-35
Adapter, Reservoir 12H1504-13
Track, Translating 12P12016-7
Radome Assembly, Wing Glove 12E2990-2
Support Assembly, Manifold, Hydrau 12H1208-821
Spacer, Cam Jack 3F42369-103
Cushion, Trough, External Hoist 205-031-670-29
Canopy, Fixed 540B154-805
Canopy, Fixed 540B154-807
Base, Slide-stop, Support 68C35713-01
Lead Assembly, Cylin 168-51081-7
Socket Assembly, Rea 168-52104
Link, Brace, Landing Gear 159-33106
Post, Fuel Drop Tank Support 151-48378
Lead Assembly, Exhaust 151-51045-30
Post Assembly, Rocke 30C75301-4
Retainer, Elevator Push Rod 179705
Hinge, Aircraft 5115204-8
Cowling Assembly, En 168-31503
Cowling Assembly, En 168-31504
Former Assembly, Eng 168-31510
Windshield Assembly 168-31826
Mount Assembly, Engi 168-31901
Pedal Assembly, Cock 168-52403-5
Cable Assembly, Rudd 168-52411
Cable Assembly, Rudd 168-52412
Handle Assembly, Fla 168-52602
Handle Assembly, Fla 168-52603
Cover, Access, Aircraft 32-31260-12
Bracket, Panel, Instr 206-070-698-007
Blanket Assy, Acoust 206-070-875-5
Blanket Assy, Acoust 206-070-893-7
Insulation, Duct, Air 209-070-559-29
Insulation, Duct, Air 209-070-559-31
Insulation, Duct, Air 209-070-559-33
Insulation, Duct, Air 209-070-559-35
Insulation, Duct, Air 209-070-559-37
Insulation, Duct, Air 209-070-559-39
Insulation, Duct, Air 209-070-559-41
Leading Edge Assy, L CV15-910118-1
Leading Edge Assy, R CV15-910118-10
Leading Edge Assy, R CV15-910118-2
Leading Edge Assy, L CV15-910118-3
Web, Floor 215-30068-87
Web, Floor 215-30068-88
Skin, Aircraft 218-30045-109
Fuselage And Stabil 218-40300-1
Fuselage And Stabil 218-40300-2
Bumper, Protective 215-24822-4
Window, Special 216-40326-2
Ejector, Auxiliary P A15P9124-5
Duct Assy, Low Press 2606294-101
Nozzle Assy 218-26166-4
Parts Kit, Tail Cone 215-40060-903
Bracket Assy 218-21274-5
Door, Access, Aircraft 209-031-325-5
Bracket, Landing Gear 0613154-2
Bell Crank 4154425-10
Bell Crank 4154425-9
Breech, Ejection Fuel Tank Chambe 26-370-4728
Cover, Access, Aircraft 32-58348-9
Support, Structural Component, Air 12C504-871
Bracket, Mounting, Light Load Ramp 389715-1
Tip, Aircraft 215-60090-6
Fitting, Windshield 3829433-1
Glass, Windshield 5819546-1
Panel Assy, Windshie 5829532-1
Panel Assy, Windshie 5829532-2
Tip-nozzle 2825328-501
Hook, Canopy Latch 3829452-1
Support Assy, Mirror 3828470-1
Plate, Canopy 3829441-1
Plate, Canopy 3829441-2
Plate, Canopy Hinge 3829449-1
Support, Canopy 3829451-1
Skirt Assy, Canopy 3829457-1
Panel Assy, Canopy 5829445-1
Pad Assy, Canopy 5828472-15
Panel Assy, Canopy 5828472-17
Pad Assy, Canopy 5828472-19
Parts Kit, Canopy 7569777-1
Bungee Assy, Cockpit 5829958-1
Rod, Bungee, Cockpit 3829957-1
Piston, Bungee 3829959-1
Fairing, Nozzle 5829864-1
Duct Assy, Cockpit 3817534-501
Bolt, Forward Roller 3W34347-101

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