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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Fitting, Support Ins 65201-03049-052
Frame, Camera Sight 947599-101
Plate, Door Stop 4F43372-103A
Lock, Door Lock Pin 4F14116-101B
Retainer, Yoke, Ramp 4F53734-101A
Arm, Actuator, Lock I 4F73629-101A
Housing, Actuator, Service Door 4F73062-101A
Housing, Actuator, Service Door 4F73062-102A
Bracket, Ramp Uplock 4F70902-131A
Fitting, Door Track 4F73127-107A
Fitting, Door Track 4F73127-105A
Pan Assembly, Servo 4176982
Support, Bell Crank 265-524004-501
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 265-530184-301
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 12W9274-10
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 12W9274-9
Guide, Actuation Lever 12W9282-10
Guide, Actuation Lever 12W9282-9
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 265-321200-127
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 265-321200-143
Doubler, Nacelle Nos 265-321200-161
Angle, Nacelle Nose 265-321200-159
Filler, Nacelle Nose 265-321200-167
Filler, Nacelle Nose 265-321200-169
Panel, Tail Inspecti 60742-00
Panel, Tail Inspecti 60742-01
Flange, Bifurcated Duct 3P21851-104
Skin, Aircraft 3W22000-125
Cover, Hinge, Rudder 3T21004-101
Cover, Hinge, Rudder 3T21004-103
Cover, Hinge, Rudder 3T21004-107
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 100001-200
Support, Beam Assembly 205-030-164-185
Shaft, Anti-drag Rin 2357241
Boot Assembly, Power S14-30-3099-2
Support, Flight Cont S14-40-2048-2
Block Assembly, Flight S14-40-2130
Adapter, Flight Control S14-40-2146
Housing, Sight Suppo 947589-101
Adapter, Sight Suppo 947594-101
Hinge, Aircraft 165-16007-1
Hinge, Aircraft 165-21410
Stop Assembly, Nose 240-5250113-800
Leading Edge, Aircraft 0634112
Tip, Aircraft 159-14298-102
Support Assembly, Mu 4171531
Fairing, Fin Leading 60602
Cable Assembly, Control 4P94204-101C
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F63107-105A
Panel, Wing 4J31126-125D
Panel, Wing 4J31128-134C
Duct, Air Conditioning 4A10099-101A
Guard, Duct, Cargo Compartment 4A10158-101A
Guard, Duct, Flight Station 4A10159-101A
Cap Assembly, Duct 4A10182-101A
Bracket, Pulley 4C51957-103B
Bracket, Pulley 4C51957-104B
Arm, Escape Slide 4E33183-103A
Strut, Side Bracing 4J32045-101C
Strut, Side Bracing 4J32045-103C
Strut, Side Bracing 4J32045-601C
Fairing, Aircraft 4J41163-101A
Fairing, Aircraft 4J41163-102A
Deflector, Cockpit Air Supply 276-533316-11
Cap And Adapter Ass SS9602G43440K
Stop, Indicator, Ramp 3K11599-103
Clevis, Elevator Tube 159-22408
Baffle Assembly, Carburetor 159-42138-33
Handle Assembly, Engine 240-6110234-138
Handle Assembly, Engine 240-6110234-139
Handle Assembly, Engine 240-6110234-140
Handle Assembly, Engine 240-6110234-142
Handle Assembly, Engine 240-6110234-143
Handle Assembly, Engine 240-6110234-144
Handle Assembly, Engine 240-6110234-145
Handle Assembly, Engine 240-6110234-148
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 159-31916-3
Fitting Assembly, Ti 207026L
Fitting Assembly, Ti 207026R
Fitting Assembly, Ti 207029L
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 207030R
Skin, Aircraft 207038-10L
Skin Assembly, Wing 207038-10R
Tip, Aircraft 207038-15L
Tip, Aircraft 207038-15R
Hook Assembly, Tip Tank, Wing 207049L
Hook Assembly, Wing Tip Tank 207049R
Cover Assembly, Baggage Compartme 159-53080-500
Cover, Access, Aircraft 29-507902-1
Stabilizer, Horizontal 128SB11468-2
Skin, Aircraft 128B11411-31
Housing, Switch 4825377-503
Step, Gunners Statio 209-030-261-41
Step, Pilots Station 209-030-362-1
Duct, Forward Inlet 209-062-201-5
Duct, Aft Inlet 209-062-202-9
Valve Assy, Air Indu 209-062-203-1
Duct Assy, Transtion 209-062-204-1
Ramp Assy, Induction 209-062-207-10
Idler, Aft Lower Con 209-062-753-1

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