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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 19, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Support, Tail Fairing 1286394-101
Support, Tail Fairing 1286396-101
Support, Tail Fairing 1286396-102
Fairing, Aircraft 1286392-101
Polarizer, Window 1202192-106
Block, Access Panel 4E23023-101A
Support, Rudder Actuator 4F24550-105A
Support, Rudder Actuator 4T12090-106B
Panel, Side, Service Center 4E51029-105A
Skin, Aircraft 32-321592-7
Bracket Assembly, Compass And Lig 53-81254-303
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 13SRF1144-1L
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 13SRF1144-2L
Hinge Half, Nozzle Fairing 68A333024-2001
Piston Assembly, Pylon 68A731083-1003
Piston, Sequence, Pylon Ejector 68A731039-2005
Bracket, Breech, Electrical 68A731037-1003
Panel Assembly, Canopy 68B358004-115
Guide, Seal, Canopy 68A350837-2004
Support, Canopy External Handle 68A351012-2001
Handle, External Canopy Control 68A351019-2005
Support, Canopy 68A350741-2007
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A321039-2024
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A321039-2023
Channel, Keel Structure 68A333002-2119
Web, Keel Structure 68A333002-2087
Support, Structural Component, Air 68A333002-2081
Skin, Aircraft 68A331028-2026
Skin, Aircraft 68A331028-2003
Skin, Aircraft 68A331028-2004
Bracket, Engine Mount 68A500059-1001
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 68A334005-2002
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 68A334005-2001
Channel, Aircraft 68A333002-2117
Web, Airframe 68A333002-2001
Web, Airframe 68A333002-2003
Web, Airframe 68A333002-2002
Door, Access, Aircraft 3-11881-33
Cover, Access, Aircraft 3-11882-67
Adapter And Cap Assembly, Pressur 2700185-109
Support, Latch, Fold Pin 1282082-101
Rib, Airfoil 1283324-101
Rib, Airfoil 1283324-102
Tab, Trim, Rudder 1283761-101
Tail Cone, Fuselage, Lower 1282237-103
Hinge Half Assembly 53G970786-5
Hinge Half Assembly 53G970786-9
Hinge Half Assembly 53G970786-11
Hinge Half Assembly 53G970786-13
Guide, Seal, Canopy 68A350837-2003
Cam, Bellcrank 68A351121-2003
Faceplate, Canopy Seal Bellows 68A350736-2001
Support, Canopy Jettison 68A350721-2002
Support, Canopy Jettison 68A350721-2003
Fairing Assembly, Canopy 68A350718-2032
Fairing Assembly, Canopy 68A350718-2017
Fairing Assembly, Canopy 68A350718-2030
Fairing Assembly, Canopy 68A350718-2023
Arm, Hinge Assembly, Canopy 68A350705-2006
Arm, Hinge Assembly, Canopy 68A350705-2005
Support Assembly, Canopy 68A350004-2045
Retainer, Canopy Actuation 68A351010-2001
Support, Inboard Engine Mount 68A333005-1005
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A336031-2002
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A336030-2001
Support, Engine Door 68A335017-2001
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A331026-2010
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A331026-2009
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A331025-2008
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A331025-2007
Door, Access, Aircraft 68A336027-2010
Door, Access, Aircraft 68A336027-2009
Bracket, Engine Mount 68A500055-2002
Bracket, Engine Mount 68A500055-2001
Fairing, Aircraft 68A335100-2045
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 68A335100-2059
Fairing, Aircraft 68A335100-2057
Fairing, Aircraft 68A335100-2055
Fairing, Aircraft 68A335100-2053
Fairing, Aircraft 68A335100-2051
Fairing, Aircraft 68A335100-2046
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A331050-2004
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A331050-2003
Door, Access, Aircraft 68A333097-2003
Door, Access, Aircraft 68A333097-2001
Lug, Suspension, Fuel Tank 68A550616-2003
Skin, Aircraft 68A318024-2025
Skin, Aircraft 68A318024-2026
Skin, Aircraft 68A318012-2138
Skin, Aircraft 68A318012-2121
Duct, Bleed Air US2602-1
Duct, Bleed Air 13097-104
Cover, Access, Aircraft 1205100-101
Panel, Console 1206449-101
Cover, Protection Limiters 1212142-101
Fairing, Wing, Aircraft 1200229-101
Fairing, Wing, Aircraft 1200230-101
Fairing, Wing, Aircraft 1200229-102
Fairing, Wing, Aircraft 1200230-102
Tip, Aircraft 1283652-119

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