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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 18, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tab, Trim, Aileron 1281540-101
Cover, Access, Aircraft 1204953-101
Cover, Access, Aircraft 1281642-101
Skin, Aircraft 32-21103-186
Zee, Door Assembly 53-42001-42
Rib, Door Assembly 53-42001-10
Rib, Door Assembly 53-42001-610
Clip, Door Assembly 53-42001-117
Stiffener, Door Assembly 53-42001-17
Stiffener, Door Assembly 53-42001-18
Gusset, Door Assembly 53-42001-35
Clip, Door Assembly 53-42001-37
Clip, Door Assembly 53-42001-56
Stiffener, Door Assembly 53-42001-47
Rib, Door Assembly 53-42002-17
Clip, Door Assembly 53-42001-107
Clip, Door Assembly 53-42002-46
Rib, Door Assembly 53-42001-9
Door, Access, Aircraft 12F44123-7
Box, Stowage, Bulb And Safety Pin 12F44123-11
Skin, Aircraft 68A180114-2001
Skin, Aircraft 68A180114-2002
Skin, Aircraft 68A331036-2023
Skin, Aircraft 68A331036-2024
Strip, Stall, Leading Edge 3W22194-103
Skin, Aircraft 68A117150-2002
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 204-030-047-1
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4F72605-118B
Panel, Slot Door, Landing Gear Fai 4F72605-117B
Screen, Panel, Fuselage 4F41184-117A
Screen, Panel, Fuselage 4F41184-115A
Screen, Panel, Fuselage 4F41184-113A
Support, Trim, Troop Compartment 4N12456-103A
Strip, Seal Assembly 32-32431-81
Parts Kit, Fuel Tank 7327507-10
Angle, Door Assembly 53-42001-21
Clip, Door Assembly 53-42001-63
Plate, Cargo Hook 65902-01136-083
Bail Assembly, Warming Cup M316-136-2
Door, Aircraft 68A451500-1001
Spring Cartridge, Sequence Valve 68A451640-1001
Skin, Aircraft 337905-219
Skin, Aircraft 337905-220
Seal, Half, Nozzle As 3P22572-101
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 1281652-102
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 1281652-101
Seal Half, Duct 694971-103
Hinge, Wing Spoiler 1281504-102
Hinge, Wing Spoiler 1280463-101
Hinge, Wing Spoiler 1280463-102
Hinge, Wing Spoiler 1281502-101
Hinge, Wing Spoiler 1281504-101
Cover, Access, Aircraft 1213235-101
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 1206071-105
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 1205991-101
Pivot Assembly, Door 1206015-101
Flap, Wing Landing 1289202-105
Clip, Door Assembly 53-42001-38
Rib, Door Assembly 53-42001-13
Gusset, Door Assembly 53-42001-613
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 53-42001-25
Zee, Door Assembly 53-42001-612
Gusset, Door Assembly 53-42001-34
Former, Aircraft 32-33033-73
Panel, Ceiling, Aircraft 65504-00014-083
Mount, Door 1210670-105
Tip, Aircraft 1283043-103
Tab, Trim, Elevator 1283325-101
Tip, Aircraft 1283043-104
Tab, Trim, Elevator 1283325-102
Retainer Set, Tubing Positioning 1205990-102
Hand Hold Assembly, Aircraft Serv 1206587-102
Leading Edge, Aircraft 1283553-101
Tip, Aircraft 1283725-103
Cover, Access, Aircraft 1286034-103
Flange, Duct, Air Conditioning 1200766-101
Guide, Boom Section 1203263-101
Guide, Boom Section 1203263-102
Support Plate, Uhf Radio 6-61411-1
Stop, Outer Door, Main Landing Gea 4F09041-101A
Panel, Container, Oxygen Regulator 4E21074-601A
Panel, Container, Oxygen Regulator 4E21134-111A
Arm Rest Assembly 204-071-582-001
Bracket, Fuel System 205-060-919-3
Support, Circuit Bre 205-075-126-13
Plate, Mounting, Cont 205-075-229-1
Stiffener, Door Assembly 32-11030-117
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 9-66070-1
Support, Aileron Cable, Bell Crank 68A620039-2003
Support, Aileron Cable, Bell Crank 68A620039-2004
Duct Assembly, Heating System, Air 68-830055-273
Duct Assembly, Heating System, Air 2506956-102
Duct Assembly, Heating System, Air 2506957-103
Duct Assembly, Heating System, Air 2507107-101
Duct Assembly, Heating System, Air 2506961-101
Duct Assembly, Heating System, Air 2506959-101
Door, Access, Aircraft 68A334015-1015
Door, Access, Aircraft 68R093505-2011
Hook, Uplatch, Nose Landing Gear 68A451006-1001
Skin, Aircraft 68A116110-2005

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