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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 23, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Fuselage Section 342933
Nut, Nlg Disconnect 343488
Weight Assembly, Ail 345057L
Weight Assembly, Ail 345057R
Cover, Access, Aircraft 345444
Fitting, Atmosphere Sensing 345555
Flap Hinge, Aileron 346059
Retainer, Inner Fuselage 346136
Cover, Access, Aircraft 346442R
Lever Assembly, Upper Rod 347009
Wing Assembly, Outle 168-14001-1
Wing Assembly, Out P 168-14001-2
Pinion Assembly, Rud 180-52466
Retainer Set, Tubing Positioning 1205990-101
Cover, Access, Aircraft 1282138-101
Cover, Access, Aircraft 1282138-102
Cover, Access, Aircraft 1282139-101
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 1290301-101
Housing, Door Strike 1207413-102
Housing Door Strike 1207413-101
Fairing, Control Surface, Aircraft 1280471-101
Support, Matched Set, Boom 1208652-101
Plate, Structural, Aircraft SRS1204985-101
Guide, Boom MIL-STD-130F
Fitting, Torque Tube Bracket 1206934-106
Support, Hinge, Aileron Tab 1281521-101
Bracket Assembly, Door, Infrared D 1212189-101
Bracket Assembly, Door, Infared De 1212189-102
Retainer, Serrated 1286087-101
Weld Assembly, Carburetor 3395129-3
Weld Assembly, Carburetor 3395129-5
Block, Hydraulic Sys 272B8046016
Zee, Main Landing In 174716-6R
Zee, Main Landing Gear 174717-7L
Zee, Main Landing Gear 174717-7R
Lever, Uplock Spring 341569
Shaft Assembly, Nose Landing Gear 341570
Latch, Uplock, Nose Gear 341605
Mount, Gas Turbine Compressor 344427
Seal, Oil Cooler Upper 344516
Duct, Generator Cooling 37P61117-3
Gasket Assembly, Generator Mounti S14-35-4442
Plug, Flange Generator S14-35-4445
Retainer Assembly, Housing, Transm S1635-20126
Plate Assembly, Servo Unit S1665-61504
Seal, Engine Cowl 174-31586-7
Panel, Trim, Cargo Compartment 4E52101-102A
Cap, Door Assembly 5342001-067
Shaft, Aileron, Eleva 1116181
Link, Carburetor Mixture 1116210
Link, Carburetor Mix 1116211
Guide, Battery Compa 1117993-1
Angle-doubler Set, Right 5241287-1401
Angle-doubler Set, Left 25115200-206
Angle-doubler Set, Right 5115200-21
Brace, Carburetor Preheat Pulley 2348193
Molding Assembly, Ca 3346186-2
Tip, Aircraft 5399143-502
Support, Structural Component, Air 3-68678-3
Shaft, Stabilizer Jackscrew 3-71404
Sleeve, Side Brace Tip Gear 3-80155
Former, Aircraft 356915-501R
Tube Assembly, Hydra 178507-7
Support, Cabin Relie 178735
Mast Assembly, Fuel Vent 205882
End Assy, Rudder Tab 2381913-504
Fitting 2444361
End 2445510
Track Assy, Flap Inb 3447751-1
Track Assy, Flap Inb 3447751-2
Support, Main Landin 4445483-501
Fitting Assy 5443088
Sleeve 65325-1
Tube And Flange Lh 229-12
Tube And Flange Rh 229-13
Tube And Flange Lh 229-14
Tube And Flange Rh 229-15
Tube And Flange Rh 229-17
Handle Assembly, Thr 459185-9
Canopy, Movable 60-205405-516
Canopy, Movable 60-205405-517
Lever, Remote Control S14-30-3025-4
Support, Structural Component, Air 2238183
Lug, Anti Drag Ring 2116035-4
Handle Assembly, Gear Drum Latch 2117377
Pane Assembly, Ple, I 4114562-2
Piping, Engine Secti 5204335-2
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 4-4545-27
Ring, Follow Up Screw 6-69342
Latch Assembly, Nacelle Hinge 9-24847-2
Arm, Actuator, Door Switch 9-40271-4
Sock Assembly, Fle, I C2CF1585A
Angle, Switch Securing C2N1205
Support, Rudder Pedal Bell Crank 35-524136
Weight Assembly, Bal 272-4700116-20
Support, Structural Component, Air 272-7054205-29
Cover Assembly, Latch 272B5052210-40
Cover Assembly, Latch 272B5052210-69
Rod Assembly 272B3001118-9
Roller Assembly, Latch, Door 272B3001132-9

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