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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: May 27, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Catch, Upper Pin Latch 6-72120-1
Catch, Upper Pin Latch 6-72120-2
Catch, Upper Pin Latch 6-72121-1
Catch, Upper Pin Latch 6-72121-2
Flange Assembly, Surge Bleed Duct 9-36416
Rod Assembly, Door Sequence Valve 6-63648-3001
Shaft, Offset Gear Box 6-72018
Support, Structural Component, Air 9-60309-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 9-60309-2
Chain Assembly, Aileron 90063-1
Neck, Filler, Fuel Tank 2651-81A
Diaphragm, Q Spring CA17294-1
Bellmouth Assembly, Aircraft ST25-230-0155
Fairing, Aircraft ST25-230-4089L1
Fairing, Aircraft ST25-230-4089L2
Fairing, Aircraft ST25-230-4089R1
Fairing, Aircraft ST25-230-4089R2
Lever, Tank Jettison 170-48308-10
Fairing, Aircraft 191-48284-1
Fairing, Aircraft 136-48536
Support, Structural Component, Air 10-177921
Skin, Aircraft 174681-6L
Skin, Aircraft 174717-3R
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 174926-4
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 176167L
Former, Aircraft 176262-15L
Former, Aircraft 176262-15R
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 179975-3
Fairing, Fuselage Fu 205408-20L
Fairing, Fuselage Fu 205408-20R
Diaphragm Assembly, Engine 240-6110550-189
Skin, Aircraft 205408-36
Rail Assembly, Cargo Door Hinge 5142631
Rail Assembly, Cargo Door Hinge 5142632
Conduit Assembly, En 5143436-21
Wing Section, Outer 216-80020-105
Wing Section, Outer 216-80020-106
Rib, Airfoil MIL-STD-130F
Wing Assembly 288-829010-622
Wing Assembly 288-829010-621
Wing Assembly 288-829010-631
Arm And Lever Assembly A51C31079-1
Reel, Personnel Door 1210008-105
Door, Access, Aircraft 128AVP10146-19
Scoop, Air, Jet Pipe 272-5053107-15
Scoop, Air, Jet Pipe 272-5053107-17
Scoop, Air, Jet Pipe 272-5053107-21
Scoop, Air, Jet Pipe 272-5053107-23
Filler, Door Aluminu 177227-16
Fairlead, Rudder Cable 177084-4
Longeron 81-205165
Support, Structural Component, Air 159-18103-3
Tube, Swivel, Oil Tank 159-47059
Support, Structural Component, Air 159-58364
Bracket And Pulley Assembly 170-52023-1
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 2F1-6-19406
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 2F1-6-19490-2
Tip Assembly, Maneuv 37E52560-2-1
Shell Assembly, Fin 37E55401-1
Tail Pipe Assembly, 37P67022-1
Insert, Tail Pipe Re 37P67140-21
Insert, Tail Pipe Restrictor 37P67140-23
Insert, Tail Pipe Re 37P67140-25
Tip, Aircraft 8B130001-51
Fairing, Aircraft 8B200003-129
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 8B200003-137
Rod, Troop Door Hinge 8B381313-5
Pole, Litter Support 8B771067-51
Bracket, Tail Cone Drive S14-20-3100-4
Bracket, Fuselage Se 1560H19-065-5
Channel, Transmission Mount S14-20-3617-3
Spring And Block, Horizontal Tail 3-73202-1
Stop, Flexible, Horizontal Tail 3-73204-1
Support, Scrub Nozzle, Fuel Tank I 4V72016-125A
Support, Scrub Nozzle, Fuel Tank I 4V72016-101A
Support, Scrub Nozzle, Fuel Tank I 4V72016-105A
Support, Scrub Nozzle, Fuel Tank I 4V72016-109A
Support, Scrub Nozzle, Fuel Tank I 4V72016-113A
Support, Scrub Nozzle, Fuel Tank I 4V72016-117A
Worm, Landing Gear R 45-810143
Arm Assy, Nose Gear 45-820095-6
Spinning Assembly, Cowling 88575-15
Glass Windshield, Fu 89B1150-9
Sleeve, Oil Cooler A 710782-3
Pipe, Exhaust 89459-11
Nozzle Assy Jet Pod 513184
Impeller Flange, Transmission S1635-91051
Mount, Aircraft Engine 68A500065-1004
Mount, Aircraft Engine 68A500065-1003
Support, Structural Component, Air 1200332-101
Piston And Fork Assembly 35-820131-7
Fitting, Inlet, Oil P 45-921536
Trailing Edge, Aircraft CV15-140024-1
Panel Assy, Accessor CV15-150037-2
Trailing Edge, Ventral Fin CV15-150050-1
Support, Structural Component, Air CV15-158058-2
Cam Assy, Stop CV15-158518-2
Jackshaft Assy, Rudd CV15-158539-2
Support, Structural Component, Air CV15-158540-2
Trailing Edge, Hori CV15-160031-12

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