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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Beam, Forward Cowling 342875
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 342918L
Duct Assembly, Recirculating 343044
Stop, Nose Landing Gear Door 343428L
Stop, Nose Landing Gear Door 343428R
Shield, Flap Torque Shaft 343641
Support, Structural Component, Air 343930-9
Coupling, Recirculating, Flexible 343939-3
Coupling, Recirculating, Flexible 343939-4
Seat, Flight Deck Defogging 343984
Quadrant Assembly, Aileron 344044
Mount Assembly, Rudder 344047
Rod Assembly, Rudder 344051
Support, Jato Bottle Release 344159
Cover Assembly, Jato Release 344197L
Cover Assembly, Jato Release 344197R
Cover Assembly, Jato Release 344235L
Cover Assembly, Jato Release 344235R
Cover Assembly, Jato Release 344253L
Cover Assembly, Jato Release 344253R
Retainer, Emergency Door Seal 344334
Fitting, Oil Cooler 344519L
Fitting, Oil Cooler 344519R
Fitting, Oil Cooler 344520L
Fitting, Air Cooler 344520R
Fitting, Vertical Stabilizer 344522L
Fitting, Vertical Stabilizer 344522R
Retainer, Cable Lock Pin 344593
Terminal, Lock Cable 344595
Retainer, Oil Cooler Flap 344855
Retainer, Oil Cooler Flap 344876
Fitting, Vertical St 344927L
Fitting, Vertical Stabilizer 344927R
Lug, Horizontal Stabilizer 344977L
Lug, Horizontal Stabilizer 344977R
Bracket Assembly, Tab 345321
Support Assembly, Outer 345381-12
Insert, Tab, Rudder 345519
Diaphragm Assembly, Cowling 345538L
Diaphragm Assembly, Cowling 345538R
Link, Nacelle Preheat Valve Attac 345749
Pivot Assembly, Cowl 346048
Retainer, Oil Cooler 346161
Clamp, Compressor Bleed Support 346486
Bracket, Rudder Beam 346727
Seal, Horizontal Sta 347186-5
Cap, Pressure Check 347214
Plate, Rudder Booster 347369
Duct, Elevator Booster 347375
Housing Assembly, Down Lock Sprin 348118
Hanger Assembly, Nose Landing Gea 348119
Stop, Rudder Brake Pedal 348226
Base, Booster Valve 348466
Housing Assembly, Fl 348875
Block, Nose Landing Gear Release 351431
Pad, Loop Clamp 159-47168-5
Pad, Loop Clamp 159-47169-3
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 172-58190
Seal, Heat And Venti 191-53333
Door, Aircraft 338671-9
Door Assy, Paratroop 373940-6
Door Assy, Paratroop 373940-5
Leading Edge, Aircraft 370510-37
Seal, Bulkhead 338742-14R
Tip, Aircraft 78-233045-30
Fitting, Torque Tube 8B724204-21
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft ST25-230-4800AL
Clamp, Tank Joint ST25-230-0068
Rail Assembly, Lower 340-3150598-3
Rail Assembly, Lower 340-3150598-4
Door, Aircraft 340-3310600-31
Coupling Assembly, C 340-6110503
Shield Assembly, Gen 340-6120205-1
Hinge, Aircraft 340-8500067-3
Fitting, Vertical Stabilizer 340-8510152-10
Tube Assembly, Deicer, Windshield 4188769
Line Assembly, Hydra 5118162-20
Angle, Front Section 5142056-613N
Bracket, Fire Detector 5394347-9
Door, Aircraft 2460948-1
Door, Aircraft 2460948-2
Door, Aircraft 2460940-1
Dampener Assembly, Inner Ring 5343769-130
Fairing, Spider Ball 3-57966-2
Support, Seat Belt 15600H58-095-9
Bulkhead Assembly, Fuselage 206-032-107-11
Drum, Camera Door Cable 6-38343-2
Holder, Cowl Support Rod 9-41493
Boot Assembly, Spoiler Arm 9-60015-1
Boot Assembly, Spoiler Arm 9-60015-502
Ring Handhole 86049
Horn Assembly, Elevator Trim Tab 94438
Pin, Hull Door Lock 94735-1
Arm, Alighting Gear 95086
Bolt, Truss, Landing Gear 95107-1R
Terminal, Surface Control 95701
Cap, Filler Opening CSP38-2
Spring, Special Tens MMT61A003
Valve, Sliding Shut C2L315ND
Tube, Elbow, Center Fuel Tank C2P261A

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