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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Wye, Heat, Takeoff 8B784310-1
Vent, Heat, Outlet 8B784324-31
Sleeve, Bleeder Check Valve 3-52815-2
Hook, Nacelle Cowling 5-96762
Link, Cable Attachment 60-2211
Retainer, Seat 60-4863
Bracket, Boom Control 9-66536
Gimbal Assembly, Stabilizer Trim 90-5020
Sleeve, Rear Spar 340-8300011-7
Plate, Mounting, Controls ARC0033-3
Trunnion, Nose Gear 8B422019-5
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 7131523-01
Beam, Outer Wing Trailing Edge, Ou 3W33204-104
Lever Assembly, Main Landing Gear 68A411045-1003
Lever Assembly, Main Landing Gear 68A411045-1004
Seal, Canopy 205405-120
Tube, Ejection Seat 457520-11
Plate, Door Uplock 762695
Line Assy, Drop Tank 193-48805-12
Cover Assy, Battery 30F85103-1
Seal Assy, Shroud 37P67199-1
Retainer 2441997
Hook Assy, Main Land 2540413
Fitting Assy, Flap 3446102-502
Bumper, Arresting Ho 3545538
Window 4440252-503
Window 4440252-505
Window 4440252-507
End 4445334
Guide, Cowling G162-1A
Guide, Cowling G162-2A
Duct Assy, Induction 89P1260-1
Lug Assembly, Gear 110-410028-10
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 98251-1
Miter Gear Set 137010
Shield, Glare 179746-600
Cover, Access, Aircraft 8B121098-111
Handle, Ramp Lock Release 8B317309
Link, Fuselage To Ramp 8B341301-1
Structure Assy 438057
Door Assy 441522
Door, Aircraft 441523
Bonded Assy 442018-3L
Bonded Assy 442018-3R
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 457473
Piston, Accumulator 461266
Window, Accumulator 461279
Door, Aircraft 511675L
Door, Aircraft 511675R
Roller 512608
Roller 512609
Fin Assembly, Drop Tank 191-48255-51
Window 4440252-501
Retainer, Drop Fuel Tank Support 161-48323
Fin, Drop Tank 161-48329-51
Fairing, Aircraft S14-20-3083
Cover, Access, Aircraft 123W10255-501
Cover, Access, Aircraft 123W50100-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 6-52349-7
Support, Structural Component, Air 6-52349-8
Adapter, Pressure Fuel Servicing 8-250-3
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 103920-2
Angle, Coat Closet, Troop Compartm 4N12007-129A
Firewall, Fuselage 2-12386-511
Panel Assembly, Console 6-70528-19
Fitting, Fuel Outlet, Pylon, Fuel T 14-28743-5
Cover, Access, Aircraft 6-10790-18
Handle, Forward Ramp Extension Ja 4F52618-101A
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 4F52200-101F
Latch, Jack, Ramp Extension 4F52125-101A
Latch, Jack, Ramp Extension 4F52125-102C
Fairing, Aircraft 215-70050-85
Restrictor Assy, Ind 45-939120
Fitting, Fuselage 352896L
Hook, Locking, Main Landing Gear D 68A411022-1007
Window Panel, Aircraft 65206-05004-108
Window Panel, Aircraft 65206-05004-109
Hook, Uplatch, Main Landing Gear 68A411009-2007
Hook, Uplatch, Main Landing Gear 68A411019-1005
Hook, Uplatch, Main Landing Gear 68A411019-1006
Bellcrank Assembly, Main Landing 68A411044-1008
Pan, Flap Link 377371-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 7231603-10
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 3W22001-111
Skin, Aircraft 3W22000-105
Radome Assy, An Aps2 518958
Fitting, Ejector Pis 209-071-014-6
Fitting, Ejector Pis 209-071-014-5
Adapter Assembly 209-071-246-2
Ventilator, Air Circulating 1203046-101
Ventilator, Air Circulating 1203072-101
Tailpipe Assy 204-061-302-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 1281643-102
Flap, Leading Ed 1289253-107
Cover, Access, Aircraft 32-31945-9
Crank Assembly, Actuator, Glove Dr 12M3577-5
Crank Assembly, Actuator, Glove Dr 12M3577-6
Fitting, Wing Tip 391070-2
Drain Assembly, Engine 66013
Door, Aircraft 68A411600-2062

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