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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 26, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Support, Structural Component, Air 6-83850-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 6-83850-2
Cover, Access, Aircraft 9-61705
Cover, Access, Aircraft 9-61706
Cap, Emergency Flap Drive 9-61996
Strut Assembly, Wing 9-65876
Support, Structural Component, Air 9-66598
Cover Assy, Battery 45-369016
Bushing, Serrated 272-4700072
Bushing, Elevator 272-4700126
Bracket, Center Hinge, Rudder Tab 272-4800124
Door, Aircraft 272B8000370
Clip And Chain, Bolt Retaining 176976
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 177614-201
Support, Structural Component, Air 178739
Bracket Assy, Hydrau 179437
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 205186
Fairing, Aircraft 205406-6R
Bulkhead, Fuel Tank 205408-10
Cover, Access, Aircraft 205408-45
Nut Ring, Fuselage Fuel Tank 205306-5
Parts Kit, Aircraft Engine Build- 98-205624-600
Bracket, Flight Cont 760354L
Lever, Radar Nose Lock 760530
Cover, Access, Aircraft 151-47073
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 151-53054-21
Strip, Radio Compass Loop 151-71086
Retainer, Cockpit Enclosure 172-31861-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 191-54039
Window Panel, Aircraft 8B386018-1
Support, Roller, Window 8B386331-21
Windshield Panel, Aircraft 8B388110-18
Dipstick Assembly, Oil 8B675083-1
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 4011729-1
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 4011729-2
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 4011735-2
Housing, Torque Tube Bearing 4011760
Connector, Canopy Downlock 4011773
Guide, Canopy Thruster 4011777
Lever, Canopy Downlock 4011779
Hinge Assembly, Canopy Actuator 4011798
Bracket, Eye, Rotating Shaft 4011972
Support, Door Actuat 4013012
Support, Structural Component, Air 4013106-1
Extension, Pitot Tube 4013106-4
Scoop, Heat And Vent 4014062
Quadrant, Control, Elevator 4015045-3
Resevoir Bottom, Fuel Pump 4016080-2
Link Assembly, Nose Gear 4042003
Link, Nose Gear Door 4042004
Support, Structural Component, Air 4051001-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 4051001-2
Drain Cup, Nacelle 4052017
Cover Assembly, Oil Cell S1630-63006-12
Arm Assembly, Engine Mount S1630-80106-6
Support Assy, Pilots S1640-61104
Tee, Nose Landing Ge 30M45053-1
Radome 1128B40005-9
Longeron 209-030-160-15
Post, Cockpit Side Window Slider 8B386219-7
Arm Assy, Main Gear 2544970
Drum, Manual Fuel Sh 4544440
Handle Assy, Manual 4544710
Horizontal Stabiliz 175840-46
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 2F1-4-20986
Section Assy, Power S1630-80901-45
Section Assy, Power S1630-80901-46
Pipe, Exhaust S1630-80901-47
Section Assy, Power S1630-80901-50
Pipe, Exhaust MIL-STD-130F
Fitting Assembly, Transmission MIL-STD-130
Pipe, Exhaust S1630-80901-48
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F42425-102B
Panel, Trim, Cargo Compartment 4E51014-105A
Funnel Assembly, Cowl 4P32397-101A
Block, Clamp, Wing 4H52095-101A
Support, Flight Station 4E12338-111A
Plate, Support, Life Raft 4E33015-109B
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F13300-102B
Holder Assembly, Flight Station 4E12340-107A
Duct, Air, Radome 4D61027-107A
Support, Frame, Side Panel 4F42422-101A
Support, Frame, Side Panel 4F42422-102A
Support, Air Duct 4A10064-101A
Fairing, Aircraft 4J41664-103C
Shroud, Engine Blanket 32-32081-1157
Skin, Aircraft 53-310165-29
Cover, Access, Aircraft 373231-4
Link, Rotary Pin Latch 103894-1
Skin, Aircraft 68A318012-2079
Retainer, Spring, Spiral 3-66282
Ring, Outer Wind Fuel Cell 151-48193-11
Hinge, Aircraft 170-21422-51
Cover Assy, Electric SS7000-23A
Bellmouth Assembly, Engine 340-6120105-5
Filler, Canopy Forward 205180L
Retainer, Air Valve Bearing 8B531009
Adapter, Throttle Control 8B635009-1
Fairing, Aircraft 4-3725-103
Fairing, Aircraft 4-3725-104

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