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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tube 781711-11
Wire Harness 781755-1
Wiring Chart 782832-1
Bracket Assembly 782843-1
Tube 784784-3
Tube 772451-13
Tube Assembly, Emerg 784868-17
Wire Harness 789344-1
Cap And Adapter, Tan FC3500-206
Adapter, Fuel Tank 32-650-0799-1
Adapter, Fuel Tank 32-650-0799-3
Bracket Assembly, Light 3B00171-105
Pad, Cowl Door Assembly 3P21702-123
Support, Personnel Warning Signal 3B30235-119
Panel Assembly, Center Console 3E32007-103
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 341401R
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 341401L
Gusset, Wing Rib 341402R
Gusset, Wing Rib 341402L
Fitting, Outer Wing 344448
Fitting, Hoist Support 345005L
Fitting, Hoist Support 345005R
Stiffener, Outer Wi 348626-5L
Stiffener, Outer Wi 348626-5R
Stiffener, Outer Wi 348627-14L
Stiffener, Outer Wi 348627-14R
Stiffener, Outer Wi 348628-5R
Stiffener, Outer Wi 348628-5L
Cap, Outer Wing 351375R
Pan, Oil Drip, Nacelle 355526-1
Pan Assembly, Nacelle 355527-1
Housing, Position Tr 783653-1
Cord Assembly, Relie C4F1654-3
Frame, Tail Cone 473-6039-1
Frame, Tail Cone L473-6052-1
Fitting, Tube Assembly 473-6113-11
Retainer, Seal S6132-80141-1
Retainer, Seal S6132-80141-2
Retainer, Seal S6132-80141-3
Cover, Side S6132-80142-9
Tube, Control 10195-5
Fitting Assembly 181-53482-5
Clamp, Control Stick 4111406-1
Former, Aircraft 32-33259-3
Floor, Aircraft 65070-20148-041
Latch Assembly, Jettison Hatch 65070-20188-047
Latch, Nacelle 65302-12041-103
Latch, Nacelle 65302-12041-104
Fairing Assembly, Gear 65302-12147-081
Pipe, Exhaust 65303-03020-082
Fitting, Bulkhead 65201-02057-101
Support, Structural Component, Air 65275-04101-043
Grip, Handle, Cargo Hook 65375-04114-102
Rod Assembly 65400-00111-077
Rod Assembly 65400-00111-078
Rod Assembly, Control 65400-00112-059
Support, Structural Component, Air 65209-03028-043
Fitting Assembly, Rescue Hoist 65209-03032-041
Fitting Assembly, Rescue 65209-03033-041
Fitting Assembly, Rescue 65209-03033-042
Door, Access, Aircraft 65208-04010-044
Latch, Nacelle H501-7
Latch, Nacelle 65302-12013-104
Pad, Ramp Bumper 65207-10072-105
Pad, Ramp Bumper 65207-10072-106
Support, Structural Component, Air 65651-03019-114
Lever, Controls, Engine 65301-03072-041
Bracket, Controls, Cockpit 65301-12048-081
Hook, Ammo Tie-down 65751-03045-107
Pin, Latch 65207-03055-110
Support Assembly, La 65207-03055-111
Door, Aircraft 65207-03051-041
Window Panel, Aircraft 65206-01010-101
Handle, Flood Light, Rescue Hoist S6157-62083-011
Cover, Housing, Speed Control 65301-12012-101
Cover, Control, Engine Speed Setti 65301-12014-102
Hinge, Nacelle Panel 65302-12003-114
Hinge, Nacelle Panel 65302-12003-111
Bracket, Nacelle Panel 65302-12012-106
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 65302-12033-001
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 65302-12033-002
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 65302-12001-046
Support, Structural Component, Air 65302-12169-043
Support, Structural Component, Air 65302-12044-042
Bracket, Latch, Nacelle 65302-12129-101
Bracket, Nacelle Panel Latch 65302-12129-102
Support, Structural Component, Air 65302-12147-083
Support, Structural Component, Air 65302-12147-120
Bracket, Gear Box Fairing 65302-12147-121
Lever, Latch, Gear Box 65302-12146-041
Cover, Handhold, Fairing 65302-12134-102
Fairing, Aircraft 65302-12147-084
Bracket, Gear Box Fairing 65302-12147-126
Lever, Latch, Gear Box 65302-12146-042
Support, Structural Component, Air 65307-03017-041
Tube, Strut Support 65303-03006-101
Support, Structural Component, Air 65307-08017-101
Cap, Fuel Sytem 65307-03072-101
Valve Fuselage 65307-03075-041
Support, Structural Component, Air 65460-02012-101

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