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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Panel Assy, Floor 205-030-322-67
Panel Assy, Floor 205-030-322-68
Seal, Firewall 205-060-909-007
Retainer, Firewall 205-060-909-11
Guid Assy, Brush 204-075-158-3
Seal, Engine Accessory 223-42174
Leading Edge, Aircraft 352179
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 37W43070-38
Door, Access, Aircraft 0652116-1
Angle, Tailpipe Support 1560L19-040-1
Cap, Landing Light MIL-STD-130F
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft S1665-61548
Handle, Parking Brake S1525-61034
Flap Hinge, Trim Tab 226-22511
Receptacle, Wing Folding Hinge Lo S1620-63137
Sump Assembly, Fuel Cell S1630-62149
Sump Studing Assembly, Fuel Cell S1630-62150
Collar, Tube Support S1630-80369
Catwalk Assembly, Bottom S1620-63220-1
Tubing S1620-61244-2
Tubing S1620-61244-1
Floor, Aircraft S1620-61012-2
Cover Assembly, Flight Control S1640-61243-3
Pin S1620-61204-7
Cover, Access, Aircraft S1635-64134-2
Crank Shaft 4446577-503
Plate Assembly, Engine Control Pa S1630-80816-16
Bellmouth Assembly A51P30132-1
Duct Assembly, Air Supply A51P30133-5
Door, Aircraft 340-3597202-15
Hinge Bracket, Cowl Flap 340-6110217-807
Strap, Air Filter Support 2-3051-502
Sleeve, Escape Hatch Handle 3-69167-3
Plug, Inboard Flap Drive 6-48703-6
Plug, Outboard Flap Drive 6-48705-6
Tube, Torque, Window 6-52007-4
Door, Access, Aircraft 5-86301-1
Door, Aircraft 5-86302-1
Door, Aircraft 5-86308-5
Door, Access, Aircraft 5-86388-2
Cover, Access, Aircraft 5-87425-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 5-87425-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 5-87426-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 5-87428-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 5-87429-1
Door, Aircraft 5-87470
Door, Aircraft 5-87470-1
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 5-96781-6
Door Assembly, Fuel Tank 50-1457
Retainer Nut, Aileron 6-63221
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 6-63223
Arm, Throttle Control 9-64846
Adapter, Duct, Air 9-66516-1
Shaft And Arm Assembly 9-67634
Shaft Assembly, Flap Drive 90-2425
Shaft Assembly, Flap Drive 90-2425-2
Drive Shaft Assembly 90-2425-3
Strut, Inflight Refueling 20-32425-3
Tip Assembly, Boundary 761448L
Bracket Assy, Walkin 761651L
Bracket Assy, Walkin 761651R
Cap, Walking Beam 761652
Fitting, Hydraulic A 784584-1
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 784584-2
Cradle Assy, Drag Ch 762538
Spring, Helical Tors 187-31841-2
Shaft 4817279-1
Spring S147
Cover, Access, Aircraft 240-6247902-35
Cover, Access, Aircraft 240-6217902-36
Arm Assembly, Actuating 340-3150537-1
Clamp Assembly, Siamese EP2836
Seal, Power Control 8-48621-11
Housing Assy, Landin 404-188913
Doubler, Main Fuel T 5110508-10N
Gusset, Wing Assy, Se 5112584-107
Angle, Wing Section 5112584-90
Beam, Elevator Frame 5115210-19
Pin, Pilots Seat Assembly 5115218-17
Strip, Upper Nose Co 5119131-8
Hook, Escape Hatch Latch 9-36843-12
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 9-65762-2
Cover, Access, Aircraft 5-96126-22
Hook Assembly, Nose Gear 50-2475-3
Retainer, Spring Cartridge 6-63222
Housing Assembly, Rudder Pedal Ad 6-65235
Link, Door, Crew 6-73878
Block, Guide, Door Latch 60-2613
Pin Assembly, Main Gear 60-2738
Housing Assembly, Aileron 60-2778
Cover, Access, Aircraft 90-1538
Cover, Access, Aircraft 90-1539
Shaft Assembly, Flap Drive 90-2425-1
Tank Assy, Main Fuel 36900
Support Assy, Tubing 726037-3
Clampblock Assy, Tub 726183-3
Spring, Hook, Drag Ch 726233-3
Fitting, Air Connect 726326-3
Fairlead, Rudder Cable 726401-3
Fulcrum Assy, Thrott 760262

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