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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Adapter, Emergency L 762865
Bracket, Landing Gea 762900
Slide Assembly, Drag Chute 762921
Housing Assy, Drag C 762922
Support, Structural Component, Air 762926
Support, Structural Component, Air 763039-5
Stop Assembly, Forward Door 763065-3L
Bumper, Door, Landing Gear 763068R
Fitting, Refrigerator Steam Vent 763129
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 763143
Support, Structural Component, Air 763155
Tube Assy, Access Ai 763237-46
Elbow, Generator Air 763699R
Support, Generator A 763702L
Support, Generator A 763702R
Flap Assy, Generator 763724
Liner Assy, Fuselage 192-48297-101
Fitting, Bomb And Tank Pylon Fair 223-63039
Basket, Upper, Oil Cell 8B675073-5
Fitting, Escape Hatch Lock 8B386316-21
Support, Structural Component, Air 8B410068-11
Support, Structural Component, Air 8B410068-12
Clamp Assembly, Oil Cooler 8B675022-4
Cover Assembly, Instrument Panel 8B710008-11
Brace Assy, Au, Iliar 8B823026-41
Stop Rear Seat Aft 0611048-2
Kit, Winterization S14-50-5245-2
Housing Assyx S1525-61026
Baffle Assy, Rear Cy 45-910295-5
Duct Assy, Engine Ai CV15-300528-1
Mount Assembly, Resi S4546804-501
Door Assy, Access, Fu 520423
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 240-6127502-11
Tip, Aircraft 5-73119-4
Door Assembly, Access 5-86312-65
Door Assembly, Access 5-86312-66
Cover, Access, Aircraft 5-96735-7
Bracket Assembly, Air Cycle 9-64864-3
Arm, Lock Control 9-67529
Arm, Emergency Landing 9-67530
Cover, Access, Aircraft 90-3334
Clampblock, Cabin Air Line 178356
Shroud Assembly, Throttle Rod 205679
Support, Structural Component, Air 205721-5
Adapter, Emergency R 726216-3
Spring, Main Landing 726260-3
Spring, Main Landing 726261-3
Roller, Main Landing 726264
Adapter, Drag Chute 726316-3
Ring, Torque Tube Be 760760-3
Former, Dorsal Skin 760899-4
Guard, Bracket 761029-10
Guard, Pulley Bracke 761029-9
Angle, Wing Mating P 761467-15R
Support, Structural Component, Air 761467-9R
Support, Starter Air 761494
Tube, Rudder Pedal 761821
Lever, Landing Gear Roller Positi 761925
Cap, Door Latch Lever 761927
Socket, Main Landing Gear 761928
Hook, Hydraulic Access Door 761940-4
Fitting, Hydraulic A 762187L
Support, Structural Component, Air 762203
Fitting, Hydraulic A 762298L
Outlet Assy, Fuel Ta 762312
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 762362
Latch Assembly, Aircraft 762377
Bracket, Nose Wheel 762458
Lever Assembly, Drag Chute 762499
Bumper, Actuator Dra 762553
Flange, Starter Air 762994
Body, Main Landing G 763069R
Tube Assy, Fuel Feed 763100
Lever, Latch Roller 763150
Tube Assy, Access Ai 763236-11
Guide, Landing Gear 763328
Spacer, Landing Gear 763329
Rib Assy, Rudder 66-24011
Plunger, Brake Valve, Spring 8B730377-31
Retainer, Fairing, Wing 180-48537-121
Retainer, Fairing, Wing 180-48537-122
Bushing, Control Cable S1039055
Spline, Rudder Pedal 2024902
Support, Structural Component, Air S242732
Hinge, Aircraft 270944
Hinge, Aircraft 270944-1
Drum, Rudder Tab Control 271044
Knob Assembly, Console S3436400-501
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 5072943
Block, Servo Motor Control S1665-61637
Fitting 5383308
Cover Assembly S6140-62154-012
Cover Assembly S6140-62154
Bracket Assembly K633091-201
Bracket Assembly K633091-205
Bracket Assembly K633091-203
Cam Assembly 121CM10193-2
Panel Assembly 89P1049-7
Roller Assy, Control 2380506
Link Assembly, Fire Detector 2395304

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