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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Blanket, Insulation, Sound Absorbe 4E63004-287A
Blanket, Insulation, Sound Absorbe 4E63004-289A
Rail Assembly, Ramp 4F55656-106A
Shield, Guard Rail, Aft Ramp 4N12595-229A
Support, Structural Component, Air 12W8873-805
Support, Structural Component, Air 12W8873-806
Fairing, Aircraft 12W952-10
Fairing, Aircraft 12W952-9
Fairing, Aircraft 12W953-7
Fairing, Aircraft 12W953-8
Fairing, Aircraft 12S967-9
Cam, Airflow Deflector 12W9542-12
Cam, Airflow Deflector 12W9542-11
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 12Y948-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 53-46521-3
Duct Assembly, Heating System, Air 68A318026-2021
Retainer, Windshield 363746-1R
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning S 2200154-1
Arm Support, Rudder 68A642019-1001
Bracket, Structural Component, Air C4WM1245-11
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A731054-1001
Door, Access, Aircraft 68A731404-2011
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A731415-2001
Fitting, Fuel Vent 369A8496
Fitting, Holdback 4434084
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 110-727458
Pin 137454-3
Universal Assembly, Alighting Too 89LM1898-1
Cover Assembly, Exha 92318-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 94086R
Support, Structural Component, Air 94102R
Fitting 94651
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 95186-1
Pin, Eccentric, Canopy Pivot 452037
Cap, Tank 1400J8A
Hanger Assembly FCC20458
Support, Uplock, Nose Landing Gear 215-24756-2
Spar, Aircraft 32-21130-56
Fitting Assembly, Bellcrank 53G970538-15
Adapter, Camera Support 53-88211-5
Door, Access, Aircraft 003715909-98083
Support, Structural Component, Air 5-87422-74
Pad, Canopy 5822930-3
Pad, Canopy 5822930-7
Pad, Canopy 5822930-9
Parts Kit, Mlg Downlock 7440619-10
Hinge, Main Landing Gear Door 68A325113-1003
Hinge, Main Landing Gear Door 68A325113-1004
Hinge, Main Landing Gear Door 68A325133-1001
Hinge, Main Landing Gear Door 68A325133-1002
Support, Structural Component, Air 338923-15R
Baffle, Filler Foam 212-061-690-11
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 212-061-690-7
Baffle, Filler Foam FCE57642
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 212-061-690-5
Support, Seat Back 374920-1R
Tip, Aircraft 68A327136-2001
Door, Access, Aircraft 68A731403-2003
Skin, Aircraft 68A731418-2001
Door, Access, Aircraft 68A731452-2011
Beam Assembly, Lift 205-030-845-351
Repair Kit, Cure Dat KC400-41-1
Parts Kit, Field Rep KF400-41
Guide, Standpipe, Fuel Tank A51P27504-12
Guide, Standpipe, Fuel Tank A51P27505-11
Guide, Standpipe, Fuel Tank A51P27505-12
Guide, Standpipe, Fuel Tank A51P27506-11
Guide, Standpipe, Fuel Tank A51P27504-11
Coupling Asy 2271895-503
Filler Tube 2440596
End Asy 3441123
Drum, Crew And Cargo 4356437
Cone, Fuel Tank, Tail 5265098-105
Bobtail Assembly 5265098-109
Window Panel, Aircraft 110-316008-43
Window Panel, Aircraft 110-316008-44
Lead, Electrical SP4348115-3
Bar, Straddle SP4348138
Cover, Fuel Tank SP4348157
Cover, Fuel Tank SP4348157-1
Plug Assembly, Sump Drain SP4348186
Cover, Access, Aircraft ST25-230-0078
Cap, Tailcone, Fuel Tank ST25-230-0079
Strainer Assembly, Fuel Tank ST25-230-0087
Plumbing Assembly, Fuel ST25-230-0103
Support, Structural Component, Air ST25-230-4027
Sway Brace, Fuel Tank ST25-230-4088
Fairing, Fuel Tank ST25-230-4089L
Fairing, Fuel Tank ST25-230-4089R
Tube-fle, Ible FT337A6-56
Kit GSR603-2
Spring Hel Compress G101-559
Gasket-tank, Aircraft G215-7
Hose Air Duct G405-12-116
Clamp 168287-1
Door, Aircraft 87902-9
Lever 89AM10035-1
Fitting 89AM10040-1
Door Asy 89A1033-1
Hook Assembly 89BC1980-1

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