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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Fitting 89BM1233-1
Fitting Asy 89BM1333-1
Capstrip 89BM1405-1
Capstrip 89BM1405-5
Hatch Asy Escape 89B1071-9
Idler Asy 89B1670-1
Hub Asy-rudder 89CM1985-1
Crank Asy 89C1031-1
Seal 89C1093-1
Handle Asy 89C1095-1
Panel 89E1483-5
Panel 89E1485-5
Handle 89FM10077-1
Carriage Asy 89F1096-1
Panel Plastic 89F1151-5
Disc 89F1155-1
Panel 89F1163-17
Panel 89F1164-15
Panel 89F1169-1
Panel Plastic 89F1192-3
Panel Plastic 89F1192-5
Guide Asy 89F1280-1
Guide Asy 89F1280-2
Cam 89HM10068-1
Cam 89HM10068-2
Lever QP31106-1
Lever QP31106-2
Pin 89HM10128-1
Pin 89HM10128-2
Terminal 89HM1461-1
Terminal Assembly, Hydraulic, Wing 89HM1558-1
Housing 89PH1054-1
Cowling 89P1048-3
Cowling 89P1048-4
Lug Asy 89P1084-1
Terminal, Power Plant-fuel System 89P1135-1
Bolt Asy 89TM1194-1
Fairing Asy 89T1261-1
Plug Asy 89WM10011-1
Flap Asy 89W1005-1
Flap Asy 89W1005-2
Strap 89W1573-1
Strap Wing 89W1573-11
Strap 89W1573-3
Strap 89W1573-5
Strap Wing 89W1573-7
Strap Wing 89W1573-9
Fairing, Aircraft 89W1584-1
Fairing, Aircraft 89W1584-13
Fairing 89W1584-15
Fairing, Aircraft 89W1584-3
Fairing, Aircraft 89W1584-5
Fairing 89W1584-6
Fairing 89W1584-7
Fairing 89W1584-8
Door, Aircraft 99230-5
Support, Oil Line 323543
Panel, Lavatory, Troop Compartment 4N12441-103A
Door, Crew Galley 160E1012-3
Scupper, Windshield And Track 4F13407-103A
Cover, Step, Crew Entry Door 4F73120-287A
Shield, Control, Crew Entry Door 4F73700-103A
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4E10202-105B
Cover, Frame, Fuselage Station 4E52099-102B
Bezel, Speaker, Troop Compartment 4E20059-107A
Panel, Header, Outboard, Flight Sta 4E12116-101B
Panel, Trim, Cargo Compartment 4E51014-107A
Roller Asy 157-18070
Sleeve Assembly, Pitot 165-51099
Washer 2W10-16
Spider Assembly S14-30-5411
Catch, Cowl, Power Plant SS5030-1
Shroud Cover Asy S14-30-5444
Bracket, Brake, Main S14-35-3064
Plug, Eccentric Seat S14-50-2285
Fitting, Sump FCC20066
Pan, Drip, Tank Hydra 89H1078-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-32376-1
Seal Assembly, Cover Centerbody 12B13121-27
Post, Preload, Pylon 68A731456-1001
Support Assy, Bleed 768636-1
Harness, Wiring, Inte 776654-1
Harness, Wiring, Flap 780468-1
Harness, Wiring, Flap 780470-1
Harness, Wiring, Hydr 784291-1
Harness, Wiring, Main 784293-1
Harness, Wiring, Flap 784294-1
Harness, Wiring, Engi 784295-1
Harness, Wiring, Gene 784287-1
Harness, Wiring, Emer 784289-1
Harness, Wiring, Fire 784318-1
Harness, Wiring, Gene 784353-1
Harness, Wiring, Sele 784354-1
Harness, Wiring, Pane 784411-1
Harness, Wiring, Trim 784412-1
Harness, Wiring Assy 784425-1
Harness, Wiring, Aile 784480-1
Harness, Wiring, Engi 784481-1
Harness, Wiring, Gene 784517-1
Harness, Wiring, Load 784521-1

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