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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: May 27, 2019

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Rib, Airfoil C4W1284-2
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3E41077-162
Bulkhead Assy, Landi 0513006-103
Bulkhead Assy, Landi 0513006-139
Step, Aircraft 0711006-1
Fairing, Stabilizer 0712307-1
Fairing, Stabilizer 0712307-2
Rub Strip, Wing Assy 0520005-3
Bracket, Bulkhead Re 0513006-24
Fairing, Wing Assy 0520008
Bulkhead Assy, Landi 0513006-105
Nose Cap Assy, Cowli 0752031-200
Fairing, Wing Strut 0723605-2
Pipe, Exhaust 0750161-36
Angle, Support 0713495-5
Angle, Support 0713495-57
Air Inlet Assy, Cowl 0716131-1
Retainer, Window 0722100-3
Seal, Wing Strut 0713181-1
Fillet Assy, Wing 0720002-11
Fillet Assy, Wing 0720002-12
Tank Assy, Vapor Sep 0713158-9
Channel, Floor Reinf 12944-00
Fitting Assy, Nose 32-311570-309
Fairing, Leading Edg 218-77703-6
Bell Crank Assembly, Lim 4F54398-101A
Duct, Air Exit, Fuel Heater 4P32141-107A
Guide Assembly, Spring, Door 4F73443-101A
Drum, Take Up, Door 4F61931-101B
Bracket, Seal Support 32-11438-7
Support, Tubing C2765-12A
Fairing, Aircraft 12S2161-3
Retainer, Cockpit Glass 265-318002-3
Retainer, Cockpit Glass 265-318002-5
Lever, Actuation, Vane 12W9275-14
Support, Structural Component, Air 12W9279-10
Support, Structural Component, Air 12W9279-9
Plate, Bracket Attachment 12W9284-7
Panel, Cabin Trim 265-530292-5
Panel, Cabin Trim 265-530292-15
Rib, Airfoil 265-240005
Skin, Aircraft 265-311218-5
Cover, Upper Track, Sliding Window 276-530021-3
Cover, Torque Tube Crank 276-530022-3
Cover, Trim Ground Escape Exit 265-530123-3
Support, Structural Component, Air 12B13551-7
Bushing Assembly, Clamp Up 12B9722-803
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 265-160071-3
Fitting Assembly, Wing, Pump 3W08091-103
Parts Kit, Fuel Tank 69J119-40
Parts Kit, Fuel Tank 69J163-10
Parts Kit, Fuel Tank 69J119-10
Parts Kit, Fuel Tank 69J119-30
Leg, Converter Pallet 3H20250-101
Tail Assembly 100011-3
Cap And Adapter Ass 38363-17
Plate Assembly, Aileron 3W34919-101
Door Assy, Crew Rh 204-030-853-126
Handle 726951-3
Bolt 728287-1
Seal 751120-1
Spar 768598-1
Tube Assy 786344-91
Tube Assy 796175-109
Bracket 797775-3
Spacer 798264-107
Arm, Trunnion Pin 6-73271-1
Cartridge, Spring Loaded 1-41309-1
Trim-inlet, Ram Air 6-54652-1
Frame, Canopy 6-13328-3
Valance Assy, Passen 265-530163-102
Skin, Aircraft 265-321227-2
Support Assembly, Piping 12H1236-802
Bow, Cockpit Enclosu 265-318055-6
Panel, Radio Operator 369856-15
Fitting, Pylon Attachment 100028
Bracket, Bulkhead Attachment 100027
Fitting, Support 209-030-167-7
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 209-030-244-6
Cover, Fuel Cell 209-030-264-33
Cover, Fuel Cell 209-030-264-35
Heel Rest Assy 209-030-353-1
Heel Rest Assy 209-030-353-003
Cover, Access, Aircraft 94823-1
Structure Assembly 6-10780-3
Floor, Aircraft 4F21015-141B
Floor, Aircraft 4F21015-142B
Shield Assembly, Strut 4A62016-113A
Skin, Aircraft 4P53344-104B
Skin, Aircraft 4P53343-104B
Skin, Aircraft 4P53343-103B
Skin, Aircraft 4P53344-103B
Door, Access, Aircraft 4F75172-143A
Leading Edge, Aircraft 4J11329-101A
Leading Edge, Aircraft 4J11329-102A
Ladder, Hatch, Egress 4E33211-115A
Cover, Access, Aircraft 265-321204
Support 265-321200-173
Retainer, Trim Panel 265-530045-5
Former, Aircraft 265-313006-17

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