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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 26, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Retainer, Canopy Glass A51B15006-15
Retainer, Canopy Glass A51B15006-17
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B13127-61
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B13127-17
Doubler, Skin A51B13127-19
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B13127-47
Doubler, Skin A51B13127-41
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B13127-43
Fitting, Shear A51B13533-11
Fitting, Shear A51B13534-11
Fitting, Splice Longeron Dome A51B13514-13
Fitting, Splice Longeron Dome A51B13514-14
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B24339-32
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B24339-30
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B24339-31
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B24339-29
Crank Half Assembly, Throttle Con A51F12549-3
Fitting, Canopy A51B15504-14
Fitting, Canopy A51B15504-13
Door, Access, Aircraft A51B28010-402
Door, Access, Aircraft A51B28010-401
Adapter Assembly, Check Valve Tro A51P30131-1
Fairing, Aircraft 32G970315-11
Skin, Aircraft A51B15006-19
Skin, Aircraft A51B15006-35
Door, Access, Aircraft 4E32160-101A
Cover, Dust, Coat Clo 4E22033-103A
Spacer, Instrument P 134FP20000-15
Elbow, Special 128HM10029-3
Duct Assembly, Air C 123EC10171-501
Duct Assembly, Air C 123EC10193-501
Duct Assembly, Air C 123EC10089-505
Duct Assembly, Air C 123EC10090-501
Duct Assembly, Air C 123EC10090-503
Duct Assembly, Air C 123EC10149-501
Duct Assembly, Air C 123EC10149-503
Rib, Fairing 114S3910-166
Cover, Access, Aircraft 134W20151-10
Skin, Aircraft 1128B40282-75
Skin, Aircraft 1128W43009-11
Skin, Aircraft 1128W43009-12
Skin, Aircraft 1128B40378-17
Skin, Aircraft 1128B40378-19
Probe, Fin, Wing Latc 123CS11046-501
Fitting, Drag Brace 123BM50549-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 65080-20001-041
Beam And Sill Assembly 0256-8
Spring Cartridge, Shock Absorber 53G970704-5
Adapter Assembly, Cabin Penetrati 12Y1103-1
Arm, Canopy Manual Release 32-80111-9
Bracket, Canopy Control Spring Su 32-80248-7
Stud, Stabilator 32-21182-3
Tube Assy 762788-101
Insert, Support, Fuel 206-032-119-3
Bracket, Eye, Rotating Shaft 205-031-151-001
Support, Damper Moun 205-031-151-2
Support Assy, Mount 205-030-178-5
Bulkhead, Fuselage 206-031-204-5
Panel Assy, Fin 204-031-088-255S
Cover, Access, Aircraft 956520-101
Stop, Spring, Ramp Support 4F53467-101A
Support, Rear Flap 4J41130-101B
Spring Assembly, Cen A02C4201-7
Track, Flap Louver 128CS10538-26
Harness Assembly 924516-1
Wiring Harness-switch Assembly 924515-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 53-310161-3
Flap, Wing Landing 215-70300-12
Skin, Aircraft 215-70027-173
Support, Structural Component, Air 12W8272-821
Support, Structural Component, Air 12W8272-822
Support, Tubing SH23-12
Support, Tubing C3175-80K
Support, Tubing C3175-79C
Support, Structural Component, Air 12W8472-805
Support, Structural Component, Air 12W8472-806
Bracket, Hoist, Rescue S6122-87276-7
Bracket, Hoist, Rescue S6122-87276-6
Panel, Fuselage, Stowage Rack 376380-1
Saddle Assembly, Pit 272T6000014-119
Plenum, Distribution, Ram Air Inta 212-070-410-8
Support, Brake Accum 8B730333
Cover, Access, Aircraft 205-032-106-055
Mount Assembly, Antenna 212-030-147-003
Bracket, Rudder Trim 65-46074
Balance Weight, Elevator 9-62054-1004
Balance Weight, Elevator 9-62054-1001
Seal, Aileron 60-1469-8
Support, Structural Component, Air 12E42652-13
Fairing, Aircraft 12F41011-803
Insulator, Duct, Water Tank 12Y895-803
Panel Assy, Main Bea 209-031-367-1
Split Cover Plate 1128PP40710-15
Split Cover Plate 1128PP40710-17
Link Assembly 1128CM42200-1
Line Assembly 1128P40623-1
Tube Assembly, Wing Tank Vent 1128P40685-1
Line Assembly 1128P41235-9
Duct Assembly 1128EC40027-1
Duct Assembly 1128EC40027-3

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