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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Trailing End, Nacell 215-70069-204
Trailing End, Nacell 215-70069-203
Door, Access, Aircraft 218-20151-85
Door, Access, Aircraft 218-20151-86
Duct, Rain Removal 218-26390-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 218-30230-39
Wye Assy, Refuel Tan 32-58174-305
Housing Assy 3828347-1
Guard, Protective 4825202-1
Skin, Aircraft 32-11519-87
Elbow Assembly, Eyeb MIL-STD-130F
Elbow Assembly, Eyeb 4667954-506
Door, Access, Aircraft K636714-102
Door, Access, Aircraft K636714-101
Header Assembly, Entry Door 4E12103-119A
Plate, Seal Retaining 4J13398-107A
Filler, Structural Assembly 53-13001-220
Sleeve, Locking, Jury 53-310071-5
Housing, Preamplifier 53-87585-67
Spar, Aircraft 32-21109-107
Spar, Aircraft 32-15059-19
Rib, Airfoil 32-17052-3
Rib, Airfoil 32-17052-4
Adapter, Strap Attachment 12Y1425-21
Cover, Access, Aircraft 12B3937-858
Skin, Outer, Cowl 12P11190-112
Support, Tubing SH20-12
Guide, Translating Track 12W8895-40
Hook, Deflection Restrictor 12W9049-11
Hook, Deflection Restrictor 12W9049-12
Fairing, Aircraft 12W2210-811
Fairing, Aircraft 12W2210-812
Guide, Translating Track 12W8895-39
Bracket Assembly, Re 3F31568-103
Window, Jettison S6122-87809-5
Cover Assembly, Rest 3F31843-117
Support, Structural Component, Air 8B722234-21
Strap, Engine, Contro 8B631374-9
Tee Assy Bleed Air 370919-14
Tee Assy, Bleed Air 3312368-3
Tee, Valve To Duct 360279-19
Duct Assembly, Air Bleed 353882-33
Duct Assy, Bleed Air 353881-35
Windshield Panel, Aircraft NP1044-02
Windshield Panel, Aircraft NP1044-01
Ramp Assy, Cargo Loa 114S6001-17
Support, Structural Component, Air 114S6505-13
Door, Access, Aircraft 53-32517-87
Shaft And Arm Set 216-60200-31
Flap, Wing Landing A51B52002-33
Flap, Wing Landing A51B52002-34
Plate, Contact, Door Release 94343-1
Cover Assembly, Wire 96310-15
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 32335
Loop, Pick Up 94700-3
Loop, Pick Up 94700-4
Door Assembly, Ram Air Inlet, Fuse A51E20159-8
Door Assembly, Ram Air Inlet, Fuse A51E20159-7
Fitting, Mount MIL-STD-130F
Fitting Assy, Beam 209-031-346-7
Fitting Assy 61800-63325-041
Jackscrew Assy 61800-63325-043
Fitting Assy 61800-63325-042
Jackscrew Assy 61800-63325-044
Plate, Panel S6180-63021-18
Segment, Insulation 128P60825-12
Armor, Supplemental, Small Arms-fr 215-29805-3
Retainer Assembly, Pylon 215-77509-1
Web, Bulkhead 218-40021-20
Web, Bulkhead 218-40021-26
Latch Assembly, Radome A51B17503-1
Latch Assy A51B17503-2
Fitting Assy A51B18515-1
Fitting Assy A51B18516-1
Fitting Assembly A51B18517-1
Louver, Door A51B18525-11
Fitting Assy A51B18515-2
Fitting Assembly A51B18516-2
Fitting Assembly A51B18517-2
Fitting Assembly A51B18502-1
Fitting Assembly A51B18503-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F43355-101A
Fitting, Assembly A51B18514-1
Doubler, Door A51B18029-37
Doubler, Door A51B18029-38
Frame, Ladder A51F13232-15
Frame, Ladder A51F13232-17
Fitting, Ladder A51F13521-13
Fitting, Ladder A51F13528-11
Bracket Assembly, Pressure Door 4F3414-101B
Guide, Horizontal Stabilizer 69C34732-7
Skin, Aircraft 32-32167-34
Skin, Aircraft 32-32167-33
Bellcrank Assembly, Pylon S6140-66608-9
Door, Access, Aircraft A51B18007-7
Door, Access, Aircraft A51B18009-5
Cover, Access, Aircraft 53-310158-3
Support, Structural Component, Air 5-83086-5
Support, Structural Component, Air 5-83086-6
Skin, Aircraft 12B13329-11

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