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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Longeron 204-032-806-79
Former, Aircraft 145S4905-26
Cover, Access, Aircraft 32-31802-447
Support Assy, Bellcr 53G970810-16
Panel, Access 53G970830-2
Cover, Access, Aircraft 209-030-262-25
Switch Mechanism, Cowling 12P11184-801
Tube And Weight Assembly 47-140-103-1
Track, Pilots Seat 272S6000021-017
Track, Navigators Se 272S6000002-021
Track, Navigators Se 272S6000002-022
Track, Pilots Seat 272S6000021-018
Panel, Trim, Cargo 3E41096-125
Panel Assembly, Trim 3E41096-103
Screw 47-620-485-1
Shaft Assembly, Tail 47-644-187-1
Shell Asy 47-706-007-7
Fitting, Aircraft L A51F13519-15
Fitting, Aircraft Ladder A51F13520-15
Insert, Plug, Threade 106D031
Liner, Support 107C1653-9
Trough, Cockpit 128ELP10118-11
Trough, Cockpit 128ELP10118-13
Duct Assembly, Air 128SB10904-1
Duct Assembly, Air 128SB10904-9
Duct Assembly 128SB10904-51
Fitting Assembly 65201-03052-041
Cover Assembly S6107-40117-043
Fairing Assembly A02S8001-64
Fairing Assembly A02S8001-61
Rib, Flap, Actuator 32-18519-15
Sector Assy, Throttl 128P11419-5
Sector Assy, Throttl 128P11419-6
Nose Cap Assembly 5817154-69
Doubler, Structure 32-21103-232
Guide Rail 215-37347-15
Insert, Tierod 501854
Lanyard Assy 215-99102-1
Cap Assy, Connecting 215-28329-1
Fitting And Coupling AE94200
Panel, Track Rib 4J13167-102B
Panel, Track Rib 4J13168-102B
Duct, Alternator Cooling 4P42024-103B
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F33196-105C
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4E23207-107A
Support, Service D00 4F12750-101A
Fairing, Aircraft 67E36617-1
Nutplate 4114355-28
Nutplate 4114355-27
Rim, Cover, Radar Scope 4E10505-107A
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 40312-2
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 40312-3
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 40312-5
Fitting Assembly, Rudder Control CV15-150516-1
Pipe, Exhaust 102005-1
Segment, Guide Track 69-24588-3
Duct Assembly, Gimbal, Engine Comp 216-46381-1
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 216-36433-6
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 216-36433-10
Duct, Heat Exhaust 216-36369-13
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 216-46406-2
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 40314-2
Rib, Roller Support, Leading Edge 12W6349-807
Guide, Translating Track 12W8885-41
Guide, Translating Track 12W8885-42
Shield Assembly, Glare 12F1030M2-19
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 12H1924-13
Bracket, Structural Component, Air C4WM1120-1
Bracket, Structural Component, Air C4WM1210-6
Retaining Ring, Dry Bay 399859-3
Door, Access, Aircraft 399860-1
Duct Assembly 30-710003-198
Cover, Access, Aircraft 12T507-807
Fairing, Nacelle, Inboard 390615-1
Bracket, Wing Joint 390619-5
Bracket, Wing Joint 370519-1R
Gusset, Cargo Door 205-031-669-90
Gusset, Cargo Door 205-031-669-89
Doubler, Door Access 204-030-814-59S
Doubler, Door Access 204-030-814-55
Doubler, Door Access 204-030-814-71
Cover, Access, Aircraft 205-030-549-4
Support, Structural Component, Air 204-030-806-30
Extrusion, Tail Boom 40-005
Support Assembly, Pitot Tube 114E1022-5
Shelf, Equipment Storage 216-27384-3
Shelf Assembly, Ammunition 218-27392-3
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 40328-1
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 40328-2
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 40328-3
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 40328-4
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 40328-5
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 40328-6
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 40328-8
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 40328-7
Seal, Floating Rib 12W6380-29
Seal, Floating Rib 12W6380-30
Panel, Firewall, Fuselage 14-12331-29
Bracket, Fire Detector 4P33264-101B
Cap, Frame, Radome 53-39017-73

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