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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Panel Access Corn D266245
Panel Access Corn D266244
Door Main E289136
Door Main E289137
Seal Main Door B293029
Seal Main Door B293030
Block Diaphragm D272532-9
Panel Roof Aircra C283891
Panel Frame C283892
Plate Forward Por D283924-1
Plate Forward Sta D283925-1
Plate Side Starbo D283925-3
Louvre Port B284089
Rod, Center Fuselage F286554
Landing Fairing C289370-10
Heat Shield E292941
Heat Shield E292942
Panel Access F292681
Piece B273192-2
Cleat C294815-2
Clamp Starboard C287072-1
Clip Assy A295235
Clamp Starboard D287070-2
Clamp Starboard D287070-3
Clamp Starboard D287070-4
Clamp Starboard D287070-5
Packing Piece F288156
Cover Assy D277098-14
Cleat Mounting Ac F272641
Bracket Hinge A255087
Housing Spigot F246342
Drain Heat Shield E271905-15
Link Hood Operati F274793
Panel E266885-121
Fitting Hood Lock A237087
Bracket Hood Inst F256861
Guide Cable Starb F261398
Guard Pulley Aft F256875
Mounting Pulley F274541
Cable Assembly Ho F257001
Support Pipe A279573
Sleeve Heat Shiel BAS160-3-3-28-9
Heat Shield Assy C279658-2
Plate, Heat Shield D271035-7
Link Hood Operati F283438
Link Hood Operati F283439
Shield, Heat, Aircr E276603-15
Shield, Heat, Aircr E276604-15
Shield, Heat, Aircr E276603-16
Shield, Heat, Aircr E276604-16
Shield, Heat, Aircr E276603-17
Shield, Heat, Aircr E276604-17
Shield, Heat, Aircr E276604-29
Shield, Heat, Aircr E276603-13
Shield Assembly D277264-25
Panel Assy C269660-4
Ring Unit Assembl A269049
Plate Cover C275901-3
Panel Intermediat E266885-5
Panel Intermediat E266885-6
Shield Heat Aircr E276603-29
Panel Center Forw E266885-14
Bracket Plug Moun F275989
Panel Center Aft E266885-7
Plate Cover E255588-51
Plate Cover E255588-43
Plate Cover E266885-44
Plate Cover A275457
Panel Assy Mounti C272458-1
Angle Port D256530-13
Housing F256817
Panel Assy C274092
Fairlead F266498
Cover D266455-5
Cover D266455-6
Trunnion Fuselage F270264
Bracket Thermosta F275730
Duct Brake Cable C272950-8
Duct Brake Cable C272950-10
Bracket Inboard D256529-1
Bracket Outboard D256529-2
Rod Operating E274788-1
Tube Distance F237555
Ferrule Aircraft F273852
Duct A254292
Angle D278000-5
Plate Assy A273535
Bracket Support P F240333
Bracket Support S F240334
Member Edge Seali E257559-3
Ferrule Starboard F271218
Panel C274648-7
Plate Side E272581-1
Plate Side E272581-2
Mounting Assy D266447
Mounting Assy D266448
Seal Fuselage C273959-3
Seal Fuselage C254705-13
Angle Seal Fusela C254705-8
Tray Assy And Cla C279536

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