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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Quadrant, Elevator C C4CM10125-1
Fork, Selector Contr C4UM1543-1
Wire Assembly 12298-11
Lock, Elevator, Gust C4CM10127-1
Torque Tube Assembly C4C1094-2
Seal, Clamp Bar 29-450-0494
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 375849-13
Shaft Assy, Rudder P 357472-1
Bracket Assembly, Wing Light 240-6110250-21
Mount Assy-eng Bott 240-6110265-0
Clamp, Oil Cooler 240-6120601-14
Plug, Spar, Wing Tip 12W375-7
Aileron C4W1205-3
Aileron C4W1205-5
Link, Coupling C4C1625-1
Spacer, Engine Control C4PM10319-1
Interconnector Asse C4P1119-3
Intake, Heater C4SC1028-1
Intake, Heater C4SC1028-3
Clamp, Trim, Transmitter C4WM1164-1
Plate, Door 1560AC1-079
Leading Edge, Aircraft C4W1323-1
Leading Edge, Aircraft C4W1323-2
Drum And Cable Assembly C4B1860-1
Support Assembly, Cable 1560AC1-160-1
Guard, Pulley C4B1869-1
Wire Assembly S10128-96
Window, Airframe C312215
Duct, Air 216-2180
Pan, Air Vent Drain 204-030-620-4
Support, Cable 364171-1L
Support, Cable 364171-1R
Seal Assembly 377301-1
Tip Assembly, Tailcone 8-73955-1
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 2-50505-505
Window, Airframe C312216
Track, Bulkhead Cent 34-1705-67
Washer 80122-86
Shroud Assembly, Muf 12226-00
Switch 487774-00
Adapter, Nose Gear D 50-820182-2
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 50-820182
Bearing-safety Down 20-310-3043
Duct, Valve To Air 3811100
Strut, Aircraft 25-5240-501
Bobweight Assembly CV21-658533-2
Rudder Assembly 9667145-71
Pad, Sway Brace, Pylon 100-067-3
Seal Assembly 32-87159-301
Trunnion, Ejector Stack 1340837
Vee Assembly, Landin 10033-6
Hose Assy-rubber Wi 2189609
Support, Structural Component, Air 2248604
Fairing, Fuselage 218-20150-125
Nose Cap Assy 5817154-101
Support Assy 166K050-1
Duct, Cooling 166P234-1
Strip-outer Wing De 4117294-37
Strip-outer Wing De 4117294-38
Strip-outer Wing De 4117294-39
Strip-outer Wing De 4117294-40
Strip-outer Wing De 4117294-41
Strip-outer Wing De 4117294-42
Strip-outer Wing De 4117294-43
Strip-horiz De-icer 4117294-45
Strip-horiz De-icer 4117294-46
Strip, Deicer 4117294-47
Strip-outer Wing De 4117294-56
Strip-outer Wing De 4117294-57
Strip-outer Wing De 4117294-58
Strip-outer Wing De 4117294-59
Strip-outbd Wing De 4117294-60
Strip-outer Wing De 4117294-61
Strip-outer Wing De 4117294-63
Strip-outer Wing De 4117294-64
Strip-vert Stab D 4117294-70
Strip, Deicer 4117294-72
Handle, Fuel Dump 5H2-13
Edge Assembly, Wing 5442593-19
Edge Assembly, Wing 5442593-20
Lever, Control, Directional 246-52417-11
Rib, Airfoil 265-160041-11
Door Assembly, Fuselage 265-300039-501
Door Assembly, Fuselage 265-300039-502
Support, Bellcrank 265-523067
Support Assy, Bellcr 265-523068
Arm, Idler, Latitude, Longitude Con 265-520019-11
Button, Flap Track Rub 265-180080-3
Windshield Panel, Aircraft 265-318208-11
Strip-synthetic Rubber 5140764-4
Bushing GB10D22-114
Strip-syn Rubber Ca 5206503-6
Cup, Oxygen Filler Valve 9-63542-2
Trunnion, Oil Tank Mount 1560AC1-025
Trunnion, Oil Tank Mount C4PM1743-1
Trunnion, Oil Cooler C4PM1538-1
Trunnion, Oil Cooler 1560AC1-158
Cover Assembly, Control Column C4C1503-3
Guard, Wire Rope C4C1193-11
Housing Assembly, Bearing C4CM1745-1

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