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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Feb 20, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Fitting, Pad Support 53G970889-11
Fitting, Pad Support 53G970889-12
Fitting, Pad Support 53G970889-3
Fitting, Pad Support 53G970889-5
Fitting, Pad Support 53G970889-6
Fitting, Pad Support 53G970889-9
Gormer Assy, Wing 53G970892-1
Former Assy, Wing 53G970892-2
Plug, Access 53G970895-4
Skinlower Closure 53G970839-6
Spacer, Closure 53G970847-3
Spacer, Closure 53G970847-4
Plate, Support 53G970856-7
Plate, Support 53G970856-8
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 53G970884-10
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 53G970884-9
Plate Assy, Fuel Cel 214-066-010-2
Plate Assy, Fuel Cel 214-066-010-3
Arm, Valve Actuating 8-44123-7
Wiper Assembly 3-58390-7
Bracket, Modulated Spoiler Valve 3-72499-3
Pane Assy, Wing Lead 45-115136-3
Hook Assembly, Main 272-3000148-50
Disk, Flapper, Valve 272-3054164
Bracket Assembly, El 272-4500427
Tube, Torsion 272-4700127-19
Retainer, Engine Inb 272-5051101
Chock, Bomb Door, Arm 272-7040207
Funnel, Nose Cowling 272A5052219-1
Block Line Support HT1040-307
Door, Bellmouth 32-32248-37
Shaft, Rudder Brake 32-64028-7
Terminal, Rod End 32-64041-7
Bracket, Handle 32-80045-11
Rod End, Canopy 32-80100-3
Duct Assy, Tail Cone 32-831562-13
Clamp Assy, Support 32-78012-15
Line Assembly, Press 272B3073030
Spring Assembly 272B4162001-29
Spring Assembly 272B4162001-30
Cover, Cowling, Latch 272B5052210-50
Cover, Cowling, Latch 272B5052210-60
Plate, Canopy Frame 272B6000173
Mast, Pitot Tube 272B6071023
Adapter, Aileron 32-90541-3
Sleeve, Pylon Brace 32-94634-3
Fitting, Arrest Hook 32D320052-3
Clamp Assy, Guard 32D390057-301
Elbow, Cooling Duct 32-83209-3
Cap Assy, Air Duct 53-07439-1
Cap Assy, Air Duct 53-07439-5
Clamp, Insulation, Ta 53-21995
Tip, Aircraft 342273-34L
Tip, Aircraft 342273-34R
Panel, Access 53G970833-2
Door, Bellmouth 32-32248-38
Seal Assy, Engine 32-32541-80
Plate, Canopy 32-311682-8
Spacer, Support Assy 32-31817-17
Link, Landing Gear 32-41120-13
Foam Assy, Fuel Tank 32-58451-1
Rod End, Canopy Tube 32-35063-19
Rod End, Canopy Tube 32-35063-20
Tube, Canopy Lock 32-35083-21
Tube, Canopy Lock 32-35083-39
Tube, Canopy Lock 32-35083-45
Housing Assy, Handle H2177-11
Fireseal, Aircraft 8B535026-61
Tube Assembly, Control 0660233-70
Cap, Nose 4013105-5
Bellcrank Assembly 4041651-5
Cover, Wing Gap, Inner 4020500-27
Cover, Wing Gap, Inner 4020500-28
Cover, Wing Gap, Inner 4020500-29
Cover, Wing Gap, Inner 4020500-30
Cover, Wing Gap, Inner 4020500-31
Cover, Wing Gap, Inner 4020500-32
Fairing, Aircraft 4020500-33
Fairing, Aircraft 4020500-34
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 31023-1
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 4026096-2
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 4026099-1
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 4026099-2
Torque Tube, Landin 4041001-1
Interconnect, Fuel 4156006-1
Retainer, Cockpit Ca S14-20-4304-1
Latch Assembly, Window S14-20-4973-1
Fitting, Sway Brace, Engine Mount S14-30-1458-1
Fitting, Sway Brace, Engine Mount S14-30-1458-2
Torque Shaft, Universal 1560H19-015
Brace, Sway Power Plant 1560H19-097
Bell Crank Assembly S14-30-3498
Panel, Shroud S14-30-5441
Pin, Fulcrum, Aft F287404
Bearing, Special F294375
Plate And Conduit Assembly B294363
Plate And Conduit Assembly B294364
Fitting, Fork Assembly A287365
Fitting, Hinge B287478
Door, Access, Aircraft 356753-1R

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